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  1. It was the crash that killed most of a hockey team when a "new" trucker blew past a rural stop sign and side swiped a bus. These new regulations are actually being adopted across Canada in most provinces.
  2. While I'm never against training and learning...however, with the new regulations that came into effect after the Humboldt crash, you now need 47 hrs of classroom lessons and 100+ hrs of behind the wheel training. The closest training facility to where I live is 1 hour away! So the end cost of the training would be well over $2K if not closer to $4k and take several months to complete. From my conversations with the regulators, to register a semi as a motorhome all the vehicle needs is a hardwired fridge, bed, and cooking facilities. So any semi with a sleeper should require little to no mods to register as a motorhome. Once registered as a motorhome I can drive it with my Class 5. I will also require air endorsement as I already have my "G" endorsement for pulling over 26K GCVW. I used to manage a Fab shop and still have connections there, so I would modify the bed after it is registered. I have a call in to the hwy folks to confirm whether I can leave it as a 3 axle or not to register as a motorhome. That said, since you can buy a tag axle motorhome (Newmar, Tiffin, etc) (3 alxe) and drive it with a Class 5 licence, I'm fairly confident this will not be a problem.
  3. Been lurking for a little while now! LOL We are going fulltime next year and currently looking at a Luxe or DRV (Luxe is definitely winning right now). Looking at HDT/MDT/F450 Chassis Cab so we are open minded. We travel with two 100 lbs Labs so getting in and out of a 2 door HDT could be a limiting factor. I'm also contacting our local provincial regulators (we currently live in Saskatchewan, Canada) about registering a HDT as a motorhome and therefore not needing a Class 1 licence as all those rules recently changed in Canada and it is a long process and very expensive to get a Class 1 licence now. There is also no such thing as a Non-CDL type license so all the typical Class 1 rules would kick in (Annual inspections, log book, weight stations, etc)
  4. Thanks for the images guys...I guess I needed to be more clear...I'm looking at towing a 5th wheel not conventional. So I was looking at loading up something other than a Smartcar and still be able to have a 5th wheel attached.
  5. Other than a Smart Car what other cars are folks carrying on the HDT? Please include pictures!
  6. Is this still available and do you have any interior pictures?
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