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  1. We've had the Sleek for a few years and it's a great booster for the money. We still use it occasionally, and it will help some, but I'd upgrade to a new hotspot instead. We have the Netgear Nighthawk and moved the Mobley SIM over to it. Performance improvement was VERY significant. Next thing I'd invest in is the Netgear MIMO antenna with TS9 connectors which will plug into the Nighthawk. The add-on antenna usually isn't needed but when signal is weak, it makes huge difference.
  2. BF Goodrich KO2 All Terrain tires. Not noisy to us and very respectable off road tires.
  3. We have the round Binkley. The jaw locking block is stamped F ET-21
  4. Henry, appreciate you’re still “involved”. Our ET is about 30,000 miles young pulling our 22,500 lbs rig. Aside from a pre-trip visual, I routinely grab the head and try to shake it and I find little displacement. But my examination is a pretty crude go, no-go test. We’re real pleased with your hitch, though some point down the road, I suspect we may need to refresh it and replace worn components. I’d like to know your recommendations for periodic inspection of the ET series of hitches. What are the key wear areas and parameters we should be monitoring and at what frequency would you recommend?
  5. The o-rings I use are 11mm x 1mm nitrile. They're a tight stretch and other sizes may fit better and I may try another size if I ever use all these. I break about every fifth one when I put them on but have had no problems with water intrusion once installed. I also put a very small dab of silicon grease on the threads to help seal and thread the cap tight. You can buy these nitrile o-rings from Amazon.
  6. Nice! Steve, you’re the poster child for one of my favorite quotes, “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.”
  7. Al, I know a few folks that have 96” bed widths with side mounted smart cars. Works for them. One factor to consider is the 106” long gen 2 and 3 smarts overhang a total of 10” on a 96” wide bed versus 4” on a 102” bed.
  8. Travel Supreme made some well built RVs. In our travels, talking with folks that owned or worked on TS RVs, I’ve not come across anyone that knew of structural issues. Having said that, all RVs have limits. I’m not familiar with TS’s Rally Sport toyhauler specs, but I’m guessing you’ve got three 8K axles and GVWR is around 24K. What are your loads? Are these loads within the GVWR? If the pin box is a concern, are you confident the structure supporting the pin box is sufficient?
  9. Agree with Big5er. We had an open circuit on one of he cables. We isolated it with an ohm meter but Phil’s instruction to swap cables is even easier to identify whether the cable assembly is at fault. We ran ours for quite a while with two of the three cables before we got around to replacing it.
  10. Our 50W panel measures 22” x 27”. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DCDQKII/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  11. We mounted a rigid 50W panel on top of the cab to keep batteries topped off during extended parking. Used VHB tape to secure mounting brackets. Works well and can’t see the panel from the ground.
  12. Jim & Wilma


    Agree, I'd open it up and take a peek. Failed electrolytic capacitors, that I've come across, have usually been easy to spot by a bulge in an end or circumference. Replacement is easy.
  13. Jim & Wilma

    Trailer Batteries

    You'd be way better off going to Sams and getting their GC2 golf car flooded lead acid batteries. Should be less than $100 each and they are made for deep discharge with large plates. Marine deep discharge batteries really don't compare. The GC2s will be 6 volts so you'll have to buy/wire them in pairs for 12 volt application.
  14. I had similar problem at a threaded brass/pvc junction. Very frustrating. Determined brass thread was scoring small “channel” in the pvc. Replace both fittings and leak fixed. Good luck.
  15. I’m a fan of the Anker product line of chargers. Only “issue” we had was they replaced our charger on a recall because some units had premature internal fuse blowing.
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