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  1. I mounted mine to the left side of the compartment on the drivers side. Ran the cables down the compartment about 6” in and just behind the divider. I used 2 7 way junction boxes one into and one out so it was easy to add any connections or do testing. mounted a 40 amp breaker from batteries, then used smaller breakers as needed for any accessories. That was on my 99 Volvo 610, not the truck in my post.
  2. We bought Compass RV Protection. 5 years, no deductible, includes wheels and tires for 3 grand. Might check them out.
  3. Yesterday I lost more that a friend, I lost a family member it hurt so much taking Treasa's calls. Mike suffered for a short time, went to the hospital by ambulance, short stent in the hospital to hospice, and then to the Lords waiting arms. I can only hope that my time is as short.
  4. i replaced the passenger seat in our Volvo with Knoedler Air Chief. My DW thinks it is WONDERFUL. I used SeatSpecilists. ShortyO That’s what I had in the Volvo, heated, cooled and massage. I miss that seat! Roger
  5. I made reservations yesterday for Us and Mike & Treasa Dillard. If the boarder opens this is our first stop on the way to Alaska. Roger
  6. Well on my truck the batteries and inverters are mounted in the drom box, and I would have never found this post in the technical section so post away please.
  7. What a work of art! i am impressed with your work! Roger
  8. I know you won’t believe this, but I like what you have done to reinforce the rocker box. Roger
  9. David, I would like to know who hasn’t had the bedroom slide floors replaced. On our old 2014 Atlanta we did both as well, and this was pre Thor. Roger
  10. Very nice, can’t wait to see it in person.
  11. Very well said, and I hope that others head this warning! Your truck and trailer are your responsibility and you should be aware that your lack of inspection will cause hurt to others.
  12. Well here goes it again, I have have had this hitch in my hand and I can tell you that is was a mistake in the welding process, . it was not welded properly causing the failure, hoverer the owner should have noticed the slop in the hitch before the failure. If i could post pictures I would and If Chad would do thos for me I will forward the pictures to him to show the welding defict, and I still wand to see the original poster to tell the total story!
  13. Says the guy that drive with out any air pressure on the highway to leave a bad place, but who cares we are on the road, just look out for us that have no air pressure to keep going!
  14. And how did you get your camper to the rally?????? Yes I know how, just be honest and tell the complete story, or shut your lying mouth. This pisses me off, tell the complete story or don't tell it at all!!!!! Roger
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