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  1. Probably well known by many but there has been driver less locomotives for many many years now. I believe they are only more low speed spotter and yard engines.
  2. chad you are on the front lines and I bet you see both sides of it. If you move people from one place you end up just forcing them to somewhere else.
  3. Bill Perkins post on Thurs. at 4:50pm was interesting in regard to this subject and is certainly a possibility.
  4. bigjim

    microwave fudge

    If it is at all edible I am actually going to try and seek opinions about it from friends and others minus a couple of tastes for myself.
  5. bigjim

    microwave fudge

    Thanks for all input. I don't even remember where I saw the first recipe but I have pulled up a few more from the the internet. They are all very similar and pretty easy. I did not want to influence answers but now I will say my first shot was pretty close to what Ken said. The first time I used all milk chocolate chips but next time around I am going with either all semi-sweet or a blend of the two. Depending on any feed back I might get I may or may not use some butter. I want to cut down the trial and error as much as I can as someone has to eat the evidence I mean results and I am a
  6. bigjim

    microwave fudge

    More feedback solicited
  7. I assume this was posted as general information to anyone reading the thread. It seems obvious that lots of people would love to stop people from sleeping in the streets, under overpasses, etc. I don't know the answer but people have to sleep/be somewhere. I once dozed in a chair at a mall while waiting for other members of the family that were shopping. Guess what, I was chastised in a fairly nice way.
  8. want to try it or avoid it? 😏
  9. Just heard a couple of news blurbs about us storing waste from other countries just recently. I have not heard any details. I also question if they are actually recycling. I am open minded about it as I really don't know anything. As for storing in one respect I guess it could be good to have it in a secure spot under our control.
  10. If you have not read it yet you might read the "guidelines" up in the header just to the right of Forums
  11. Sometimes a question is just curiosity. Not an accusation of anything. We all have different interests and read what interests us first.
  12. Pretty interesting Bill. Not for any good reason but curiosity, how did you happen to know about this?
  13. keep thinking with an open mind, you'll get it.
  14. Am I correct that this means veterans based network?
  15. I wondered when you were going to run out of breath, Derek. 😅 I believe packnrat is or was a truckdriver and I bet if he stops to think there are so many things in the cab of the truck that were not available then. Some predictions take longer than expected and sure some don't work out ever. June 2020 Segway is stopping production, about 4 days ago it was reported they are working on a hydrogen powered motorcycle.
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