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  1. local company to me, I called Heartland and purchased graphics to match my camper
  2. awesome truck thanks. I have read pretty much all of your posts on HDT's many thanks!
  3. After looking at the market, I have decided to make a price reduction. I have removed the Smart Car in the sale as well. ***forgot to mention there is a Direclink Brake Controller with Jackalopee Converter. **Frame was lengthened 10" and ET hitch installed by original ET hitch installer Steve Winters of RSI Metal Fabrication Regretfully I am putting up for sale my 2013 Volvo VNL 730 D-13 with iShift. Truck has 465,000 miles on it. Nothing is wrong with this truck. It is still under warranty for the transmission until 2019. It is fully serviced. Brand new (6,000 miles) Super Singles ($6000) plus custom built smart car bed with ramps ($5000). Truck has upgraded LED headlights from Volvo ($1900) if anyone knows how terrible the stock lights are you will understand. Truck is titled in NY as a MOTORHOME. Commercial hitch removed, frame extended and ET Sr hitch is installed and works awesome. This truck pulls and pulls, 1350 rpms on any hill with my 20,000lb camper and Smart Car on back. Interior is spotless and looks and smells brand new, has never been smoked in. Has fridge and porta potty. Full LED tail lights and bars ($1000). Truck also has Boogey Lights Light LED strips (wBluetooth) (https://www.boogeylights.com/volvo-vnl-780-670-led-accent-light-kit-multi-color/). I hate to get rid of this truck but my business needs more of my attention as I am expanding and won't be able to camp as much and do not want to see this thing sit $84999 https://photos.app.goo.gl/foYOXHSEqTSzp3Qr1
  4. I love mine. I had mine switched out last year and noticed a difference right away.
  5. I have not experienced anything negative at all. I see people taking pictures while on the road and lots of thumbs up. Most people are very inquisitive and ask a lot of questions. We welcome it and love to answer all of them. Some people have said it was overkill and they town their rigs no problem with their 250/350. I went from a brand new 15 F350 diesel to my Volvo and it is NIGHT and DAY. I no longer need a nap and a Xanax when I arrive at any campsite lol.
  6. I am towing a 2016 Heartland Road Warrior 420 Toy Hauler. See you there!
  7. Hi Jim, No actually. I only need what is called an R endorsement, which I took this afternoon. I am non Revenue so that is all I needed. I am done and legit!!!
  8. Group, So I did it. I have officially gotten my 2013 Volvo VNL 730 registered in NYS as a House on Wheels (Motorhome). I have passenger plates https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WGwfwPkSOVLUVC_0i6N5iM0QFlF2eZw3zzJ7eY7zLXFJ1eggOIOJ1Vyo4vBBMB6QcJJYprHrEHnSnDHzMkAY0r8AJv0aFb_aG97BVkFh1ovbxXiXqDfUxMk-ppvFvs1RPOQOLQ2wLBXlZ-KuyuoG8tACIAJ1GbWhO_ylHrorLSeVDS7Wm0kvbRnAjg1UJVh5PGePKsRm3GzP9733q4JKXKT6vG_3E5pU9fngYrbUxciDZ4BTeKhFaYW61e3erV8Z9VXWRDBfo7aeeHSKkf3U_ctWAWbuDPjL0dMByBFBT9gKLErV8obn2ET0c4nJQywNzEODzCkQznYGWPA2zUCnqNpWLz7e-tVTrW2vyH7YhCqrW2vujrq0GjSq9iAeKDzFxQWbmZWjHwPavhkyYcybVZByXNbyqXEB55Sr5qEMyRtIHlhSq7twp1vq1wzJgj5vjrW7bk5B724NnBFCj4wPZtNA6NgPfz9B-e9vuxiCO4VY52gjXw9VDI3LV6k5MdACi1WMTxoCKB_HRlDRsugnMMiukBHwukNto61WOSWxL5AhVQmbWkBg5zUlUXm3hHSGiO72-Q=w1274-h955-no
  9. Dollytrolley, Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. I have some more questions lol. I am flying out to Chicago (from NY) to look at a 2012 Volvo 670 ishift with 493k on it. I have had it put on the dyno and it came back at 80%. The oil is getting checked in the next day or so. Tires are at 80% It has a new turbo, egr and it really seems like it could be a good fit. i will of course have a 3rd party inspect it. The salesperson has been extremely helpful (shocker). They are asking $59,900 for this truck. I also have another option. It is a 2011 Peterbilt 387 with about 500k on it. This one is about to be rebuilt. All new everything in the engine, not a crate engine but a full on rebuild of engine, new turbo, egr, dpf everything. Virgin tires, just running through the whole thing. That one can be had for $52,000. Your thoughts?
  10. Hi group!! What a great resource this has been for me! I am a few months into my research for a HDT. Currently I have a 15 F350 Dually with a 6.7 Diesel. Honestly, thing is a beast but the braking, people are idiots and I felt I needed more so I bought an Automated Safety Hitch (that is a totally different story). Nonetheless, I am going to go with a HDT. I spoke with Gregg from RVHaulers but I just can't see myself spending $100k for truck with almost 800k miles on it. He is incredibly knowledgeable and seems like a very nice guy and someone who I would do business with in the future, just now, not full timing, can't seem to pull the trigger with him. I have some questions for you guys here. I see that mostly everyone singles their HDT's and I am not sure that I would. I get the tires, the maintenance, turning radius etc. Can anyone chime in here who has a rig that they left tandem? Also, being that I have a new toyhauler currently, I wouldn't be putting a bed on (I am 6'6" and the Smart Car just aint gonna do it lol). Fenders, removing the commercial hitch and putting a ET Sr Air Hitch on, can't I just do that? I will put at most 5-10k per year on this rig ( I am only 45 and have a 10 year old and an 18 year old in college). Tell me, Volvo, Peterbilt or Kenworth? I will need to delete rear bottom bunk and put in either a jacknife sofa or new captain chairs. I am hearing that with the new emission trucks, especially Volvo, that they are a nightmare. Can anyone add their two cents here? I feel I need to buy something with no more than 600k miles on it and I see some for $45k-$75k. I of course would prefer something automatic but I am open to an ultrashift. Thanks for the help! PS. An alternative to the Smart Car is this http://www.ezgo.com/Home/Personal/2Five I have seen it and driven it. It is street legal, goes 25mph and has over a 20 mile range and is about $12k. Just throwing that in there.
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