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  1. Boy, are we ready to go camping. Made reservations for the end of March for Roosevelt State Park, here in GA. Never been so we thought we would hit that one this year. Hoping the weather will be warmer than it is now. So ready to take a vacation. Also made reservations for Florida at Rocky Bayou State Park in July. Both of these parks will be new to us, so we'll let you know what each is like. We are also going to do some impropto camping between and after these reservations. I did notice that many state parks already are half full with reservations. Glad I looked early. Have some work to
  2. Well our first trip of the year is planned. Going to F.D. Roosevelt State Park in Georgia at the end of March. Hopefully the weather will be warmer than it is now. We have had a cold winter with lots of rain. No snow or ice like last year so far. Fingers crossed. We've never been there and from what I have found out from various websites, this is a huge park. Since it is right outside Calloway Gardens, we'll have to visit that also. I have some mods I want to do to the 5th wheel before going and need to fix the shower holding tank. Seems we have a leak there. Getting a plastic welding kit
  3. Like new brown floral leaf couch. Mattress slept on one time. No tears or cuts. Buyer must pick up, no shipping. Macon, GA area. $200.00 firm.
  4. Happy New Year everyone. May this year be even better than the last.
  5. Welcome to the class, where we learn from each other. We started out with a TT and then upgraded to a fiver. I have to agree, a fiver is the way to go if you fulltime IMHO.
  6. 14400 with 98 chevy dually diesel. average 12.6 over 3000 miles.
  7. Patti The DW and I have done exactly what you are thinking about doing. We have been living in our RV for the past 3 years now and still love it. The DD has the house that was too big for just my wife and I and our DD lost hers do to financial issues. So we just let her have the house with the grandkids and we have the RV. Feel sorry for her to have to clean such a big area. Ours just takes and hour or so for a full cleaning.
  8. Congrats on the progress and the new RV. As you, we are also looking forward to the day we can hit the road. Ours may be delayed a bit, but eventually we WILL be out there. Time does go by much quicker that you may realize. Before you know it, it's time to out and have the biggest adventure of your life. Currently we have our "final" 5th wheel and we love it. I don't see us getting another one unless something tragic happens to this one. Let's hope not. Say "hi" to Maggie and maybe we will run into each other out there. You never know.
  9. Welcome Mark and Darcy. Glad to have you in our group. Feel free to ask any questions and yes it is scary and also exciting. We are in the same situation as you are. We have family and take care of grandkids while we fulltime in our RV. Once the grandkids graduate, I think we will feel free to wonder around this great country of ours. Until then, we'll stick around the southeast near homebase.
  10. Mandolin57, you are more than welcome to join any group in these forums. No permission needed. Welcome to the class and as the years go by, more and more will join. Ask any questions and we will try to answer them to the best of your ability. Hopeimakeit, sounds like you're almost there. Sure you don't want to change your handle to Ididmakeit? jk. Glad you are getting the ducks all together. Sounds like you have a good plan in the works. Keep it up and keep the dirty side down.
  11. Welcome Gannet. you would be surprised how fast that time will fly. It looks like you have a great plan on getting to fulltime. Stick with it and it will be here before you know it. Along with all this, try to be debt free also. It makes life on the road so much easier. Good luck to you.
  12. Been a while since I've been here. We got hit by some financial things (children) this year so the only time we have been out so far is on the 4th of July. Really a bummer. However, we still have the rest of the year to go and our finances are getting back under control. Maybe we will be able to go out a time or 2. We are looking to go out around October when the grandkids have fall break. I know they miss it as badly as we do. One way or another, we will be out at least once more this year. Next year will be better. Come on RETIREMENT!!!
  13. Welcome DebRandio. Happy to have you join us. Glad to see you are getting an early start on getting things paid for. It will take some time to reduce your "extra baggage" from the stick and bricks. You never realize just how much stuff has accumulated. It took us over a year to reduce our weight to an acceptable level, but we did it. Again, welcome and feel free to post anytime. BTW Happy Fathers day to everyone, both in and outside the class of 2016.
  14. Thank you Tumbleweed_FT. After the heavy rains and wind last night, we see no signs of leaks. Sitting here having my morning coffee at the desk and loving it. Now I have a place to work from.
  15. Well we decided to trade our faithful 2001 dutchmen for a 2004 dutchmen 33RLK. With the trade, we only had a bit of money to put with it. Turned out to be a great deal. We purchased it from MidState RV in Georgia and I must admit, everything we found wrong when we took a look and purchased it, was done and ready when we went to pick it up. The sales and service department were professional and filled us in on all the details. One thing I did like, was the fact that this RV was modified to withstand the cold temps of North Dakota. Yes!! it's a four season RV now and it also has 3 slides. He
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