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43 minutes ago, 1930harley said:

Truck is 2015 freightliner cascadia.  It has adaptive cruise And braking, disk brakes,  300k miles.  Eaton ultra shift plus transmission.  Rear end is 3.55 but looking to change it to a 2.54. 

Pics are coming thru blotchy like a filter was on when you took them.


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Do yourself a big favor and put a locker in the rear end. I have one and have had to use it a few times already.

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What are you going to use for transportation when you arrive at your destination. We used the HDT for 2 years but left the bed big enough to carry a smart car( which we have now done for 8 years). Just because you don't intend to carry something now don't limit yourself in the future by making changes that will be hard to reverse later (like making the bed to short). 😀


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15 minutes ago, 1930harley said:

I tried compressing the pictures to make them small enough to post.  Not sure what is the best way to post pictures.   I own a trucking company so if my needs change .i'll sell this one and buy another one or pull one out of the fleet :)

That is why I like the facebook page for the HDT site better, posting pictures is never a problem, just post and go! But then again I am part of the younger generation on this website LOL! I am only 47.

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2 hours ago, 1930harley said:

I tried compressing the pictures to make them small enough to post.  Not sure what is the best way to post pictures.   I own a trucking company so if my needs change .i'll sell this one and buy another one or pull one out of the fleet :)

Howdy 1930harley,

Once you have singled a truck you have pretty much destroyed its commercial value as a trucking company owner I am not telling you anything you don't already know but if you make it to short you also greatly compromise its value as an RV tow vehicle.  When I sold my Freightliner, as a turn key RV tow rig it would have sold MUCH faster if it had been longer and able to carry something more then a motorcycle behind the sleeper.  Just something to consider as you build.


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I just can't figure out pictures while posting from my phone.  Maybe the desktop will work.  Added a locker and a 2.64 ratio from a 3.55.  Drove the truck to get fuel and realized I hadn't programmed the new ratio.  Have a couple of issues that the dealer will have to solve as my software won't see a couple of issues.  Wired in the jackalopee and have a direclink brake controller that shipped today.  ET hitch installed.  Added a second fuel tank and polished both tanks.  Aired the rear tires to 75 psi according to michlins web site .  Changed oil and filters.  Added two new seats with heat and vent.   Sound proofing done. Added carpet.  Stereo system is the cleanest I've heard.  Built custom door pods for speakers.  Alignment this week then put to the dealer to fix tyranny error and adaptive cruise.  Then to start working on truck bed.  Figure I have about 300 hours into shortening and mods.

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You need to slow down...us ol' farts are having trouble keeping up with progress. Maybe some pictures would help - whoops just rude teasing. That's a lot of work and so far, it looks great. Count us in the "singled mid" mob. We can get in most places while towing a 44' 5'er.

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I actually shortened the wheel base to 176"which is the same wheel base of a Ford F450 long bed.   The 450 is 22' long I will be 24' long when moose guard is installed .  I just need to work on adding weight to the rear end.   Would love to add 2 50 gallon stainless water tanks after the wheels.    Dry camping is easy and cool places to see in Utah.   Water is the key.   I've been toying with taking an apu off of one of the trucks we just bought.   I have a propane generator in the 5th wheel but I could run the apu on the truck forever and not ever run out of diesel.  I fuel at our own 20,000 gallon diesel tank.  We get a delivery about every 10 days.   


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I put a 30 gallon poly water tank under the frame rails behind the axle on my truck.     Your truck has at least twice the rails extending back, there are 80~100 gallon tanks on ebay that are about the right size.      I hung the tank in a saddle mount against the frame.   






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After a long talk with our Meritor rep it seems that everyone is liability shy these days and nobody will offer any help on the ABS going from 6 sensor to 4 sensor.  Meritor won't give you a part number for the 4s/4m ABS ECU they want it to come from Freightliner.  Freightliner won't give you a part number because of liability.  It was decided that the simplest thing to do was weld on a ABS sensor block to both back wheels and run 2 sensors to each wheel.  We tried splitting the signal but the ohms were to far off and rather than messing around with it any further I just decided to go with 2 sensors to each wheel.  

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I can see that. We've done the same thing, years ago. It works, and as long as your new sensor mount doesn't look factory, you'll be fine come troubleshooting time. I say that, as one truck we ended up with the front axle sensor mounted in the new mount. Made for some headscratching to troubleshoot a bad rear sensor. 

I have been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. 

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