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  1. Chris and Cherie of Technomadia started their full time life in a TAB smaller than the 400. True, it only took them seven months to decide they needed a trailer with a bathroom and an inside kitchen but the 400 model TAB has those. As to wet bath, I liked having one in my van. Wiping it down with a microfiber cloth after each shower took only moments and meant my bathroom was always clean. Linda
  2. No, but. We moved nearly every day because we were out to see the USA. In a small motorhome that is easy to do because you don't have much stuff laying around that you need to pack up. And you don't have to hook up every night, just when you want to dump and fill, and not even then in some places like La Posa South in Quartzsite. We also ran errands while moving from one place to another. It's great to have your whole rig right there when grocery shopping since you don't have to save that errand for last to get back home with the frozen food. And at the laundromat you can immediately hang up those clothes that need hanging. And we never left behind something we wished we brought with us--like rain coats. I really enjoyed living in a small rig and now think this one bedroom apartment is too big. Wouldn't it be nice to come out of work and have a meal and take a nap without having to commute first? Linda
  3. Because they want to discourage children even more. Linda
  4. Arrive during office hours. They don't like you coming in late. Made me stay that night in the boon docking area which, fortunately, worked for me. Linda
  5. They delivered a package to the receiving dock here at our apartment complex recently but it did bounce around several suburbs before finally being delivered here with a note that FedEx was to deliver it not pass it off to the post office. Your comment seems to explain that. Linda
  6. When our niece was a toddler on a canoe camping trip she got gardia from dragging her fingers in the water up in the Boundary Waters (now Voyageurs National Park) then putting those fingers in her mouth. Just because you are out in the wild does not mean it's safe to drink the water. Filter it, please, people. Linda
  7. Maybe if half our country got coastal breezes we could have more wind power. Inland you have to find places like Buffalo Ridge in southwestern Minnesota to get the most from wind power. Linda
  8. Of our three recent rigs the BIG one was a 35 foot motorhome. The other three were all built on a Sprinter Chassis with two of those being Class Bs. We didn't tow a car with any of those three. Linda Sand
  9. Not if he gets a Class B or small Class C. We didn't tow a car behind any of those we had. Linda
  10. Did you read the post to which you are responding? He said nothing he needs to tow. See above answer. Linda, grumpy today
  11. Wanting not to tow limits your options to a motorhome. Since you will likely still need transportation to work I suggest you look at vans--also known as Class B motorhomes. Here are some popular ones so you can see what they offer: https://www.winnebago.com https://roadtrek.com https://leisurevans.com There are more but that will give you a start to see if this is something that might work for you. Linda Sand
  12. Looks to me like the OK circle with extended fingers. Linda
  13. In my van my water heater was electric and it had its own circuit breaker. I would turn it on to heat water then turn it off after just enough time has passed to heat water to shower temperature without adding cold water. It would then stay warm enough to do dishes later. Mine was only a 2.5 gallon heater so that took ten minutes. I don't know how long it would take for a 10 gallon heater. Linda
  14. Some doctors don't think Medicare pays enough to make it worth their while to do the paperwork required. If they have enough other patients to keep them busy, why should they?
  15. Plus, do they let you choose where to tow it? Do they understand they need to send a big enough truck to tow your Class C? I would ask all those questions of all potential providers and see how well they answer. Some say "Yeah, yeah" when they have no idea. Linda
  16. We learned to make driving over a scale part of the test drive before purchase. That way we knew the real numbers for that particular unit. Linda
  17. If you do a Google search for models you are considering then go to the specs for those models you will get all their numbers. Linda Sand
  18. If you have the dreaded dome of doom in your black tank, you can break it up if you take your time. Add water until the tank is full. Check back to see it no longer looks full as solids dissolve. Add water again. Wait to dump until the water stops being absorbed. I have friends who did this and said it worked for them. Linda Sand
  19. At my Ace Hardware you can tell them the challenge you are facing and they will help you find a solution. I've never had that happen in a big box store. Linda
  20. We have only had house units fail but both of them were caused by pinholes letting the Freon leak out. Linda
  21. The question may not be can that truck pull that trailer. The question may be can that truck STOP that trailer. The second is more important to most people. If the answer to the second one feels good to you then I hope you enjoy your travels. Linda Sand
  22. Friends lived in a township in Minnesota. When it began to look like a fairly close city might be looking to take them over, they quickly worked to become a city instead of a township so they would be less vulnerable to development beyond their control. It pays to pay attention to what's on the horizon. Linda
  23. Some of the free BLM areas in Quartzsite have hosts. Linda
  24. Our local state park got a new manager and all the volunteers quit. There had been a very active friends-of-the-park group under the manager who retired. Some people should not be left in charge. Linda
  25. It depends on the location of the lines and the insulation around them. Technically 32° is freezing but in our motorhomes we were down into the 20s some nights and as long as them temps went up into the 40s during the day we were fine. Linda Sand
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