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  1. local company to me, I called Heartland and purchased graphics to match my camper
  2. awesome truck thanks. I have read pretty much all of your posts on HDT's many thanks!
  3. After looking at the market, I have decided to make a price reduction. I have removed the Smart Car in the sale as well. ***forgot to mention there is a Direclink Brake Controller with Jackalopee Converter. **Frame was lengthened 10" and ET hitch installed by original ET hitch installer Steve Winters of RSI Metal Fabrication Regretfully I am putting up for sale my 2013 Volvo VNL 730 D-13 with iShift. Truck has 465,000 miles on it. Nothing is wrong with this truck. It is still under warranty for the transmission until 2019. It is fully serviced. Brand new (6,000 miles) Sup
  4. I love mine. I had mine switched out last year and noticed a difference right away.
  5. I have not experienced anything negative at all. I see people taking pictures while on the road and lots of thumbs up. Most people are very inquisitive and ask a lot of questions. We welcome it and love to answer all of them. Some people have said it was overkill and they town their rigs no problem with their 250/350. I went from a brand new 15 F350 diesel to my Volvo and it is NIGHT and DAY. I no longer need a nap and a Xanax when I arrive at any campsite lol.
  6. Anybody have any ideas where I can get my rig singled.......correctly........... somewhere in the Northeast?
  7. Group, Bryan Sasser from Nacarato Volvo where I purchased my 2013 VNL 730 would like to attend the rally and bring a 730 with him. Can you let me know what day you think we can have him come?
  8. I am towing a 2016 Heartland Road Warrior 420 Toy Hauler. See you there!
  9. I know it is last minute but I would like to attend. I called the RV Park and left a message. Are there still spots available? I will be coming on the 9th. Thanks!
  10. Hi Jim, No actually. I only need what is called an R endorsement, which I took this afternoon. I am non Revenue so that is all I needed. I am done and legit!!!
  11. Group, So I did it. I have officially gotten my 2013 Volvo VNL 730 registered in NYS as a House on Wheels (Motorhome). I have passenger plates https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/WGwfwPkSOVLUVC_0i6N5iM0QFlF2eZw3zzJ7eY7zLXFJ1eggOIOJ1Vyo4vBBMB6QcJJYprHrEHnSnDHzMkAY0r8AJv0aFb_aG97BVkFh1ovbxXiXqDfUxMk-ppvFvs1RPOQOLQ2wLBXlZ-KuyuoG8tACIAJ1GbWhO_ylHrorLSeVDS7Wm0kvbRnAjg1UJVh5PGePKsRm3GzP9733q4JKXKT6vG_3E5pU9fngYrbUxciDZ4BTeKhFaYW61e3erV8Z9VXWRDBfo7aeeHSKkf3U_ctWAWbuDPjL0dMByBFBT9gKLErV8obn2ET0c4nJQywNzEODzCkQznYGWPA2zUCnqNpWLz7e-tVTrW2vyH7YhCqrW2vujrq0GjSq9iAeKDzFxQWbmZWjHwPavhkyYcybVZB
  12. I bought this item May 11, 2015. It has served me well on my F350. I have since moved onto a HDT for towing and no longer need this item. I paid $1743.21 delivered to me. I am selling this for $1000. I am located in Long Island NY (zip code 11780). Click on link below to see unit. https://goo.gl/photos/3WQEqMHcuPMnL1UaA
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