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  1. when translated this is what they are about Forged Canada Qualifications q/微501479313 St. Francis Xavier University Diploma transcript diploma Canada degree certificate Imitation Canadian fake diploma graduating certificate for foreign university graduation certificate transcript, on behalf of returning personnel certificate / Canadian study abroad qualification production...
  2. IMO administration should give a few trusted members the ability to block the spammers. There are a few of us that are on early in am, but we are Powerless. Along with the limit on number of post per day until a ? number of post are made for a new member.
  3. another point to point out is this site getting blacklisted . Depending on what the spam text are, search engines will de list site's that have been spammed an/or contain content that is harmful.
  4. yrs ago i was an admin on 2 sites an a moderator on another. i have also built well over 75 sites. what has to be done on the Cpanel on main server. is block each Country's IP. ect blocks Korea . new members captcha with answer in English .one site had set to new members allowed 3 post per day. until certain amt was met. This gives time to block.
  5. I did a data check an they have it 100% wrong on me. an i'm loving it. I don't use real name on there. i also don't have it where i live. incorrect country. wrong birthday. ect... An a big lmfao is they have me as possible female.
  6. Can you scroll up an click on unread content on top right? Or the Home button on top left of page?
  7. Having suffered with plenty of pain. It can ruin your whole day, make working a unbearable task. It shot up my PTSD to close to max i could stand. Having to go to work in pain only to be more in pain was like being tortured daily. During the weekend my pain would subside to a degree of little comfort only to re ignite come monday. As it took many yrs to get the VA Rating that would allow me to stay home an support my family. Pain pills were not a great option for me as it always made me sick. Which was a good thing as i prob would of become an addict.
  8. Just another case of all devices are playing the old "Cheers" Song. Everyone know's your name an info.
  9. I live in SWFlorida . Area where the 'snowbirds flock". The local Mc D has the Kiosk. what a major pain in butt. takes longer to order food with it. It's actually the best way to rid the place of jobs/positions. The remaining jobs turn the employee's into robots. As for apps. as an IT guy. they are design to help an monitor. Key word is Monitor. The big companys know that most of customers are buying product x, well we can up price by 10 cents an make even more money. Stuff that don't really sell reduce by 10 cents an it still stays on shelf. turns into a lose lose situations for US. only app i use is Zedge. one for changing default sounds/ringtones for calls, mesgs.
  10. i remember back in day 2 phones unlimited was $50 bucks. that was metro pcs. pre smart phone days. got a smart phone an had to change to Verizon . Verizon is only one that works where i live. others are spotty. So in my case the $80 unlimited 55 plan would be great for me it's still a lot of money for a phone. just seems those big Corporations are just sucking every $ out of us that they can.
  11. Got a text other day from Verizon. Seems they now have a 55+ plan. One phone on plan $60. 2 phones $80. plus tax's fee's. Unlimited data, text, calls. Owner of plan must be 55. in order to get it you must contact them, they not giving it unless u contact them. No Discounts apply. So if you have military discount on your current plan you loose it. 2 phone max. And of course they have that (during peak times data will drop to slower speed). lol. also hot spotting not on plan.
  12. The prices on New Phones is out of this world. for past 6 yrs or so i find it best atleast to skip a model yr. . i have the S7 but with the price tag on 9 i may skip again. My wallet looks so good with green in it.
  13. i have the S7 an plenty of apps. an i also agree why do an app for just one os. I know ppl that has android an went to iphone an curse them selfs every day. Could be a reason why some top carriers off a buy one get one on iphone. hard to even give them away.
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