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  1. RV, I am not sure why you are being so argumentative. You act as if you have been insulted. Certainly nobody has attacked you. Just who has been rude and crude? I think that it is very gracious of you to give me enough time to answer Lynda's question, but I stand by my opinion that: A. 10S is a hobbled version of Windows that will disappoint users if they are not aware of the limitations. B. You can not load desktop applications in Windows 10S. I previously admitted that I was incorrect about Microsoft charging for upgrades. That is what I remembered and a quick
  2. I guess Micro$haft changed their policy and I did not notice. The last I heard they were still charging for upgrades. Safe Travels...
  3. The free upgrade offer for Windows 10S expired on March 31, 2018: "After March 31, users will have to pay a $49 fee to upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro." https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/windows-10-s-pro-upgrade-windows-march-2018 Safe Travels...
  4. Windows 10S is unable to install or run regular desktop applications such as Quicken, 3rd party anti-virus, backup, acrobat, Photoshop, etc. It can only run apps from the Microsoft store. Windows 10S restrictions prevent users from installing Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other internet browsers unless the developers create versions for distribution through the Windows Store. Thus, Microsoft Edge is the only browser that can be used and Microsoft is also preventing users from changing the default search engine from Bing. In addition, you can only use hardware if it has a driver
  5. I suspect that anyone who buys a computer running Windows 10S without realizing the severe limitations of the operating systems will be very unsatisfied. Every time Microsoft releases a stripped down version of Windows, it fails miserably. I suspect that 10S will not survive long. Safe Travels...
  6. I don't think Edge is available for Linux. I do 95% of my computing and 100% of online activities using Linux. I just don't trust Microsoft anymore and am moving away from Google as well. Safe Travels...
  7. I also tried Brave some time back and found it not to my liking. I am trying it again and have found that it is much improved. I only have it on one machine at the moment. The rest still use Chrome or Firefox. Who knows, maybe I'll switch them over also. Safe Travels...
  8. We purchased a deeded lot in a co-op park back in 2013. We feel we made a wise choice. Right now there are very few lots available but I am sure more will become available in the future. https://www.avionpalms.org/ Safe Travels...
  9. Not any more. We spent 13 years on the road full time and now are seasonal travelers (or we were before Covid and hope to be again soon). While we were full time we had 2 desktops (actually one full size tower and one mini PC) along with 2 laptops. Now when we travel we take 3 laptops along. Safe Travels (or not)...
  10. I don't think that 9 computers in a household is common, but not rare either. I have 9 desktops, 3 laptops, and 3 Raspberry Pi computers. Toni has her own desktop and laptop. I actually have several others laying around that are not currently in use. Of course I am a computer geek that worked in the field for years before retiring. I now do computer support for residents of our RV park. I'll go into detail if you really wish to know what each is used for. 😃 Safe Travels (or not)...
  11. Yup, I do the coffee smell test every morning also. In addition, I disinfect with alcohol each evening. I prefer Bourbon or Tequila as the alcohol content in wine is too low to be effective 😀 Safe Travels (or not)...
  12. Some of us refuse to use Facebook. I am one of them. It seems to me that discussion of an RV network on an RV forum is a logical match. Now we are just waiting for the Covid-19 mess to abate so we can begin using our TT membership again. Safe Travels (or not)...
  13. k4rs


    I agree with the comments above. Limiting yourself to just the 10 meter band, you will find very little activity. We are currently near the bottom of the solar cycle (but moving in the right direction) and conditions on 10 meters is generally poor. Once we near the top of the cycle in a few years, the 10 meter band will come alive with lots of activity. 73 es Safe Travels (or not)...
  14. I believe you will enjoy amateur radio. One of the nice things about the service is that it is so diverse. There is something for everyone and if you are not interested in one topic (DXing or contests for example), there are many others. As technology develops, new and exciting things appear. On the flip side, it is easy for a newcomer to become overwhelmed if they try to learn everything at once. You should be able to do most of the things you listed from an RV, but I think moon bounce may be a real challenge. Winlink is very useful when you are way off grid but does require a Gene
  15. Just be aware that a small number of people are unaffected by chemical agents. Having spent a lifetime in law enforcement, I have been involved in literally hundreds of incidents where chemical agents were used and sometimes it is necessary to use other measures. Safe Travels (or not)...
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