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  1. so you are not "monitoring the pressures" while you are on the road. I use Tire minder which is fine. Probably over-thinking it..ya think? Thanks.
  2. so absent any monitoring system, how often do you check pressures? I know that I am over thinking it, but I just spent $4,300 for six new tires last year and don't want to buy new ones...thus the monitoring preference and long stems for inside tire (no more extensions...not reliable Thanks
  3. I agree with Linda and that confirms my suspicions about these damn things. As Peggy also says, it's only money. But cheaper then new tires. Thanks.
  4. Good morning - I went to a tire place yesterday and they will check the tire next week. But what I found interesting is that they will not install extenders. They said they are prone to fail and their logic is pretty sound. I am wondering if you have also heard people saying that. I called a friend and asked him if he had extenders on his inner wheel and he said no. Will check with local Goodyear dealer to get yet "another opinion."
  5. Thanks Rod, What is bizarre (in my opinion) is why, while sitting idle for a few weeks it suddenly starts leaking. Oh well, will get it replaced but those extenders are presumably more susceptible? Bought the tires last September in Maine, traveled across the country, currently in Seattle. Thoughts, as to "why all of a sudden" OH, as my wife and I say, "there is always, something."
  6. I purchased new tires for my 40 foot rig last September and this has happened 2-3 times. While sitting idle, once in a while my tires will loose pressure. The last time it happened, the stem valve on the inside rear tire needed to be replaced. I just checked pressure this morning (with Tire Minder) and another inside tire on the opposite tire has lost 20 lbs. We have been sitting for 3 weeks. All other tires are at 115 +/- and this tire is reading 99 PSI. Seem odd that it happens and wonder if these long stem valves are susceptible to failure or slow leaks. Would love some feedback, ideas, suggestions.
  7. typo on potable....and to reiterate, cannot imagine, people won;t like the generator running...but I suppose it is not all the time, but when watching NCIS, CNN, etc.
  8. as suggested about trying it out in an RV campground is that I don;t imagine people like the sound of the generator running, but great idea, conceptually.
  9. Spoiled, lazy or naïve??? My wife and I are full-timers and somewhat embarrassed to admit that we've not dry-camped once in the 21 months. We keep talking about it, but fall victim to our spoiled, yuppy nature (and maybe laziness) to find a state park of nice area of the country to dry-camp. The questions, of course abound. How long will the black/gray tank last ( I know what the issues are there). 51 gallon capacity on both How much fuel with our 10,000 watt generator last (I suppose that depends on how much diesel I have in the tank). Portable water tank (e.g. showers) how long will that last. 91 gallon capacity So has anyone dry camped and if so, how long is realistic, given these #'s. I know there are many, many variables. Thanks.
  10. So attached is a measure of success. I pulled the filler strip out (carefully) and guess what, the bolts that I thought were holding the microwave to the roof or frame are holding the bracket to the microwave. As you can see, there our three bolts on the right side that hold the bracket to the side wall and one on the left side. Wife says, now hire someone to come take it out and install the new one. I don;t have the right tools to reach in a small space only 2 inches high and the damn bolts are about 8 inches inside. My fat hands cannot get in with enough strength/torque to loosen...let alone re-attach. So at least we know it can/will be done. Going to the floor of the Gran Canyon tomorrow and will have someone come over on Tuesday, hopefully to "finish."
  11. IF I can do that and it releases the unit, what about the installation of the new one which surely depends on bolts from the top. Right? Anyway to talk by phone?
  12. if only that were the case. no evidence of small screws, I too was praying for something that would allow me to remove that filler piece. Thanks for think of that...but.
  13. I have tried several website searches and no luck yet. The model has been discontinued and will keep looking. So are you agreeing with me that it will be a major undertaking to get access to the screws/bolts? I pulled slide in and the area where the bolts must be is covered with rubber membrane for the slide roof. Thanks. Love the graphic, will have to look for it, very cool.
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