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Soon-to-be new HDT owner


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We are in the final stages of buying a 2007 Volvo 780 from an escapees member.


It's a former US Express truck. The description:

2007 Volvo T780 OTR Tractor
465hp, 1200 Ft-Lb, Eaton 2010 Speed Auto Shift, Dual Sleeper with refer and microwave, 3/16" plate Steel Fabricated Flat Deck with Bed Liner Coating, Szmyt 30,000# Air 5th wheel hitch, 2-5/16" Gooseneck, 2" Receiver, APU, Inverter w/4 of 6 volt Cart Batteries


I'm in Massachusetts, and am hoping it'll be easy to register the truck as an RV.


I found a couple of pages with info that helped me put together a letter to take to the RMV to register as a truck:





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This morning I walked into the RMV having no idea if they'd give me camper plates.


The rep that helped me had problems with the computer not liking what she was entering in the 'model' field. I told her it was a Volvo 780. She asked for help from her co-worker, who kept quizzing me on what model it was now that it was converted. I said it's still a volvo. We went back and forth a few times and he finally gave up and said 'Ok, whatever' and walked away.

The original rep got '780' to work as a model and I got the plates.


Now to see if I can get off the $1300/year commercial insurance and on to something more reasonable. What do you typically pay to insure a HDT?


The next step of this adventure is to fly to TX to pick up the truck on Tuesday, and then to stop in TN to pick up the trailer, and then to head home.

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mine is like 450.00 per year as motorhome with 35.00 camper plates. I have it added to my regular auto ins. I can try to find out what class the ins. has it under.


Thanks. My insurance agent is saying due to the weight it needs to be commercial insurance. I'm going to shop around.

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Jeff, Our Volvo is insured by State Farm in Va. It runs $500 a year as a MH. The tags run $70 a year. We have had it for almost 5 years. I got it from a Escapees guy in Minn. I had him fax a copy of the title to me so I could have DMV make sure they would honor it. No problem. I just retired in Oct so the ECR will be our first long trip without a known end date. Really looking forward to it. Are you going to be able to make it? Hope to see you there. If you get down toward Va. Beach or the Outer Banks let us know and maybe we can hookup. Have a safe trip when you go down to pickup the truck. Pat



The Old Sailor

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What i had to do and others in Arizona you can declare a weight when register the HDT. I did at 26,000 lbs and doing so Blue Sky Insurance would do it. They said if the registered weight was under 26,001 lbs they would call it a MDT even with tandem rear axles. I am not sure but I believe the HDT and 5er is a little less than $900. I am think though been a price increase this year maybe closer but less than $1000.


Some States don't allow you to declare a weight but if it is registered as and RV(not possible in Az.) should be no problem. Some insurance companies don't like tandem rear axles either.

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