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  1. Look for sales on Battleborn. We bought ours during 20%off xmas sale and got six for only $4840 or $806 per battery. Had them shipped to a friends house in OR, so no sales tax, which helped with the low total. We're loving their performance and quick charging ability! Here's a link to facebook with photos of the install: Battleborn Install
  2. Brad NSW

    Dog Ramp Ideas

    Our 75lb rottweiller uses a ramp we bought on Amazon. She's almost 12 years old and does just fine with the ramps Amazon link to Dog Ramp
  3. Chad, That is awesome! Looking fwd to seeing what he does and it will be nice for folks trying to get into an HDT hauler. I'll be there with my homemade bed for anyone who is looking to do it inexpensively. We'll be heading to the rally from Flaming Gorge (great trout fishing and BLM boondocking)!
  4. We kept ours double, based on axle weights. With the Smart Car, Big Drom box and 8K pin weight, we couldn't go single w/o over-weighting a single axle. With the hitch behind the axles, we see two advantages: 1) tracks better around corners, 2) responds much quicker when backing, so we get into spaces some p/u's have trouble getting into, even though we're 66ft long! The big disadvantage of being way back, is that it amplifies the up/down/left/right forces. We think we found a sweet spot about 4ft back. Good luck on deciding your hitch placement. Go to one of the rallies if you want some
  5. Randy, we ran into the exact same problem. I built 3' extensions out of wood. I drilled two small holes at the end of each ramp with corresponding holes on the extensions. I slide/drop in two bolts, to lock the ramps to the extensions. Works like a charm. Once in awhile, I find a spot where the ground rises significantly and we don't need the extensions...just drive off on the 12' ramps. You'll figure it out, where there's a will, there's a way!
  6. I mounted mine directly on the deck and put a plastic electrical box around it, to keep it from being kicked or knocked off. Has worked well for us. Camera Box mount photo
  7. Sent Pics and said they were the last ones touching the cooling system, when they replaced the radiator. No response. Called and left messages, no response. Par for the course with this dealership. Left a review on their homepage, along with a bunch of other bad reviews.
  8. Enjoy Chad! Glad you and yours are warmer and more comfy than the rest of the neighborhood! We earned our power outage stripes when a snowstorm hit Fort Collins, CO. It dumped a foot of snow and knocked out the power in the campground we were in for a day and a half. We shoveled off the solar panels once the snow stopped and were good to go, w/o running the genny! Snowstorm Pics BTW, we bought 6 BattleBorns and installed them yesterday Battle Born Batteries Installed
  9. Desert Miner - Pin weight 8000lbs and towing 30,000lbs. My pin weight will be several hundred lbs less after I install the new BattleBorn Batteries that I got on Black Friday sale.
  10. 6110 NE 127th Ave Vancouver, WA...just N of Portland. Frame of the hitch was fine. The head assembly was becoming more, even after I had it rewelded and reinforced 6 months and 3000 miles ago, when if failed. I'd agree with you on free replacement, but it was made before RoadMaster bought the hitch design from Comfort Ride. So I feel their offer was reasonable, as they didn't manufacture or design the old one I had. We went through all the tweaks they made to the design and it won't fail in the same way the last one did, with their new design. We'll eventually see how it holds up tow
  11. We were going through WA on the 5, so stopped at Roadmaster. The weld we did 3,000 miles ago in Nashville has held but I've been noticing a slight increase in the movement of the head fore and aft. With out ripping it apart, I was felt the (plastic?) sleeve, that the bottom bolt runs through, may be wearing. The holes around the bolt are not elongating, like I saw on a previous failure, so can only assume it's that plastic bushing? The Comfort Ride specialist at Roadmaster looked at it and said the whole head should be replaced, at a minimum. He also said there was a recall on some holl
  12. Pulled the thermostat and look what I found! Truck was running at 150 water temp and max 180 engine temp. Had the radiator replace recently at a Freightliner shop and looks like they left me a present. It sure is nice to have it run at normal temps again!! Look at the bottom edge of the relief valve. pulled thermostat [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/XM64KNnl.jpg[/IMG]
  13. Nice, clean, simple and functional. You'll love it!
  14. Looks normal. I use blackstone labs. Their readouts show: 1) comparison to your last analysis, 2) Normal readings for your engine. 3) They also give you a TBN #, which basically tells you if you can run your oil longer. I was upping my oil changes to 10-12,000 miles on my dodge ram when this sample was taken. It had high lead and aluminum. Blackstone though it was a particle that scraped through the bearing (releasing lead/aluminum). Next reading lead/aluminum were back to normal. Ran a sample from the new to me Freighliner DD15 and they said I found a good one. Hope this helps. OilRe
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