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  1. Dave, I’m guessing the pinion gear, driven by the starter solenoid, is jamming before the teeth engage but enough to hold the starter contacts closed. Darryl, don’t see how a bad bendix would keep the starter spinning.
  2. Jim & Wilma


    We don’t run tires past seven years. I’ve looked unsuccessfully for a tire inspection process that would allow an extension of service beyond seven years. For us it’s not worth the risk.
  3. Not familiar with Outdoor account so can’t comment on that. Did you run the “Test Installation” function? Path: - Home button on remote - Menu tab - Settings - Diagnostics - Dish - Test Installation
  4. Enjoyed the read . . . thanks for posting!
  5. The DPH42 should do it. Winegard uses the "standard" WA DPP 1000.2 LNB and the Hopper requires the "hybrid" DPH LNBs. The DPH42 makes the signal conversion. You'll also get a power inserter which comes with the DPH42. The DPH42 has three coax inputs for the Winegard and one output coax. There's a good argument to install the DPH42 inside but that requires three cables. We didn't have the cables available and mounted the DPH42 on the roof where it's been working fine for the past few years. If you search this forum, you'll find more thorough explanations of the Winegard/Hopper 3
  6. We're 65' overall with a 37' fifth wheel. Our length goal was driven by an interest to get into as many locations as possible versus any concern with state length limits. We know lots of folks running much longer and don't recall anybody having been "talked to" by an LEO. If our usage requirements were to accommodate a family, I wouldn't be concerned going to 75'. Much beyond that would give us pause to make sure the requirements couldn't be otherwise satisfied.
  7. When I replaced our cab air bags, I recall the top of the bag had a threaded stud that screwed into a nut welded inside a channel or rectangular tube. On one side, the welded nut released, what a hassle. Think I hacksawed the old bag off I ended up welding a nut to a small plate that fit within the channel which secured the nut from rotating. There was a slot/opening in the channel a few inches from the attachment point and I was able to slide the nut in using a wire or some such to guide it into position. Not much fun but it’s been 5+ years and still holding well. Good luck.
  8. Jim, I used one of these cable assemblies for the fifth wheel side and a companion receptacle on the truck side. Each of our cameras have the following 4 wires: Power (+12 vdc) Ground Video Audio I tied all the camera Power wires to a single terminal and likewise with the Ground wires to another terminal. That leaves 5 of the 7 terminals for video and audio. In our case we have three videos and I didn’t tie in any of the audios, so we’re left with two unused terminals. On both the truck and fifth wheel I used terminal strips in weather proof enclosures to combine
  9. Jim, assume these are the umbilical cables between the fifth and truck. We use a the standard 7 pin RV connector/cable for our three cameras. Has worked well for five years with no discernable signal degradation. Has advantage of being relatively cheap and common part. I spray the connector and receptacle every year or so with Boeshield T9 to fight corrosion.
  10. Are there conditions where a signal booster like weBoost 4G-X with an M2000 could result in less throughput than the M2000 alone with all else remaining the same? And mea culpa in advance if you say yes and point me toward your review.
  11. Impressive planning and execution to build what looks like a mature production article. I'm sure there's elements you might have done differently, but I'll be darn spot them. Good job!
  12. You’ve got a great and well built set up that appeals to us, especially the three axle 37’ fifth wheel, but we’re admittedly a minority. I’d clean up the Teton, scrub the carpets and such, and make sure safety items are fully functional. When you post for sale, remember, you can’t have too many photos. Good luck.
  13. We have a Warn 4K winch that pulled our 2013 smart nicely up 12’ ramps with a 47” rise.
  14. Pray that you rest in peace Dave.
  15. Jim & Wilma


    Aggressive goals for sure. Even more noteworthy to me was GMC's announcement to only produce electric vehicles by 2035. To answer your question, suspect we'll have no problem getting fuel to keep our diesels running well past our time . . though also suspect prices will climb, making electric more and more attractive over time.
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