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  1. thanks, actually did take 301, it was fine.
  2. Leaving Clarksboro NJ heading to Topping, VA. which means going around Baltimore and DC. Thinking about taking beltway around both cities (not the most direct)...but avoids most of the traffic. Any advice.
  3. Good morning. I have a 2016 Thor Tucany, but I imagine this question might apply to others. At the front of our diesel pusher there is no real lighting over the dash. While there are cabinets in front and we have two "dash fans" there is no lighting. I wondered if anyone has seen and/or installed any lighting so at night that area of the coach can be illuminated. We used to own a HR and there was an outlet and we used to put a decorative light on the dahs which was nice and cozy. This coach doesn't have an outlet up front. Suggestions? Thanks.
  4. If you own a Jeep Cherokee between 2014-2019 (like we do) you may know about the death wobble. We installed a flat tow kit (recommended) by Jeep. This wiring kit keeps the battery running while towing the Jeep so that the EPS is active. Problem is (as acknowledged by Jeep) that it drains the battery and thus when the battery gets too low, it shuts of the EPS and guess what, The Wobble. I recently added a Solar Battery Maintainer and it seems to work. Traveling near Cleveland today, we went into a short turn with several rumble strips which provoked the wobble. We stopped and then started again and no wobble the rest of the trip. I am having a battery line installed from the rig battery, through the 7-pin connection and directly to the Jeep battery. The hope is that it will constantly charge the Jeep battery so it doesn't shut off. Seems like my only hope. I am still perplexed at the wobble when going over the rumble strips and the wobble started. When the wobble happens, it triggers the "check engine light." IF THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR, WOULD LOVE TO TALK WITH SOMEONE..IF YOU'VE EXPERIENCED THE WOBBLE. IT REALLY TAKES THE FUN OUT OF OUR TRIP. SHOULD I GET A DIFFERENT CAR?
  5. thanks. $28 for a new valve. Now if you can get the sensors to work...I will be VERY IMPRESSED. Best to you and Pam
  6. Good morning, I have thrown in the proverbial towel (not into the sink or toilet). But now I have a new curiosity. When we empty anything, or any amount of water into the kitchen sink the "gurgle" is load and annoying. I have the valve closed in an effort to fill the tank and try (again) to clean the sensors. But It is counter-intuitive when we empty the sink, dishwasher or washing machine that we hear this damn gurgle. Is it symptomatic of a blockage? IT IS ANNOYING. I presume and think I know that we cannot snake the lines in our beautiful, expensive motor homes, but how does one "clean the lines?" Obviously when I (and many of you) would have any issue, we would call the plumber and snake the lines and if it were a real blockage we would jet the lines to clean them out. The good news is (I guess) that when I open the gray valve the tank empty's but how do I know, the damn sensors don't read properly? There I go again, it all goes back to the sensors. Oops! Ideas, thoughts? Guess I have too much time on my hand if I am going to obsess about this? Stay safe and thanks.
  7. Thank you all, please call Peggy (my wife of 41 years) and tell her to chill out. "We pay all of this money, why shouldn't they work? I will pay the phone charges. Moreover, what does it say that on the 4th of July i (and others) are exchanging messages about gray and black holding tanks. Happy 4th.!
  8. so it seems like the consensus is that like anything mechanical (or electrical) over time they are likely to fail and as my wife of 41 years often says, "get over it." Although in this case, she seems paranoid about not knowing. Certainly there are other things we can worry about.
  9. I own a 2016 Thor Tuscany 40DX and have a panel, like most, that indicate when gray/black tanks are full. Normally in 1/3, 2/3 etc. The gray tank lights indicate that the tank is full even though I know that it isn't. I have tried chemicals to clear the tank, but have concluded that the sensors are not working in that tank only. My assumption is that if I really want it checked out it will cost me an arm/leg as it will need to be in a repair shop and they will need to pull the tank. Frankly I may be too cheap to bother and am hoping that someone might hjave a suggestion and/or had the problem and know how to fix it. Thanks and Happy 4th. Tim Martin
  10. I own a 2016 Thor Tuscany with a lift system for the TV that hides behind the sofa. Everything is fine (sort of) but when it raises up it tilts a bit due to the worm drives that power it up and down. At least my 40-year old son called them worm-drives (or actuators). Anyway there are two rods that raise and lower the device with motors on the but of each rod. I suspect that one of the motors is slowing down. I have reached out to Thor and will chat with them next week but didn't know if anyone knows about these system. I am too damn lazy (now) to take the cushions off the coach, open up the panels and take pictures (which I know I will need to do). As I said it goes up a bit tilted and goes down fine, but just anticipating that one day it (a) w above.on;t go up or (b) will get stuck or (c) won't come down. Happy to get feedback from anyone, via my email address
  11. we are leaving from Carson City NV heading to Weed, CA and the rout takes us through Lassen National Park and I am wondering if anyone has driven through the area in a Class A motor home Any alternate routes?
  12. as regards the comment we don't know where we want to end up...meant when we are no longer "on the road." Thanks to everyone for your advice, comments, etc.
  13. SWharton, yep the Bushnell address is exactly for what you said and the mail service works great. We've been on the road since October 1st...but my VT insurance company doesn't have a sense of humor, thus the need to pursue options. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your reply. The premium in VT is annual. We lived there for 15 years. We don't yet know where we want to end up, (FL,TX,SD) so I am perhaps being penny wise/pound foolish. I also agree that there are "other costs"....just being cheap while we are own the road and hate that VT is forcing me to make a decision. But they are right not to want to insure a vehicle that is not garaged, there. Based on another reply to my initial post, I did get a price in Texas which is essentially the same as VT. Problem is, I have to go back each year for vehicle inspections. A true conundrum. Thanks.
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