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    Hood Removal

    Carl When I was headed to the ECR in 2016 i painted the hood in the back yard. Looked real good and the price was right. Just takes time to tape and some fore thought about how you are going to reach the highs and the lows. Be sure to be careful with over spray. Find a body man/painter and have him spray it. Just a thought. Pat The Old Sailor
  2. TW It did take 5 years to get her to change her mind. That was the good news now the bad news , we sold the 5er and the Pride. We are now without anything sitting on the slab. A sad time in Flat Rock. Maybe a small C will be in the future but time will really tell.Text or call anytime. Be safe and take care. Pat The Old Sailor
  3. JPL

    I bought a truck

    Great looking rig. You'll be happy when you get on the road! Pat The Old Sailor
  4. We want to thank Carl and Donna and everyone else that helped in making this years ECR a Great Success! We really had a good time and enjoyed meeting old friends and making some new ones. It was a bit chilly the last few days but we enjoyed it none the less. i also want to thank Chit (Never Easy) for helping find the ground issue I looked for 5 days. He found it in 40 minutes! The man is a Wizard!!! Pats Pride ran like a top coming home. it was a very enjoyable trip. Hope to see everyone next year. Pat The Old Sailor
  5. Will be getting to the rally on the 15th. Site 400. If interested stop by and if not stop by anyway! Pat The old Sailor
  6. That is why them doubled the frame! Pat The Old Sailor
  7. The ECR starts n the 17th in Crossville Tenn. A great place to get very valuable info. Not knowing where you are located it might not be convenient but the invite is always there. Pat The Old Sailor
  8. Looking forward to this years ECR. Shirley and I both have had our 2 shots and the weren't Bourbon! Ready to get out and enjoy. Pat The Old Sailor
  9. Twisty I had plans of converting a big truck to a RV here in Va. After many calls to DMV I still had no answer. The one thing I'm sure of: if a truck has been registered in Va as a Class A You can't convert it to a RV. However if you can buy a truck with the M/H title and Va will honor it. That is the way I got "Pat's Pride" a 98 Volvo 610. We have been towing with it since 2011. I had a 550- Ford for 5 years and after towing with the Volvo I would never go back to a little truck. The wife was not totally for the Volvo but after towing with it out west and having the Jake brake that made going down the other side much easier. The Cummins N 14 made going up the hills in the left lane no problem. She enjoys the air ride seats and the comfort the truck allows. We have been towing a 43' Mesa Ridge for 6 years. A CDL isn't required but I went and got one anyway. The Volvo is registered in Va and insured by State Farm. We have been with SF since day one. What I would recommend is doing a day trip and come down to Chesapeake and go for a ride in our truck. My wife and I have had both shots for the virus. My cell is 757-646-1686. I have a shop behind the house. PP has been in there but not for anything major. It only has 590k. So any ?'s or if you just want to talk trucks or RVing give me a call!! Pat The Old Sailor
  10. Reservations made at Cville now just need to get registered for the Rally. Hope everybody is safe and warm. It really sounds bad in the Midwest and in Texas. Hope everybody can stay warm and safe. Think Spring!!!! And Bourbon with the crowd. Or as many as they will let us get together with. Pat The Old Sailor
  11. Planing on being at the ECR in April At Crossville Tenn if anyone wants to check the rig out we'll be there unless things change. We have had both shots and even a couple of Makers Mark!! Be safe and get those shots when you can. Pat The Old Sailor
  12. JPL

    19th around 2:44PM

    lappir People are always complaining. If 3 minutes mean that much to their life maybe there are other things they should be doing. i enjoyed the "I" state run because I'm sitting her at the house wishing I was on the road. So thanks. Pat The Old Sailor
  13. JPL

    Insurance - again....

    AKNavy Are you navy? Retired, active duty, or veteran? I"m retired (30 years) so just wondering. Live in Tidewater Va. Pat The Old Sailor
  14. JPL

    Insurance - again....

    Randy Hope everything is fine down in Fla. Its cool up here. They say we may see a snowflake Thursday but I doubt it. Take care and be safe. Pat The Old Sailor
  15. Whoever used this truck never let it stop. Over 400k and a 2019. I think the first time it's wheels stopped were when it went to that dealers yard. But it sure would make a nice hauler. Pat The Old Sailor
  16. Cory That is great news. Now for the rest of the run. Take it easy there is plenty of time and plenty to do! Enjoy what you have accomplished and get ready for Santa! Hope to see you agin on down the road. Pat The Old Sailor
  17. You will love the tuck and it won't take your wife to really learn to love it too! Having jumped from a 550 Ford to our 610 she came around in a hurry. I did have to add a Air Ride to the passenger side. If it isn't there try to get one in the deal. where are you located? Pat The Old Sailor
  18. D & R Thanks I think it is posted but I'll check. Hope I did it right. Pat The Old Sailor
  19. Thanks, I went on Racing Junk and I saw a lot of trailers but no RV's. I couldn't see where to ask ?'s. Any idea? Pat The Old Sailor
  20. Brad We'll be here. Just give me a call! Are you planning on the ECR? Pat The Old Sailor
  21. Have Pictures but haven't been able to get them on line. Can email or text. Pat The Old Sailor
  22. Brad Been to NorVa lately? Pat The Old Sailor
  23. JPL

    Making the Jump

    Fine looking truck. When will you be hitting the road? Pat The Old Sailor
  24. Blaine Great looking job and a fine looking shop to be doing the work in. Keep up the work because Spring is just around this winter corner. Pat The Old Sailor
  25. Have Good Sams And will renew when it expires. Have used it several times. Once in Roanoke Va. to tow the truck and the 5er to Western Branch Diesel to work on the Super 10. The tow cost $400 and was reimbursed from Good Sams. I thought there was going to be a problem BUT NO ISSUES. The tow was only 10-12 miles. But the tow truck was a new 3 rear axle TOP Shelf fresh from the KY Truck Show Tow Truck. We took pictures it was so good looking. The driver impressed with his knowledge and abilities. On the "Hook" but with style. Pat The Old Sailor
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