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  1. Check on Arizona’s requirement to register a “converted” semi “class 8” truck to RV use or private use. Also check on insurance requirements if you “convert”!
  2. BB specs..... https://1t1pye1e13di20waq11old70-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/BB10012-Cut-Sheet.pdf
  3. Go for it! Lithium for the win! It’s your RV and your $$$! You understand your RV and how you use it! Do the research and make an “educated” choice. I would wager if you choose to go Lithium you will understand the popularity of this newer technology.
  4. DesertMiner


    Most Volvo dealers will help you get parts with the last 6 numbers of your VIN. Volvo parts are “listed” by “build specs” by VIN.
  5. DesertMiner


    Add the air dryer filter to the list.
  6. Something like this may work.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/No-Drilling-Fuel-Tank-Stand-Pipe-Pickup-Webasto-Espar-APU-Rigmaster-LG2-003-/152843929313
  7. What's the part number on your trans?
  8. Reminder...... the ultra shift has 3 speed sensors.
  9. The “on the column” Paddle Shifter was a “Freightliner only option”.
  10. Top of transmission, drivers side.
  11. Check the fuses at the battery.
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