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  1. I use the switches for safety and protection of my circuits and devices. I like these... https://www.bluesea.com/products/6007/m-Series_Mini_Selector_Battery_Switch_-_Red https://www.bluesea.com/products/9003e/e-Series_On_Off_Battery_Switch https://www.bluesea.com/products/3000/HD-Series_Heavy_Duty_On-Off_Battery_Switch
  2. Did I read correctly.... no disconnect switch between the batteries and the inverter?
  3. Did you try it with the truck running or just the key in the “on” position?
  4. Is the 265 wheel base ok for your needs?
  5. Might be a good time to continue your lug checking... inverter , batteries, and so on.
  6. You might check to see if you may have any other remnants of a “Qualcomm” install. Lots of times when a “Qualcomm” is removed they just cut the wires and remove the pieces. Next time you have a minute remove the trim pieces that keep the floor mat down on the passengers side door opening. Lots of times that’s where they run the wires. Been stories told of folks fixing the “electrical gremlins” In the rigs by checking those wires.
  7. I thought you mentioned you had an inverter, does it just power the fridge?
  8. Any chance you could add “2021” in the title? TIA
  9. What work was done at the shop? (Assuming none of these issues existed prior to going to the shop!)
  10. Glenn this is another option..., https://www.rvwithtito.com/articles/portable-solar-panel-window-awning/
  11. DesertMiner

    Water hose help!

  12. I guess you prefer not to shop on Amazon....
  13. Just curious .... how do the numbers look so far?
  14. DesertMiner

    Engine heater

    True or false....Volvos’ motor oil pans are non-metallic?
  15. ‭eight hundred two seven five five zero eight nine
  16. https://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/washington
  17. Glenn... is this the type of Air Dryer you have?
  18. Schrader valve on the ‘governor.
  19. DesertMiner

    Off road and winter

  20. Do you plan on staying during the summer months?
  21. Check the air supply line from your compressor to the air dryer. Sometimes there is a connection already there you can use.
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