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  1. Just filled a 40# and a 20 # together were $37.00
  2. Been in every state but Maine and slept in all of them. RV,ed in 37 states and passed through another 2 we didn't camp in. Two trips on the Alaskan Highway. Other excursions to Canada for fishing and visiting relatives. Only other international travel would be Nassau Bahamas.
  3. Does that apply to long guns or only to pistols?
  4. I'd give you some more advice but I believe you've got enough to consider. Enjoy your trip and relax.
  5. We're down near the southern epicenter just a causeway away. We did mingle with the crowds the Saturday before Mardi Gras in the French Markets and had lunch at a restaurant on Jackson Square. No health concerns since then though many here had some crud back in mid January. What it was, who knows. Personally not worried about that whatever the outcome might be no reason to fear the end. We'll be here at least till the end of the month and if everything goes well we'll head out to Idaho for our summer gig.
  6. Not really concerned about traveling as we are secure in place and welcome to stay. Our summer gig is more than a month away. We were going to leave this coming Sunday but with our usual overnight stops closed, USACE parks, and everything closed near the daughter we'll just stay and play it by ear. With luck things will workout an we can get on with life.
  7. We never let 30 amp deter us from a volunteer position we are interested in. It is true we have eased into boondocking from 3-4 days till tanks were full or empty about ten days. Finally we got up to ten weeks volunteering on gen for power, septic holding tank and hauling our potable water 80 miles when needed. So now unless the temps require 2 AC's or there is no on site W/D we manage fine on 30amp and our fridge now is residential.
  8. I look at it like this, I came into the world with nothing and plan to go out the same way.
  9. I'm sure RV manufacturers are reading all the stories about full timers just to deny warranty work. I bet they have a full department covering it. It would be better if they put them on QC instead.
  10. If OP plans on a 30 ft 5er and a newer truck a 350 or simular CC single wheel short bed would give him ample truck for the job. Short bed would also give more mobility in tight campgrounds. The worst that can happen is a large audience. And unless you have been a trucker all your life most all of us have been both the performer and audience at times.
  11. We use General Delivery often as full timers. Most recent was to Tok, AK. You could also have your part delivered there.
  12. I always figure anything over 60 mos on a battery is a freebe but then your luck can run out at any time and not in the most convenient places.
  13. Doesn't matter where you buy it as much as where you register it. We purchased our present 5er in Tennessee but paid sales tax when we registered it in South Dakota.
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