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What is your "typical" fuel efficiency or MPG


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In drawing up a budget one of the major components is the cost of fuel. I am planning to purchase a 350/3500 class dually to pull our 5th wheel (max trailer weight 16,000#). I know that there are lots of variables, but am looking for what others have experienced both when pulling and not.

If you base your budget on 10 MPG for all miles driven you will be pretty close, and maybe enough left at the end for dinner, if you're lucky.

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07 f350 6.0, approx. 11mpg flat, no wind towing 14,000 lb 5er, 17-18 solo. 05 FL M2 Cat C-7 8-9 overall. Both myself and DW much happier with the security of the M2 even with the mileage penalty. Would never go back to LTD with this trailer.



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I plan on about 9mpg. I've gotten a little better than that but I don't think I've ever gotten any worse. It's hard to predict things like tail winds or what traffic might be doing. Terrain, maybe somewhat predictable (mountains vs plains). It helps having about 130 gallons of fuel capacity onboard.


ETA: 2001 F350 CC dually, ~13.5k fiver.

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2015 6.7 diesel dually - new truck. . .just hit the 1000 mile break in mark and then loaded the camper and headed south. Now have about 1500 miles with the camper loaded and it looks like it will get about 11.6 mpg at 62 mph average. Speed of course, is the biggest factor since we're pushing a barn door side-ways down the highway.

Also noted a driver dragging a 5ver reported on the ford-trucks forum about the same with his identical truck: 11.6 mpg diesel with varying road conditions over a long haul.

Casual cruising without the camper at 55mph it will get about 20+ mpg.

Bye the way. . .it has massive power! Quiet too. It's light years ahead of the older trucks.



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