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  1. We tried to sign up, can't remember for sure, maybe the 2018-19 peak season but the spots were all gone in Campbellsville KY before they ever officially opened it up. That's the last we tried. We had stayed in the campground right across the street from the FC. Basically, it was a big parking lot but it worked well for us. We walked to work. The gig wasn't bad once we got into the groove. I think my best times were in ICQA and in the packaging part of gift wrap. I was very good at counting so I was typically right up there with the fulltime workers in my numbers in ICQA. Running a machine in packaging was very physically demanding but it went well. I had a supervisor that saw where I worked well and put me there to crank out the packages. Young guy, Canadian, good guy, really liked him. There were some really good people there, there were some awful people there. We worked night shift and liked the more laid back atmosphere. I'm sure some things have changed dramatically since we were there. Will probably never go back now. Anyway, it was a decent gig for us. Made some decent money. At this point, I'd probably see if I could find a job with Kroger or Fry's or someplace like that if I really wanted a job. I suspect after Amazon, it would probably not be that difficult. But that's just me. Good luck!
  2. Fulltime for somewhere around a decade. Bought a house about 2.5 years ago and the RV has been parked beside the barn ever since. Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee. We did OK in the RV but wanted more. We're country people and wanted a garden, a yard, ---space--- around us, and not having to worry about who we would torque off if we actually wanted to wash our RV or our cars. No worries about annoying neighbors anymore, and I mean that in both directions, us annoying them as well as them annoying us. It was good for a time. But we had our fill of fulltiming. Could we go back? I suppose. Neither of us want to. We like our place in the country. We have a son in the Phoenix area that would love to have us move in with him and his wife right now, just live there. We've talked about that being what might happen when we approach decrepitude. But we're not there yet. It's possible we may move a little closer at some point, still in our own place, probably more remote than they'd ever want to be, and that be a stepping stone for us. We still have the last RV we lived in. (Glendale Titanium 34E39QS) We had thought we might do one more stint at Amazon but that never materialized. It's entirely too big for us to want to take it on a weekend camping trip. We've toyed with trading it in on a much smaller one that would be more appropriate for a short vacation. Hasn't happened yet but still might.
  3. Thanks, Jack. Life really has thrown us a lot. And it hasn't really been the kinds of things that made for good fulltime travel. Spent most of the last year in Pennsylvania with my parents. Mom's health was failing and they needed help. Basically, moved in with them for a while and put the RV in storage mode. Mom passed in April and we were able to resume our lives but neither of us really wanted to travel, we wanted to settle down. My wife loves having people over and we are finally able to do that again. Had kids and grandkids running around the house and property not even a week after we bought the place. Had to scramble for enough beds and furniture for everybody to be comfortable. But my wife was in heaven! (And she has a schedule of visitors that will be coming. I think she needs a calendar for her new B&B. LOL!) I finally have a garage to work in again, a place to change oil and work on the vehicles, and a place for my woodworking shop. Plus there's a barn and a place for a good sized garden again. I've missed that. So we've started another chapter. But the end of the book hasn't been written yet. Life has a habit of taking us in directions we hadn't thought of so who knows what comes next?! Safe travels!
  4. Thanks for the kind words! I'm not quite sure what the future holds. Could be an RV in there, haven't ruled it out.
  5. Fulltiming has ended... after 12+ years living in an RV. It started in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina went rambling through south Louisiana and made a mess of our house. It continued when after a year being parked in our own driveway we decided we did not want to live there anymore. The RV (well, three of them actually, we upgraded twice) has been in LA, MS, AL, KY, TN, VA, and PA for varying amounts of time. Never was inclined to take it westward. And today, it sits on a concrete pad at our new place in north central TN, awaiting it's future. We bought a few acres with a house, garage and barn and are thrilled not to be spending another winter in an RV. Fulltiming was fun for a while but it's time for a new chapter for us. It was great meeting many other RVers, including three years at the Campbellsville Amazon FC working the peak season. (Interestingly, that FC is only a little over 100 miles from where we ultimately ended up buying our place.) I'm not sure what is in store for the RV. It's way too big for us to want to use it for a weekend camper. (It's a Titanium 34E39QS.) And it needs some work as it's a 2006 model and we lived in it for quite a few years. It's cold out, though, with night temps in the single digits so any work will have to wait! It's been a pretty decent unit for general living, though, can't really complain about much as it's way roomier than our 32' Jayco TT (no slides) that we started out in. I don't check in here very often anymore but do have a few friends that may still frequent the forums. Thought I should update, just in case someone may not have heard. Wishing all of you safe travels, where ever the road takes you! Blessings, and Happy New Year!! Brian
  6. Hi Guys, Just thought I should update the thread and tell you what ultimately happened. I made the decision to go with a NEW RV cooling unit that I replaced myself. It ended up somewhere in the $700 area, which seemed a bit steep, but it felt like the best of the options that I had at the time. It's a new cooling unit, not a rebuilt one. It was a pain installing it and it took me longer than I thought it would. But it's in and working, and I have no complaints about it. It seems to cool better than the old one did. I went looking at 120v units and found that for the ones that would fit in the old hole, they had horrible reviews, even worse than the RV units. They were also more expensive than larger ones that there just wouldn't have been room for. I looked at the possibility of cutting out the hole to fit a larger fridge but there just isn't much room to be had without MAJOR renovation. Just wasn't wanting to do that. Had it been practical to enlarge the opening, I'd have definitely went with a 120v unit. As it is, the old unit fit right back into it's old space and looks like it belongs there, no cabinetry modifications needed. I hope it lasts long enough that I won't have any need to replace it again. It does have a warranty if I have to. So that's how it worked out. Figured it was only right that I update the thread and let you all know what happened. Safe travels!
