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  1. Newt

    Moab UT in Sept

    With the rigs you have, Portal RV Resort would be a good choice. http://www.portalrvresort.com/ Newt
  2. We have Coach Net. It's been used twice. Wait time both times was reasonable. Once in Arches NP, it was faster than expected. Newt
  3. We've had good results with Coach Net. Most of the people who respond to emergency calls are the same regardless who you buy the policy from. Newt
  4. We're cheap, just stick blue tape over them. Newt
  5. Sorry Derek That just tickled my funnybone. LOL Newt
  6. Reminds me of a friend of mine. He was pulling a small trailer through a 2 lane underpass. The trailer came loose and ran head first into a cop car. LOL He said he'd never seen so many cop cars as came to the accident. Newt
  7. I found that placing a jack directly on the frame in the washer/dryer area helped with the washer shake. Newt
  8. Good luck with that. We are now on our 3rd RV after our "first last one" Newt
  9. Bruce You can decide what changes you like. It seems like a lot of others differ. Many seem to consider this a backward step. This forum has just about become more trouble than it's worth. Newt
  10. Terrible QC and shoddy workmanship! So, what's new? Newt
  11. We had Good Sam for years. Went to Coach Net. We have had two calls to Coach Net (one in the middle of Arches NP) with good results. Newt
  12. They have been working on it. If it's been a while since you have driven it, it should be better now. Newt
  13. It is a "few" in relation to the total number of parks. Newt
  14. It is one of the few Texas State Parks that has some FHU. Newt
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