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  1. Well, it seems my old 3G flip phone is going to be useless anywhere from the next 24 hours to 3-4 weeks. Every person I speak to give me a different story and are trying to push me in the direction they want me to go. So I went on the internet and tried to get an answer I can believe. I found several believable sources that say it won't be uselessl for basic phone and text until the end of Dec.2022. I know I will get something way before then but I hate being lied to and pressure by sales people. I would appreciate if anyone here that is good a research could do a check and let me know a true answer. I don't always trust my own research on somethings. Thanks if someone will.
  2. I missed it the first time but when I went back and looked I saw an A/C was and option. These days I would consider it a necessity.
  3. I have remembered that the owner that started the park talked about a 10 year rule at one point but being observant changed his mind and just restricted it to looks of the rv and during some times was very flexible about that.
  4. So which Jim. bigjim thinks no cancer. Kirk, I think I can see it now. So not even thinking about the power production they get the power like my childhood Lionel. 🤭
  5. This is a new owner. Maybe with no real experience. But yes if it ends up working for him why change. I am staying quiet at the moment as I hope to see if I can get some movement as the location really works for me. The original owner had no experience and made some mistakes. Some where comical. But he was flexible and observant. If the new person were to get a stretch of time with low occupancy through the winter the light bulb may come on over their head. I just don't enjoy being part of the learning curve.
  6. Bruce until I reread a couple of times I thought you meant they were getting into a closed freezer. I have seen film or video of problems Down Under th has had with them in the past and also with rabbits. Isn't that why they built the "rabbit proof fence ??" I did my little part to help in Oct 68 at Yarraman Station by taking out 5 ore 6. The were used for food so no waste. The guy I was with was a little nervous letting me shoot because the cost of ammo even back then until I made my first shot then never missed and all were one shot clean kills. I grew up a squirrel hunter for subsistance with a single shot or a "sling" shot
  7. Dang trifocals. Glad to know it is plural fingers.
  8. Since my memory sucks a lot I do not remember why I got a couple of large packages of Bay leaves and scattered them at the back of my cabinetts and closets and have never had a problem with mice, rats, or roaches since I bought this 1997 TT in late 1999 or early 2000 in Florida. I did have a few of the ? palmetto bugs that sure look like giant roaches to me. I know that is when I did the Bay leaves so I assume that was part or most of the reason I did it. I have had an issue with ants a few times. Also have had almost yearly in one location a minor issue with stink bugs. And once I had an issue with either a chipmonk or ground squirrel starting to store acorns where my power line stores but I discovered it pretty early and reblocked better where the power cord comes in. I have had some spiders and a few either ladybugs or japanese beatles. I don't guarantee the bay leaves work but it sure seems like it. I got them pretty cheap back then in the hispanic spice section and I used a good amount but have yet to replenish them. To tell the truth I am pretty amazed I never have had a problem as I a prone to spillage and it has been just over 20 years.
  9. You do know you are tilting at windmills? Ooops there it goes again.😁
  10. I didn't do a good job but unless my memory is faulty there were persons from two different political parties involved and I was trying not to name the parties. I am certain what Kirk said is correct and I should have maybe said "individuals" vs group.
  11. The only place I ever dealt with this was about 1998 at San Jose, Ca. My first trailer was I think a 1988 but looked almost new in condition but not the style. I was green as grass in rving and they had the 10 year rule and stuck to it as far as I could tell. Who knows if a different clerk had been on duty they might have gone by the looks and not the age. I only needed 2 weeks and offered to be put in the worst site they had and to sign a document stating I would only stay for 2weeks. Still no go. I ended up stay near Gilroy the garlic capitol which was ok but cause me a lot more driving, time and traffic.
