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  1. Chad, I’ve heard the same thing from others. Not so with us. The porta potty was our first purchase and don’t think there’s a trip of any distance that it doesn’t see service. Maybe it comes with age; warning, “don’t get old”!
  2. Robert, to change the hinge angle, you can put one side of a 1”x1” steel angle in/on the top of the hinge. Bed frame material works. It has the effect of reducing the deck break over angle. On the 19” Discount ramps, I cut and removed the last splined traction rod which increased the clearance and eliminated rubbing in our old 451. Not sure if it would be necessary for 453 smart.
  3. We’ve had a couple leaks as have others. One of them was the air/power bulkhead on the firewall. The gasket was folded over allowing rain water to leak in and collect under the mat. Found it when routing my video cables. Unlikely a manual would have helped me much. Edit below . . . i missed reading the comment below your html link. I can see where construction and sealing details would be helpful. I know others have had water enter the cab from above the door and a-pillar areas. I have a friend who filled the outside gap with a polyurethane caulk and that eliminated his leak.
  4. Good question and I don’t know. I suspect we’d have heard of the issue long before now if common to the 451. Could be the same design with different part supplier. Maybe others will chime in.
  5. Funny, that’s the exact problem we had and appears it happened maybe the same date and we were also in Colorado at the time. Too funny. For those of you with a 453 and haven’t yet experienced this problem, I’d recommend you strongly consider doing a preemptive fix and remove/replace the locking solenoid rubber boot.
  6. Like most everybody on this forum, I grew up with cars that didn’t have locking ignitions. At least one of my cars was “improved” without the need for even a key to start the car. Having said this, I wouldn’t hesitate to remove the locking solenoid and drive the car without it. It’s maybe a 10 minute job if you haven’t done it before. That’s assuming the solenoid/circuit is compromised and really does need a new ignition switch. Possibly you have the same problem i had, a sticking boot (see reference Carl copied). Good luck and let us know how you resolve this.
  7. Phil, I’m told you can find it on their prepaid site but not post paid. I used their chat and sent this note, “I’m interested in the 50% off Inseego MiFi M2000 along with the $50/mo 100GB data plan.” Took a couple minutes to connect with a CSR. After brief chat to make sure he understood what I was looking for, had him call me and it took about half an hour to sign up. Pretty easy.
  8. I agree they're pretty small and don't recall whose "good advice" I followed in getting these. I'm on my second round of 12 sensors worth of battery replacements using these and have had no signs of water intrusion. Larger would be easier to slip on though can't attest they'd work better. I break about every fifth one but must have 70 left, so until they're gone I won't be buying others. If/when I do buy more, I might upsize to say 20mm x 1mm.
  9. We do the same Bill. Mark the anniversary on the calendar, call to terminate coverage, get connected to the retention CSR and try to cut to the chase for decent rate. One time the CSR got us a one month extension and told me to call back in a couple weeks for rate he knew was coming. It’s a bit of a hassle, especially the wait time after you select the terminate plan option. Call when you have plenty of time to hold and then listen to the CSR running you through all the “deals”.
  10. We have Coach Net. In reviewing the industry, it’s my opinion they were best for us. Their price is premium too.
  11. Believe that would be Jim Foley and Terri Frailey’s Newmar. Believe they’re planning on selling it as they downsize rigs. In my judgement, Newmar fifth wheels have solid bones and was on our short list when we shopped for our RV. I’d put their construction near the level of a New Horizon. Still believe picking up a good used one and refurbishing it will bring you years of use at a fraction the cost of a new one.
  12. A friend asked the other day about heating efficiency of electric versus propane. I thought the attached Heating Cost Comparison spreadsheet may be useful to others. Your cost of fuel and system efficiencies may be different, so you'll want to update those cells for your use. For my engineering friends, I did take some liberty giving heat pumps an efficiency rating. Obviously a system can't be more than 100% efficient. Heat pumps are typically rated in Coefficient of Performance (COP) units which in my example would have a COP of 2.4 or with great liberty 240%. Heating Cost Comparis
  13. If the dash blanks out while starting, certainly suggests poor wire connection somewhere. My guess would be at the batteries.
  14. Looking forward to your speedy recovery and continuing journeys.
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