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  1. The edge of my deck is 44 inches and I use twelve foot ramps. I sometimes use 2 pieces of 2x8 about 20 inches long on the deck about a foot from the edge for the wheels to climb over. That will make a huge improvement in the break over. Nigel
  2. Rod Take off everything to the left of the https and everything to the right of jpg https://i.imgur.com/eY02T0jl.jpg Nigel
  3. Dealer is only about 15 minutes from my house and they had them in stock. I will gladly pay a premium for parts if they are in stock as the dealer has carrying costs, always ask for a discount if they have to order in. It’s been a couple of years but I think they might have been about $60 Canadian but definitely less than $100. Nigel
  4. Nigel

    Dream Truck

    But you won’t be fine if Susan has to drive and you have to sit there.
  5. There will be two speed sensors on top of the transmission (an input and an intermediate) and the third is on the tail stock measuring the output speed. I believe them to be all the same part number and reasonably priced. The one Carl and Dave fought with was the output sensor which is the easiest one to access but not necessarily the easiest to change.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/E3djO3dl.jpg Vern lose the brackets on the left side of your link
  7. Nigel

    Dream Truck

    For a commercial guy it is all about weight savings. It would give you a little extra payload.
  8. Link doesn’t work for me either. Nigel
  9. Nigel

    Rear Leveling Valve

    I suggest doing a google search for air brake inspection. If your suspension is staying up for a couple of days you are doing well. There is a reason there is an acceptable air loss rate, every air brake system leaks. Nigel
  10. When I had mine built the fabricator talked me into using Tremclad (similar to Rustoleum) on the deck. His reasoning was it made it simpler if I wanted add any welded brackets or move chocks etc. Also a gallon of paint is cheap if you want to refresh the deck every couple of years. So far it has been a good move. Nigel
  11. One more point. If you have a conventional water heater there is at least 6 gallons of fresh water there. Just don’t forget to turn of the heater.
  12. Carl The water thing can happen anytime of the year if the campground has a pump failure or water main break. Find some where to store a 5 gallon water jug so you can go somewhere and get water. What is the shelf life of a case of bottled water? I think you are worrying too much on the generator side. You have an inverter in the truck which will probably give you 15 amps and keep the trailer batteries topped up. If you have a diesel bunk heater you can always hunker down in the truck for a few days and use the truck air to blow out the water lines in the trailer so they don’t free
  13. Rick Good call on the wheel chocks. When I was in the spinal rehab hospital my roommate had his seventeenth birthday. He had been helping a friend removing a driveshaft and the pickup rolled forward, the differential hit him in the back of the head and folded his head into his chest. He is now a quadriplegic for life. https://www.parrysound.com/community-story/8953841-dakota-reid-thankful-for-parry-sound-s-help-after-paralyzing-accident/ Nigel
  14. The one I heard being told to unload was because the cop that saw it had been reading our forum and had seen threads discussing the car being too long. As far as I know nobody has been measured. But as Rick said there are hundreds of us doing thousands of miles each year so don’t be too concerned. Nigel
  15. I think he bought a truck from Gregg so he is on the south side of the border. Nigel
  16. On the gen 2 when you get the inactive code displayed hold down the enter button for a couple of seconds. If it asks for a PIN number try 0000 unless you know yours is different. Nigel
  17. I don’t know about the front but my rear lights sorted themselves out on their own after a few days or so. Really they flash correctly outside so don’t be in a rush to spend money at the dealer. Nigel
  18. Nigel


    Check your brake adjustment. Everyone driving a HDT should no how to do this and should be checking regularly. Commercial drivers are supposed to do it daily and are not allowed to move if they find a brake out of adjustment. Automatic slack adjusters do fail that is why they sell replacements. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Nigel
  19. Brad Check your information display for the rear end temperature readings. Is it showing a reading for one rear end and two dashes for the other? Mine has that message every time I start the truck because the front sensor was removed when singled and no fix was ever done to correct the problem. Maybe your issue is whatever was done to fool the computer to think it is still there. Just a thought Nigel
  20. Nigel

    Onboard air compressor

    A small truck air compressor is going to be around 10 cfm. I believe the Volvo D13 comes with about 30 cfm. Do a search for air brake system checklist or something like that and you will get an idea of what are the minimum numbers. For instance the system must recover from 85 to 100 psi in under two minutes. My truck will do that in under 45 seconds at idle. But if you were to permanently plumb in a large storage tank you could potentially fail an air brake check. Your truck will have no issue supplying enough air for your needs. Nigel
  21. Nigel

    To get a newer truck?

    That makes you two years younger than me. I thought you were much younger. You must have good genes. Nigel
  22. Nigel

    To get a newer truck?

    Okay Rod I have to ask. What do you consider usual retirement age? Up here usual retirement age would be sixty five. Brenda and I met you in Hutch three years ago and we both pegged you as being in your mid forties. Best of luck in whatever you do Nigel
  23. Nigel

    VNL Hood Repair

    Same with the Volvo if the hood struts are good.
  24. I bought a couple off of eBay from China and had them installed last November. I don't think I've put two thousand miles on since because of the Corona virus. But so far no issues. Here is the link from eBay Canada to give you an idea of price. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/333307335391 They were about half of what I could find Doormans for. My recommendation is to change both at the same time as my previous ones went about six months apart. My genuine Volvo replacement EGRs only lasted about six years so if I can get two years out of these I'm ahead parts and labour cost wise. Nigel
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