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  1. Yep!! Get a trouble free Mac. Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac Get help with video issues on external displays connected to your Mac Fix Mac Mail Problems With These Troubleshooting Guides ☹️
  2. Before you go too the DMV. Have proof of Florida vehicle Insurance on all the vehicles. Plus already have a Florida mailing address so you can have bank or other papers already handy that were mailed to that address. Things you will need to take with you. I never go too the DMV without a appointment. In over 18 years here only have had to do that twice. All renewals are done on line every year or every 2 years and are mailed to me. Like FL-Joe said go right after your birthday to do it. If anytime soon before. You will have to pay again on your birthday for a renewal. If only a week or a few months before you signed up.
  3. Now Now People The OP was. They are asking present time not what was available in the past.
  4. North Miami campgrounds start at Hollywood and North of there. South of Miami they are some closer to Miami in driving time.
  5. I Full Time and use DirecTV with a Genie. I record almost all the shows and movies I watch. Very seldom do I watch live anymore. Skipping the commercials saves a lot of time. But I am always behind watching the 99 programs I have set too record. And at least 20 plus movies behind to watch. I also have Amazon Prime & Hula but only watch some of that on my unlimited iPhone Sprint(Plus 10GB hot spot) is while at the laundromat. I also have the AT&T unlimited Mobley hot spot. Right now I have used 14.5GB on it this month with 5 days to go. 20-35GB a month is my usual amount used. I just don't have the time to do much streaming. I have 3 Smart TV's that I can feed streaming through my WiFiRanger from the Mobley. But very seldom can find the time to do it. Now when needing to fix something on my MH I do stream youtube on how it is done. A couple weeks ago replaced the 21' patio awning by watching youtube.
  6. DNS/Locals E. Coast DNS/Locals W. Coast You may have the Winegard Trav'ler 3005 not a 9005 The 3005 should have no trouble getting the DNS from both coast with a HR24 Newer receivers like the Genies would need a conversion of the 3005 to a SWM. Not hard to do. I did that to mine. In the HR24 are you getting a strong signal(in the 80's) on the 99 & 103?
  7. Biker56

    Elio Motors

    Overstock.com is buying $2,500,000.00 worth of Elio common stock.
  8. I bet both of them have a telephone number you can call and ask them it they can do a MH work and fixes you want.
  9. Good Sam Subject to the provisions of this brochure, towing services and other roadside services are also provided for membership-owned vehicles which become disabled as a result of a collision. TRIP INTERRUPTION ASSISTANCE You’re eligible for reimbursement for the cost of meals, lodging and car rental if your vehicle is disabled due to a collision with another vehicle more than 100 miles from your home. You’ll get reimbursement for all your eligible expenses, up to $100 a day for 5 consecutive days. You are eligible to receive reimbursement for two disablement events per membership year – up to $1,000 total ($500 per event) COVERED EXPENSES INCLUDE: • Reasonable Expenses for Meals • Lodging (campground/hotel/motel) • Car Rental TRIP INTERRUPTION ASSISTANCE RESTRICTIONS5 You may be eligible for Trip Interruption Assistance benefits if the vehicle you are driving is in a collision with another vehicle. Distance: The collision must have occurred more than 100 miles (based upon actual mileage of the most direct route) from your registered permanent address. Reimbursement limits: Reimbursement for meals, lodging and car rental are subject to a maximum collective daily limit and a single event maximum collective limit. Daily Limit: The maximum reimbursement is $100 per day. Single event maximum benefit limit: The maximum daily limit of $100 may be reimbursed to you until the vehicle is repaired, for up to five (5) consecutive days. This benefit will only be allowed for two qualifying collision events for any one-year term of membership. To receive this benefit, your vehicle must either be disabled and unable to be driven or towed by your tow vehicle for more than 24 hours as a result of a collision with another vehicle. This benefit does not apply if your vehicle is disabled due to a mechanical failure. Benefits begin after the initial 24-hour period (from the time of the collision) has elapsed. There is no benefit if, as a result of the collision, your insurance carrier deems your vehicle a total loss.
  10. Google Reviews Yellow Page reviews
  11. What percent of volunteer's would still volunteer if they had to pay for their camping site & electric? It's wonderful that so many here love to volunteer and help. Nothing wrong with that. The wages I posted was to show how much volunteer's was giving back over the regular campers paying for their site. Sorry I didn't mean for everyone to get their panties in a wade.
  12. The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. 24 hours a week is $174 or $696 a month. 32 hours a week is $232 or $928 a month 24 hours per couple each is $348 or $1,392 a month Walmart & McDonald's pay much more per hour.
  13. Worth every penny of the $22.01 a month I pay. Month ended yesterday and only used 18GB even after using FB videos and a few youtube. Right now My Speed :: 8.3 Mbps
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