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  1. Manlift is kind of a bit annoying cuz you have to lay on your belly in the basket to get enough steady pressure on the buffer. You end up with your legs bent up all backwards and the lip at the entry right up under your armpits. Then the basket gets to shaking and weaving and tries to hit the truck you just buffed. You have to get the basket right up in there. Scaffolding works, but anchor it really well cuz you'll be putting a lot of sideways pressure on it with your feet when between levels. Nothing about it is fun!
  2. Scrap

    Trucks Batteries

    General rule of thumb minimum for trucks: 6L-9L w/ 42MT starter: 3 batts 6L-9L w/ gear reduction starter: 2 batts 10L-13L w/ 42MT starter: 4 batts 10L-13L w/ gear reduction starter: 3 batts 14-18L w/ 42MT: 4 batts 14-18L w/ gear reduction starter: 3 batts 14-18L w/ gear reduction starter and body controller: 4 batts Adaptations: 6L-13L weight sensitive and you own a service truck or are the service truck: 2 batts Engine start module: 2 batts Engine start module and service truck and\or you never shut your truck off: 1 batt (good luck with
  3. The NextGens won't be out until July. They won't be able to get Allison because the big cooler kind of defeats the purpose of the front end its got going on. Allison is T880 and others now. Markedly better truck though, worth waiting for.
  4. Scrap

    Brake Job

    How can you tell you need new pads without being able to take the rear wheels off? Can you see the wear notches with wheels still on a Volvo? That's a frustrating thing on the KW's. Be sure to get a pocket full of new shear adapters. Those are frustrating as well.
  5. If you've got stability control it'll apply the service side momentarily during the chuff test just after key on. Leaking diaphragm, bad QR-1C, messed up plumbing from converting it to straight truck, etc, could cause crossover and momentary park release. Probably need to unhook some emergency side hoses to isolate and see just which ones are blowing air at that time.
  6. Scrap


    Ha, ain't that the truth. And why is that charger you've been counting on forever in your app always end up at the top of a hill? A couple weeks ago I jumped in a truck to do my thing and thought "man, its nice to be in a diesel truck again". Was like, what? Did I just say that? Right now, enjoying the forum and a coffee before a morning of moving one of each type over to downtown. But heck, all keys crank over the same... Crazy times we are in. The green hydrogen is the thing I can't get over. Cool and all, but a whole dam near us gets committed to making hydrogen during ins
  7. Scrap

    Looking for Scrap

    Lol, yep, a guy can hope! So here is your 4 door T680 6x2........ https://mhc.com/trucks/used/2015/kenworth/t680/i0478700
  8. Scrap

    Looking for Scrap

    Yea, just trying to keep the family place alive. I would miss the big sandbox! Hoping to do both. Luckily the CRP re-bid is looking pretty good for next month so hopefully that works out. Happiness is being a pickup farmer!
  9. Just left there at midnight last night with a truck y'all can't see till next month! 😏
  10. Scrap

    Looking for Scrap

    Today, actually, is my effective date of being a wheat farm owner. My cousin and I are doing this...Gulp! Bankers, lawyers, accountants, and FSA office have been my life so haven't been on the forum too much. I'm still same ol Mr KW as well though. I saw your PM Rick, see what we can figure out.
  11. Phillips has started to make small qty packages of the good PTC fittings. I think they also have assembled kits and things too, if that strikes your fancy. You can order them anywhere they sell Phillips - KW dealer, Napa, online, etc - but not at a Parker store since they are competitors. Qwik-Fit Catalog: http://phillipsind.com/media//media_relations/983/_B-QF-ENG_REV0_QWIK-FIT_8-31-16.pdf
  12. Bendix # 107284. Relay valve, 5.5psi crack.
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