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Saw an interesting HDT parked today in sad condition


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Never noticed this before the other day. Sad to see it sinking into the ground. The side window is open a bit and there's been a LOT of heavy winds (up to 60mph) lately with a lot of blowing rain. I am sure the inside has some water now.


Hitch is missing, tires are all cracked and a few spots of body damage. The rear wall has a crack and looks bowed out a bit. The front drivers mirror and inner fender has some damage too. The rear mudflaps show sport coach.



I am putting the rest of the pictures as a link so not to overwhelm some slower or limited data connections.


The site is just a directory on one of my domains I uploaded the pictures to.







I am going to check the story out on it first of the week to see what the history is. My guess is on a blown motor.

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The link you posted is coming back as unsafe. Any other way to post pics of it?


Not sure why it shows unsafe, there is just a pictures directory and not even any html code or anything? I can create a photo account tomorrow if needed. What is telling that it's unsafe? Thanks

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Not sure why it shows unsafe, there is just a pictures directory and not even any html code or anything? I can create a photo account tomorrow if needed. What is telling that it's unsafe? Thanks

Here is what is being reported about the link:

http://boondocked.ca/hdt/ We recommend that you don't continue to this website because it is reported to contain the following threats:
Malicious software threat:

This site might contain links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons.

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Hey Big5er! It looks like you're on 2fers for today! 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks!

And the beautiful thing with that is that I can tell people I can count the time to retirement on one hand :lol:


Yeah, it's coming...slowly. There will truck drivers drinking and partying that day :P

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Where is this located? I gave a friend who can fix any part of it including the motor if needed and he could really use it!


Prince Edward Island Canada. I will check on it Monday to see what the story is. Wifey won't let me get it.. I told her I needed to start a HDT collection, but she didn't agree..

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It is owned by the business owner. Him and his brother bought it about 7 years ago, had a custom paint job done on it, used it to make one trip from Michigan to PEI then parked it.. They are in Florida now so not sure of much more details now. I will check again on it if anyone wants, but its been sitting in harsh PEI winters for that long and likely would need a lot to get going.. not sure "why" it was parked either.

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I wish I had a dollar for every antique or special interest car or truck I have seen in my travels start out in excellent or restorable condition and wind up rotting into the ground over the years. An improperly stored vehicle gets to the junk status(uneconomically restorable) relatively quickly. You say 7 years for this one. It is well beyond spending time and money on, better to start with something in better shape.


There are 2 types of mentalities going on here.

1 is the hoarder, has good intentions of getting to the vehicle but unrealistic expectations of what it will take and doesn't comprehend either the time limits(168 hours in a week) have the money to start or complete the job. My brother in law fits into this category

2. is the money grabber. He thinks the vehicle in question is worth at least $X when in reality it is worth some fraction of it. They look at vehicles as purely "units". I know of a used car dealer in the Lehigh Valley of PA that fits this description. I have seen him park excellent condition special interest automobiles on his front line, price it way to high, and over the course of 4-5 years the cars wind up junk on his back row and then in his junkyard.


Don't even get me started about a 1955 Studebaker Fire Truck I first saw in 1978 in excellent condition. Last saw it cut up in 1983 in
Strafford MO.

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Restoring old or abandoned stuff (unless it's a "abandoned" Bugatti or Duesenberg) is a fool's errand. Been there done that.


Oldest house in the town (from 1750s'), This Old House folks got nothing on me, I could show them few things, after 30 years of "restoring" the day I sold it was the happiest thing in my life. By the way, you can learn to do anything if you are willing to "earn" an equivalent wage of 50 cents an hour.

On this project, my partner and I earned an "equivalent wage" of around $2 bucks an hour (3 years in the garage).





Having been involved with "do it yourself" builders and restorers all my life and many organizations shepherding and "encouraging them" the "the project completion ratio" is about 1 in 5, so I am also all in with Scrap on # 1.

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I'm all in as a #1! :D Y'all be sure to attend Mrs Scrap's auction when I pass on...... It should be a good one! <_<


Scap, Shhhhhh! Don't say that too loud. I don't need ON2YNP getting any ideas ..... she won't wait for me to pass on, I could just leave town for a few days on business and return home to a empty shop! The only think left would be the 57 Dodge D100 and then I would get the ultimatum to get it done since I should have no other distractions now!

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How timely. We've spent many days this winter in our shop, moving bolt assortments, sorting 40 years of accumulated "stuff". This shop was built in 1975, when I was a wee lad. Okay, about 21.


Fast forward to 2007. Dad has passed, and Mom sells me the "contents" of the shop, as I'm the only farmer in the family, and I bought half of the stuff anyway. Then three years ago, Mom sells me the acreage that includes the shop. I'm finally free to "clean house".


So, one day this past week, Mrs. EIEIO is helping me in said shop, and she stops and stares at the 9 motorcycles (overflow, they won't all fit at the house) taking up space. She says, "Someday, our kids will have a nice auction".

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