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  1. We have a 12.5kw Onan in the motorhome. Currently has just shy of 700 hours on it. Only once did it act up. It would start and run for a few minutes then shutdown throwing a service needed code/light (tried several times as we were running down the road as this kept happening). Once we stopped, the air filter was a little dirty, changed it as we had a spare. Checked all the electrical connections then fired it back up. Ran just fine since then. Since then I change the air filter now with every oil change and the fuel filter every other oil change. Have not had a single problem since.
  2. RickW


    I am using the Thinkware F800 Pro. They are HD 1080p @30fps with 128gb SD cards. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DLMP7YK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have them hardwired so they automatically come on when the vehicle is started. They tuck away nice and neat behind the rearview mirror so you don't even know they are there. They record video in 30 second chunks. If you are hit or even a good jult like from a pothole then it will create a separate video file that has 20 seconds prior to the "trigger" and then the following 10 seconds. I have one
  3. RickW

    Iowa, LA.

    Just watching live video of the storm damage. A RV park in Iowa, LA with several TT & 5th wheels overturned. 1 5th wheel that was not overturned was connected to a single axel blue Volvo. Appeared to be a low level sleeper and not a condo. Because it was live video I could not back it up to get a better look. Don't know if it is anybody who hangs out here.
  4. You will definitely want to explore using the Jeep and not the truck. You will be able to get around just fine with the truck but finding parking for the truck can be difficult most of the time. Also the park rules state that when parking you must be completely out of the travel lane. So as long as all 4 wheels are over the white line the park rangers will not force you to move on. All the others who park straddling the white line get upset when they are asked to move on. So the Jeep is far easier to park on uneven ground vs the truck. Keep in mind Yellowstone is huge! You will have
  5. RickW

    Covid Update

    Grateful to have got out of California just in time, before they it shut down. Being quarantined in the RV while recovering from my skiing accident would have been less than pleasurable ..... Life has been pretty normal here at the house & office but getting out of course has been a different issue. It has been about 50/50 around here of those who do and don't understand the seriousness of what is happening. I honestly think that some believe that their social/economic status is going to protect them from COVID19. They are in for a rude awakening when their carelessness catches up
  6. Still a work in progress. The channel posts about 3 vids a week so the posts are always what they are currently working on. If you back back to around Christmas you can see what they were doing to the Smart back then. The twin turbo LS AWD S-10 they are building is really wild.
  7. RickW

    OT: Boondocking

    FYI the evening news did report last night that the two suspects were in custody in Mexico. As for the victims, I think the primary reason they were targeted was opportunity. When overnighting between destinations we quite often boondock. Walmart and other big box stores friendly to allowing overnight stays are where we most frequently stay. We also overnight in large rest areas. We avoid the small ones as the lack of activity in the rest area makes it easier to be unnoticed if somebody is up to no good. Our number 1 rule for choosing a site is lighting. We avoid dark and seclude
  8. Phil, hollar at me as I should have all my wiring stuff with me. Have a few small projects of my own I plan on tackling the week of the rally as well.
  9. Trucker takes 43 ton truck over 14 ton bridge, with expected results
  10. All the tow-truck drivers here in the Dallas area have removed their toll tags. So what happens is when they pass thru a toll both the reader picks up the car being towed and the toll is then changed to the towed vehicle owner and not the tow truck operator. The tow truck still has a toll tag assigned but leaves it in the office. So if the vehicle being towed does not register when passing thru the tolls, the tow truck is charged the tag rate and not the non-tag rate.
  11. Did hell freeze over?
  12. This is what kills me about the autonomous driving cheerleaders, the human is suppose to be the back up in adverse driving conditions. Well if the driver has little to no experience in good driving conditions how/why are we expecting them to take over in adverse driving conditions?
  13. RickW

    Water System

    I agree it sounds like a isolator switch turned off. If the switch is on and the battery is charged you will need to get out the volt meeter or a test light and start checking connections to make sure power is actually getting to the appliances.
  14. RickW

    Need Craft Help

    .......... mmmmmmmmmmmm ....
  15. When we decided to move to a diesel pusher I thought about keeping the HDT just for use with my goose neck. Yesterday, I had to use the tractor 40 miles away from the house for a quick chore at my parents home. Driving across north Dallas on LBJ in the old F250 with the tractor on the goose neck I thought about how much I missed my HDT for these little jobs/errands as I fought with traffic. Really missed the visibility and stopping power, but as much as I missed the HDT it would have been a waste to keep it and only average 500 miles or so a year on it. Plus the new owner loves the truck a
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