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    Water hose help!

    That one looks like a garden hose. I don't see anywhere it says safe for drinking water. I know we all drank from the garden hose when we were kids but things have changed since then.
  2. So we know who is queen of the rig? Linda
  3. One the same theory as drive coast to coast the first winter you might want to make short term reservations at several parks to get a better feel for what's there. Linda
  4. I Googled it. http://www.preferredrv.com It's an RV resort-style campground similar to the SKP co-ops. Linda
  5. I had not. Proving we are never too old to learn. It's going to take some effort for me, though, as the author indicated it would. I do think it's time for there to be a replacement for he/she but I thought it would be a new word, not a new use of an old word. BTW one of our SKP friends introduced us to the singular "we". That's where one says, "We should..." actually meaning "You should..." Linda
  6. This is a class A rather than a 5th wheel but you might want to check it out: https://www.goingplacesrv.com/rv-rental/bounder-class-a-rv-36/?wphyperspeed=1598654132 It's currently in a rental pool. Linda
  7. That place looks promising from their website. But, do note you have to put your RV in inventory for at least one year so you probably can't come use it every summer for all summer, for instance. Note I said probably. There may be a way you can "rent" it for some trips. I would want more details and some feedback from other owners before I turned my RV over to them. Linda
  8. I do not consider that better as "they" and "their" are plural not singular. And partner does not imply spouse. But, all of this is just playing word games; I'm pretty sure we all understood what the OP meant. Oh, how bored we get with this social isolation. Linda
  9. Ah! We are not the only people who had theTV removed from our first RV. After that we left them in place but we didn't watch any until close to the end of our full time living. In that rig, since we decided we wanted to be able to watch certain programs, we made sure we had a TV that faced our chairs. My question about water relates to having four times the disposal capacity as the fresh water source. That feels like a typo to me which makes me a bit nervous about what other detail they may have listed incorrectly. Linda
  10. I like everything about that floor plan except the location of the living room TV; that's a crick in the neck waiting to happen. But I am puzzled about 50 gallons fresh with more than 100 gallons each gray and black water tanks. Linda
  11. I would also be concerned about renters having no idea about weight limits. We rented one many years ago and took it through a truck wash before returning it. The company said they had never had one returned so clean. That may give you an idea of what to expect. Linda
  12. We went to Quartzsite every year for several years but never went to the big tent. We didn't go for shopping; we went to see friends--mostly SKP Classes of '08 & '09 but other groups as well who find that a convenient time and place to meet. We boondocked but you don't have to do so; there are RV parks in Quartzsite. Linda
  13. Are you saying he couldn't be domiciled in Texas while working in Oregon? I wonder if that's true given that Oregon does recognize continuous travelers? But, this is the reverse of that so I guess it would need more research. I certainly don't have the answers. I primarily see my role as asking questions (or, in other cases, sharing my experiences) for others to take into consideration. After all, none of us know what we don't know until someone helps us see. Linda
  14. But he said work was the problem. I am under the impression he is willing to use a mail forwarding service, such as Escapee's in Livingston, for the other things. Linda
  15. My point is still valid. He would be camping at work so why would work not accept that as his address? Linda
  16. I don't understand how this is a problem The company he works for apparently owns the RV park in which he would live. How could they not accept that as his address? Linda
  17. Years ago that worked. Not so much now. Linda
  18. Jacks60, Most escapees are not healthy enough to have only catastrophic care insurance. Most of us are now old and our bodies are showing the results of our lifestyles. So, we aren't really a good group to ask about this issue. I'm sorry we aren't able to give you the answer you need. Linda Sand
  19. My normal has been 97.6 for years so 97.3 is a new low for me. I've been receiving that reading at the same time of day without going outdoors twice a week for several weeks now. I know they are on their third thermometer since they started reading for residents here but I'm not sure when they last changed thermometers so it could be the current one reads low. But I've always had to go up a full degree to get to average so when I actually do run a low fever not everyone realizes that it is higher than they think. Linda
  20. Your tanks must be substantially larger than mine. 26.2 gallons of fuel and one bottle of DEF from Walmart (I think 2.5 gallons) was all my van would hold. So, mine didn't last nearly as long as yours. I went through about half a tank of fuel every driving day when traveling and had to fill DEF a couple times a year even though I was only traveling half a year at that time. As in most things on this forum this answer is, "It depends!" Linda
  21. The front seats in our Class C and Class Bs turned around to become part of the living area just as they did in our Class A. Plus the Class C and Bs had storage compartments within the cab area that we used. So those cab areas were actually more useful than that area in the Class A. Linda
  22. Our fitness center requires a mask while exercising and a temperature check before you come in. Apparently my new normal temperature is 97.3 so can I have a couple degrees higher before anyone panics? Linda
  23. Those of us who choose not to follow the news intensely, like me, have never heard of Qanon. I do get a Mon-Fri daily digest but still had never heard of Qanon. Maybe your source has a reason to give them more coverage? Linda
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