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  1. Most of my stuff has been old but the most common place I have seen the 12v cigarette type outlet is near where ever your tv plugs in. However if you are at all handy you can add one tying in to a 12 volt light fixture. I tied on into a fixture that I seldom if ever used. I guess I could have just eliminated the light fixture and wire direct but way back then I thought i might need the light once in a while. I plug a small inverter in then run a light duty extension cord to power a fan or my small tv. I also don't think you will be able to use the humidifier part of the cpap. I have had 2 and 3 batteries on my rig almost the entire time. True that if you get one that operates directly of 12 volts you will save some power by not having to convert 12v to 120v. I have 2 100Watt solar panels that works pretty well unless I am parked mostly in the shade or get a period of almost no sun. I have bought the 12 sockets in boating section at a Walmart or a place that sells boat parts and most rv places should have them.
  2. Wasn't he busted another time sitting on the side of the road in his Mercedes. I forget when but I am thinking Mclennan County. I don't know any outcomes and as much as I like Willie there should have been equal treatment as anyone else.
  3. True and remember that the veteran discount was instituted also. I had been planning to renew for at least 2 years after the eagle flys . Maybe tomorrow or at latest after my SS drops on Oct 14. Heck I might even do it on my birthday on Oct 8 and blow the whole load and go for 3.
  4. Me too, and I would sure like to see more.
  5. Plenty of people think they know what animals are thinking. I know better but still project what they are thinking. I sure was projecting what that darn bear was thinking as i was trying to keep it from getting in the window. You would think that would be the last thing to cross my mind in that moment.
  6. I have had really good fortune with my forwarding but as I said for some unknown reason it hasn't been timely in recent weeks. I did consider weather could be a factor as I thought I remember it normally going through Houston processing center. I just thought I would compare notes. I only get a weekly mail out on Wed. and normally check on the following Tue. and most of the time it is there. Once in a while it might be Wed. but the last few weeks it has been almost 2 weeks Again I think the issue is with the USPS and it may correct itself soon. I am in a small town east of Albuquerque.
  7. Are any other SKP mail services users experiencing longer mail forwarding times in the last few weeks? I am not suspecting an issue from the service itself but something sure seems to be slowing mine up by about a week for the last 3 weeks.
  8. Come on Linda, lets duke it out. I think I can take you unless it involves spelling or cooking or Oh nevermind I am way out of my league.
  9. Kirk don't you think there is a possibility that just the dial is wrong. Even if it is it will probally be easier to just return it and of exchange it. Makes you want to have a guage to check the guage. I have used one similar to the watts valve you pictured. Your picture of the freeze proof faucet helped me to verify possible issue on the site I am on now. If you know am I correct that to operate properly it should be open fully and if it is not it will bleed off underground. Which is what seems to be happening here.
  10. It is hard to tell by looking but it looks like it might be registering on the discharge end which might indicate that the pressure is not being reduced enough to protect your rig. I may be wrong but I believe that just the dial part of the guage can be replace with a numbers dial. My limited experience with these are that the dial part of the guage can freeze up pretty easily and destroy or distort the reading on the dial.
  11. Sundancer I think I misunderstood what Glen was asking and I think your advice is good but is not about what he was actually asking about. Just like mine. Sorry Glen, meant well and it is no question they are great.
  12. So is rvnetwork.com different than escapees.com? I was assuming since rvnetwork took me directly to the forum they were the same entity.
  13. chindog, are u using Mobley? I have been occaisionally having an issue lately. Not on rvnetwork.com but a few others. Even a couple of links people here have posted.
  14. I don't know about your awning but I had an awning blown off while going west a little west of Odessa. I was lucky and had minimal damage and the roller did not hit another vehicle or land in the road where someone could hit it. I stopped a few miles up the road at Monahans Sand Hills SP and about 45 min. later a nice motorhome was setting up nearby with major damage to their toad and minor damage to the motorhome caused by one of their minor awnings. Awnings are fantastic but I have never replaced mine and if I ever have another one I will make darn sure they are secured. I relate this to you just as a thought and observation. I know you have enough sense and espirence to come up with a good solution but now way would I take a short cut unless it is one I knew is an almost sure thing. Darn wish I could spell expereince and Monahans. Usta'could
  15. packnrat, I suggest you google something akin to "Ruth Bader Ginsburg" last request. It should come up on more than one news source. I would read several. Then draw your own conclusion as you are allowed to do. There have already been post removed over this including a portion of one of mine. Maybe correctly so as monitering a bunch of old opinionated seniors is much akin to herding cats.
  16. I have been a member of the club since 97 and rv'ing longer and I still don't have all the abbreviations down. Some of the folks on this forum I have been around all this time still confuse me doing that. Not naming names. Beat cha' Todd.
  17. Escapees---SKP Park owned or affiliated with Escapees RV Club.
  18. I have not volunteered in a Texas SP in years but even way back a lot of people would make reservations and the system would show full up then a significant number would not show up and they only forfeited one nights fee if they didn't cancel in time. It creates a problem for others that want a site and the park but there is really not a lot that can be done. The next day we have had rigs in line for 1/2 mile outside the gate waiting for the 2 o'clock checkout when all the sites not claimed would be up for grabs. This is based on my experience at Cedar Hill SP near Dallas - Ft. Worth - and everything that attracts people including being on a lake with 2 boat ramps in the park. We sometimes had minnie spring breaks on weekends and week long spring breaks of all kinds.
  19. Been there many times but it has been 4-5 years maybe as long ago as 2013. Used to get my dental work done in Las Palomas and eat at the Pink Store.
  20. see post under days end
  21. bigjim

    The Ranch ?

    I didn't go back and check but I remember seeing that somewhere. Kirk go back and look. I just found it using your link. It was down under Payments statement.
  22. I will most likely be spending at least several months in southern NM this winter. Maybe Deming but considering other areas. A friend who volunteered with me used to winter in the TorC area a lot. He was fond of Caballo SP and had an annual pass. What park do you keep your 5thW at? Wouldn't mind meeting if we get the chance. They are really after me to winter with them this winter but it doesn't seem likely.
  23. Smart Ray, keep the DW happy. Do you think spring break will be as crowded this year?
  24. Location Location Location is really important. Been through Annona many times and it could be great but I don't know enough to say. It will be good to have a number of long termers that do work in the area. You don't absolutely need bathrooms and showers if you go the write way. You need a good tax advisor and plan your lots for easy maint. I have seen this happen at a private park in Millington Tn for the last 10 or so years. He started small and still is adding a pad or two evey year or so as much for tax reasons as anything else. He even put in a Tornado shelter that can hold at least 60 people. He did start out owning the land. He needed some dirt to build up the road and was going to pay to have it hauled in but the guy he was getting to do the work said how about I dig you a pond and use that dirt for the build up. Great idea. His pond is stocked with nothing but Bass and brim and of course people from the park can fish for free. His main screw up was some of his layout for most of his pads. Done just a little different it would have made his yard maint. easier. He started out with a mixture of concrete pads and gravel pads. I think he only has one gravel pad left and If I can I like it as it is cheaper. I don't know the size of his concrete pads but they are well built and large. The road used to be gravel for a few years but have been asphalt for quite some time. When he adds a new pad he does some of the prep work and forming himself at least in the past. BTW he doesn't have restrooms and showers. He charges a flat rate that includes water, elec. and sewer. The park is on a well and has a large septic system that must work really well.
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