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  1. Just for a matter of thought. I have a large gap between my 2 upper front teeth kind of like Micheal Strahan on Good Morning America. As much as I try not to by keeping distance and facing slightly to one side or the other I occaisionally have some spit get loose. Would you prefer to have me wear even the cheapest piece of cloth or netting or stand face to face and let what ever happens take place. Especially if I was infectious with anything and did not know it. Just an example and your choice. I do agree that a quality mask is the best choice. No question or debate about that.
  2. I am fairly certain Vilano is a model of Vanleigh which is or was a Tiffin product. So maybe there will be a good outcome.
  3. I know a lot of places have a place you can stay on property but some places don't have that option due to different local regulations. I don't know what type of failure your tank had but it is hard to understand how it is so complicated that even the entire tank cannot be replaced in that time frame unless it has something to do with a warranty approval. I have had 2 tank issues on 2 different trailers. The first one was over 20 years old and I was able to repair it with epoxy. In that case I stayed in a state park with toilets and showers and got a spot as close to the restroom as possible. The hard part was to get it dried out enough to use the type of epoxy I used. On the second rv I had damage due to a road aligator. (truck tire tread) That one I hired a local plastic tank welder that came out and did it in place. That was pretty severe damage and I did not think it would work but he knew what he was doing and I have not had another problem. I don't know about the folks working on yours but it doesn't sound like they are being very diligent. In some cases a good independent mobile tech might work out better. Sure feel for your situation and hope you get it solved soon.
  4. Being from the south I knew more about the sugar cane. Wish I was healthy enough to work the beet harvest at least once for the experience and the money.
  5. Is any kind booze made out of sugar beets? is table sugar made from sugar beets? Are these the same beets they use to make that super -beets stuff they advertise so much on some of the talk radio programs.
  6. Vlad, what an evil idea, (according to many) but I am seriously with you. You do know there are more records, right? So called " chicken littles" might be wrong or right. If I saw a tornado coming toward me I would try to do something to save myself not just stick my head in the sand and hope it wouldn't hit me. What have I got to lose by trying to save myself.
  7. In case I missed it has anyone covered spare tires for Tesla's, A friend here has one and he had a flat and does not have spare. Do all Tesla's not have a spare.
  8. Ray - RV sure hope your issues resolve well. I am thinking positive thoughts. I am also trying to remember to do what you did and not try to tough it out no matter what. Tough lesson for me but you guys are setting good examples.
  9. Group hugs work if it is a good group and they aren't too stinky.😀
  10. Really out of your way to Hot Springs, Alaska AK.😀 Aside from giving you grief about that I hope you are well and it turns out to be indigestion.
  11. and how about broadway joe's hand/ arm movements for emphasis.
  12. I may be wrong but I did not believe Dan was staying in the parking lot, just stopped to talk on the phone. I don't know if you are staying anywhere in that area for any length of time but I think I would consider relocating to another area as if something came of it they might remember your vehicle and target you if they considered you a possible witness. I don't want to sound like I am trying to scare you but do want to help you avoid any unnecessary problems. You might want to consider if there are any cameras. i can see doing civic duty for some things but at this point it sort of doesn't make a lot of since. I truly am thrilled you are ok.
  13. Frankly I went on a tangent because in trying to consider your situation I could not come up with a good answer and I still can't. 15-20 seconds is very short and an eternity some times. Maybe the most likely is to try not to be seen but you would also limit your ability to know what is happening so you might be able to take some evasive action, If my vehicle was running I would maybe consider using it as offensive or defensive weapon. I just know I would not have wanted to be in your position.
  14. OK, a part of this catches my attention. The old CCL and now RTC let us carry under a reciprical agreenment in other states. Now that the genius's running our state (Tx) have done away with any need for any license how do we have a reciprical agreement with another state? Really would like a true answer to that question.
  15. You can say that again.
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