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  1. It might not hurt to scale it with a certified ticket. At that weight I do not think you will have to but better safe than sorry. Try to scale it as dead empty it as possible. I am told trailers under 7500 do not need a safety inspection. Check like Kirk said. On my newest tow p/u if I had run just one more gallon of gas before scaling I would have been under a thresh-hold by about 8 pounds. I came out at an even 8000.lbs. I can't remember for sure but I think my tags would have been slightly less each year.
  2. Kirk, I am glad you posted this in a more prominent spot. This makes me wonder if we need one more topic area on the forum for this type of information. Maybe incorporated with people that a leaving from active forum. Any chance you can move the post under rv accessories for sale up here and incorporate it.?
  3. So sorry for your and your families loss. It is a loss for all of us. There are so many people that will remember him that he will be around for a long time to come in our memories. bigjim
  4. If they have them still it could be as simple as a weak Klixon. Or plugged coils. Right that a faulty fan could cause it too.
  5. I don't know how common this is but in early March me and a friend had just got out of Marine Corps. Sleeping in bare p/u camper and on the ground we stopped at Williams, AZ for fuel. Cold but dry, no snow. Gas station guy said mildest winter in years. Got into a Grand Canyon self service campground after dark. Would have got there earlier as we stopped to eat at place that had a bar and got into a bar fight. (not our fault but one of us would not back down-stupid) Anyway woke up before daylight and were covered in snow and it was coming down like crazy. We had no chains and were about 21-22
  6. Rous, my compliments for well reported scenario of that style or traveling. It should really be helpful.
  7. Nurse daughter reported about the same. Had to go to a pretty safe memorial service and limited somewhat dispersed cemetery follow-up. She was able to do it but felt pretty bad like your relate but is fine now.
  8. I guess my big question is was this vetted through Escapees? For the time out I will take you at your word. I will point out I have never had a salesman say they were lying to me so that part of the reassurance is useless to me..
  9. C'mon man, we are mostly a bunch of goofy old people, you're just gonna have to get used to us.😄 Tip don't pull your hair out when we frustrate you or you will quickly be bald.😜
  10. I wish I could say yes but I am really skeptical on that combintation. You will have to do all the calculations to determine it it will work. I really don't want to dampen your enthusium but I want you to be safe and happy starting out.
  11. Sometimes people are just different with different situations. Not now but in the past I could relate to this. When I first started full timing I went over 7 years without a phone. And did not us a computer until 2002-03. My first email address was ------@escapees.com until that went away.
  12. I think in my lifetime I may have an error or two that was easy to fix. HOWEVER, last winter I got billed autopay 2months from NM natural gas company. I have never used natural gas in NM or ever had an account with them. They make it difficult to fix it without jumping through hoops. I dealt with by phone and through my credit union. It cost me $25. to do an assisted stop payment with a challenge and was not billed again. If I had a paper bill it would have been easier. The amounts were in the $30. plus dollar range and I never got it back. They made it too difficult and expensive to deal
  13. I think you will need to be very fluid. (and careful)
  14. We moved to Dallas from Tuscaloosa, Al. in 1953. I could be wrong but it seems to me we had more snow and lesser ice events in the late 50's through the 60's. That being said admittedly they were pretty short and not real bad but if it was close to risky at all my Tuscaloosa dad had us out there putting on chains. I always hated it as due to an orthopedic problem he could not do most of it and could only mostly stand and direct. It seemed to take forever and I would be freezing to death. (of course later all of us kids could stay out for hours building snowmen and having snowball fights.) Anyt
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