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  1. I don't know about yellowstone but I think in a lot places it is percentanges and pure dumb luck if you get to see certain wildlife or not. A friend out here lived in the mountains and it was 40 years before he saw a bear (black bear) in the wild but has seen multiple mountain lions and I have yet to see one though I have seen almost unrefutable signs.
  2. You didn't get peed or pooped on did you. Sure can't hide inside a MC. I had 2 different issues with black bears when riding my little Honda 250. They were almost poop level experiences and I was the one trying to maintain.
  3. I know its rare but it only takes once. Looks like an easy head entry for the head of a TATANKA or Elk or even a mad squirel. Not that it would be common. Actually my first thought was rain, sleet, and hail. Still looks fun. Side note. I think I have read somewhere that there are some parks that won't allow anything but a hard sided camper. Not even pop-up tent campers. Anyone know this for sure.
  4. I am pretty sure that some skp parks have an area that you can do maint. It is probably limited as to what they allow.
  5. Serious memory test for me but I believe you are correct about Stan telling that story. I am wondering if he mentioned if anyone else's rig got damaged. I was in a park a few years back and the people next door lived there full time. They had a pretty substantial glider type swing and anchored pretty well. Guess who's trailer got slammed into when it took flight. Luckily it did not break any windows but left some substantial dents in my trailer. Same park I helped mitigate the damage to another rig next to me when the awning he left out while he went on a week long hunting trip came loose.
  6. I remember Jack Myer was pretty active and I believe he still post here once in a blue moon. He is still quoted about stuff and particularly solar. I did not know about Nick's books. I hope I can run across one somewhere.
  7. I currently use Navy Federal Credit Union. Not retired but was Marine Corp, Air Force, Air NG, AF reserve, and DOD Civilian. I also use KirtlandFCU on and adjacent to Kirtland AFB at Albuquerque. Have also used "community" credit unions, Red River Army depot credit union and a few more I can't remember. I much prefer credit unions to banks. I have been with Navy Federal and KiUrtland the longest. Navy has a lot more branches around the US. Military affiliated credit unions have a high number of ATM ability through a network that don't charge atm fee's I think Alliant CU is a community CU.
  8. Just great news as the majority of my kids and grandkids live in Shelby County. (Memphis) A fair number live in Tipton County. I was hoping to hold out and get a hip replacement there in the fall/winter. But there are plenty of other hotspots for known reasons. But hey maybe I won't be able to cross the river if the bridge isn't repaired and the old bridge falls into the river due to over use.
  9. I don't know about now but in Nov. of 1999 I bought a used TT in Florida and titled and registered it in Florida even as a non-resident. Then when I went to Texas I retitled it with Tx tags. There was a difference in sales tax and I was given credit for the tax I paid in Florida vs what the Tx sales tax was. I also had to pay a 1 time fee of I think $90. for a new to Tx vehicle fee. That was a Travel Trailer and it was Nov. 1999. I did have an address to use in Fla. but did not claim to be a resident.
  10. Is that where the Edison lab museum from NJ is now located? I have been to the winter home and lab in Florida and would sure like to see the one from NJ. Anyone seen both? If so what did you think. sorry for the partial thread hijack.
  11. I think I am up for a little herd culling these days. Speaking of herds I think life isn't fair since I am too decripit to become a rustler.
  12. There has to be better words than ironic and hypocrite to describe this.
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