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  1. DesertMiner


    Most Volvo dealers will help you get parts with the last 6 numbers of your VIN. Volvo parts are “listed” by “build specs” by VIN.
  2. DesertMiner


    Add the air dryer filter to the list.
  3. Something like this may work.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/No-Drilling-Fuel-Tank-Stand-Pipe-Pickup-Webasto-Espar-APU-Rigmaster-LG2-003-/152843929313
  4. What's the part number on your trans?
  5. Reminder...... the ultra shift has 3 speed sensors.
  6. The “on the column” Paddle Shifter was a “Freightliner only option”.
  7. Top of transmission, drivers side.
  8. Check the fuses at the battery.
  9. How did the driving test go? Can you share your experience with the test?
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