  7. Funny thing about it, I wasn't originally going to get a spare pump. But an rv supply store I was visiting for a few other unrelated items had it discounted to something like $40 at the time and I just couldn't pass it up. I think the cheapest I saw it lately was more like $60.
  8. A few years ago, I bought a Shurflo Revolution pump as a spare. It got put in when the old one died and it's been doing a really good job. 55psi, 7.5amps, 3GPM. I'm quite happy with it. Granted, it can't keep up with multiple draws all at once as well as a 5+GPM pump could, but that doesn't happen here. Good showers, often just as good or better than being on a city water connection. (I do have a regulator for the city water connection and don't want the psi numbers up much above about 60psi. Not sure what the RV plumbing is rated for but above that seems too much to me. Others might disagree.)
  9. The problem comes when you're smack in the middle of 6 lanes of traffic, roads ahead are merging in some fashion you can't exactly figure out since you've never been there, and the GPS decides it's time for a nap. I wish I could say I've never had that happen. Fortunately, the road I needed to be on was a continuation of the lane I was in. If it hadn't been, it might have been a much more exciting story. That GPS went bye-bye shortly thereafter...
  10. Have you gotten enough of an excuse to buy one yet, Chuck?? LOL!! Mine is getting pretty old, too, but I haven't sprung for a new one yet either. I figure it's probably time, though, since there are an awful lot of roads we travel that it doesn't know are there. "Please drive to highlighted route." Yeah, yeah, yeah... I've thought about updating the software but am convinced that the hardware will take it's dirt nap within the first 100 miles of the update and I might as well have just bought a new one anyway. I'm hoping the new ones have a few more features on them than the old basic Garmin that I have. Routing me around major cities, letting me plan out trips ahead of time, those kinds of thing would be a step up from what I have.
  11. Have kinda lost touch with the Amazon group. Worked several years in Campbellsville but broke a leg very badly only a couple of weeks after our last gig, a little over 2 years ago. Not sure I could handle that much time on concrete anymore. Amazon tries what Amazon things will work well for them. If it works, they'll go with it. If it doesn't work so well, it will be tweaked.
  12. One thing about Camco is that their name is out there in every Walmart in the nation plus a good many other stores.
  13. Thanks, Roger! I hadn't considered more than one depth of refrigerator but now that you mention it, they're not all the same. I'm really not sure if I'm going to be keeping the RV for a long time or not. I had thought I was going to need to sell it soon as a part of a deal on a small farm. The deal pretty much fell through so we're here, at least for the time being. Might as well enjoy the extra space of the larger residential fridge. ... Right now, it's a tiny 3.3 cu ft refrigerator that's keeping a minimum of stuff cold, in addition to the 5 cu ft freezer we've always had. My dear wife will be very glad when there is a better setup... Mama wants her kitchen back. LOL!
  14. That's the one I think I've seen on occasion, too. It seemed to happen fairly often when sitting in my chair watching TV in the evening, after it has gotten towards night time outside and the blinds are closed and inside lights turned on. It would just be the standard automotive incandescent bulbs in the light fixtures we'd have on as we don't typically have the fluorescent bulbs lit then. The change wasn't obnoxious, but the lights got brighter enough that we would actually notice the change. I honestly don't know if fluorescent or LED lights would give any reaction at all. (?)
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