  12. I won't name it at this time as I am still trying to negotiate. Since I have stayed there anywhere from 3mo. to 9 mo. at least every year from 2011 so I know the area well an what is avalable in the area. It was always a great place to stay in terms of well run and the best conveince to me. This year is more critical for location than normal. There is a SP like nearby but they have a 2 week limit. I don't know the new owners or anything about them but I think they either have little to no experience or they want to up grade to more of a resort type. This park is not fancy but has as said been well run and to my knowledge he only ever had to force 2 people to leave. He made it plain when you came in. I might seem a little bitchy about it because when you have had so many stays that were pleasant you hate to lose a good thing. Ironically the original owner thought about selling maybe 10 years ago and I tried to talk one of my son in law's to buy it and let me run it. It was smaller then not as developed. We could have got it back then for about 500k. Near where I am volunteering now a lot of the parks are staying full and that is creating issues for travelers wanting to stay in the area.
  13. I'm anxious to hear what the legal folks have to say. I remember way back when a local group in Polk county wanted to disinfranchise escapees and another group stood with us. Now it appears the second group wants to disenfranchise folks. Ain't life funny.
  14. i think you are upset as am I. I could not disagree with the person you are upset with more but I think this critisim is not valid. I have followed you overtime and I don't think this is the real you. I hope this will be taken as constructive critisim. See I can't spell either🙂 but I still manage to convey some useful information once in a while. Let's have a contest and see who among us is being driven the craziest by all this.
  15. Exactly so. Some people take it personally when business really has no choice. Not just from a direct legal standpoint but also financial standpoint. I just like to the think that Escapees is doing the right, reponsible, thing and in the best way they can given the circumstance. I would feel that way and respect them even if I disagreed with them on this.
  16. i think I would bet a million dollars if I had that much that Escapees would rather not deal with covid. I can not think of any entity that wants to deal with it. But just like any disaster you have to deal with it the best and most responsible way you can. You would do the same thing to prepare for and recover from a natural disaster.
  17. Some place just have limited rv parks. In my case I have sent a picture and have references that live in the park full time. I have anywhere from 3 months to a max of 9 months of paid receipts from there to from 2011 to 2019. I don't know the new owner but the old one lived and ran the park. The new one has a park manager who I believe advocated for me but was denied based on new owners age restriction. I related to her about needing to be in that area for medical care the proximity of family to assist me. It is his park so his choice but that concept is a little worrisome if it were to become a trend. In the case of this park my feeling are not hurt but I am somewhat disappointed. I wonder if the new owner has any experience as it is common for workers that travel to do work at local plants come to spend months to even the occaisional year on a project. IE:They had three in for almost a year installing a major solar installation less than a mile from the park. As far a lying about the year, I have no wife and can't lie with a straight face. Also if you know anything you can have an idea about age if you want to use that as a criteria. (exception may be airstreams) I will figure this out but thought it might be interesting to bring up as it is something to consider when traveling.
  18. This has been discussed before so I am just relating that today I was told that a private park that I have stayed at for multiple months for almost every year since at least 2011 has turned me down for this winter. The old owner sold about a month ago and the new owner has said they don't want any rv older than a 2015 and it does not matter what it looks like. Far short of the 10 year rule most of us know of. That is a little concerning for folks with older rigs that still look good. I know this is just one park. What would you do if you were traveling and ended up somewhere that had restrictions on even overnight asphalt boondocking and there were no public campgrounds near or they were full. Makes me at least slightly nervous about traveling in an older rv. Premature maybe but still concerning.
  19. I believe I remember restricted air flow due to clogged coils mimics low refrigerant as it affects the pressure of the refrigerant in the condensor and or the evaporator. The same for lack of a proper fan flow through the condenser coil.
  20. OK, I got the Mobley from a member that was not using it. Also ended up getting a new Sim for a grand total of $5.40 on the Sim. All is working well except I can not get it to not turn off. I had a choice of 30 minutes or 2 hours and of course I chose that option. My old one allowed me an option to not turn off at all. I have some old printout that says when the firmware updates I will have the choice. If I read it right the firmware for now is newer than the one listed is newer than the one from way back when. I don't see anyway to update the firmware. If I can't fix it to stay on I will still be happy and grateful to the member that gave it to me but sure would be nice to get it set to not turn off. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. probably just confused. It can be easy on line vs in person where you can immediatly clear up misunderstanding each other.
  22. bigjim


    note the question was about Rainbow Plantation NOT Rainbows End.
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