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  1. Thanks. I did all of the "plumbing fixes" but snaking ain't that easy with PVC and, as I said, worth the money (in my opinion) to get things cleaned out.
  2. Hi, Thanks. This is Tim in a T-shirt. This rig only has 1 gray tank. The manufacture sent me the plumbing schematics. One gray and one black. I guess to all of my new found ESCAPEE FRIENDS, I am compelled to ask. what would you have done.? Cheers!
  3. Tough crowd. So there was undeniably a blockage somewhere as none of the drains would empty. So what to do? Notwithstanding that vendors do like to "sell there service" was I just supposed to say oh heck we don't need to use the sinks, showers, dishwasher? Hope I don't sound too defensive, but frankly I had no option. So while I agree that you shouldn't NEED to, I am frankly glad that I had it done...despite the need. As a preventative measure I actually might think about having it done every so often, despite the normal use of proper chemicals to keep drains cleaned. Believe me, as
  4. Thanks for your email. I generally agree with you, but whatever happened, happened and I know how we have used the coach since we acquired it but certainly did not know what the prior did (by way of maintenance). I am just glad that it got done and everything is working and, guess what, the sensors are actually working again. Oh well. didn't really have a choice. Although not full time as long as you, we are cognizant of proper maintenance of both tanks as we have owned rigs for 7 years. Happy New Year.
  5. so $295 later both black a gray tanks "flushed out" and yet gurgle still there. The company that did the "flushing" believe these that the tanks probably haven't been flushed out since it was first sold...4 years. He's probably right and then I presume (as he said) it should be done 1x a year. As we are full-times. Gurgle clearly is the valve in the kitchen and compared to a plumbing problem, I can handle the gurgle. Have a great weekend everyone.
  6. Lucky you. Wished we had one. Seems inconceivable that I should have to remove the washer and dryer to trouble shoot. Not so lucky me - guess. Will keep looking.
  7. just in case you might be interested, below is the plumbing schematic.
  8. I was worried that you might have missed me, so I thought I would drop by. So we solved the gurgling issue (or should I say I know why). But in the process of running the washing machine (or a short cycle) to test the gurgling theory another plumbing issue surfaced. I decided to take a shower and guess what? The shower was full of water. Great! No shower for me. I didn't panic but perhaps I got pissed and said "what next." I know generally speaking you cannot snake these lines (easily) and so I went to Home Depot to buy a plunger, don't really use one for toilets as they both has mac
  9. The value (and fun) of this forum has been proven to be most valuable (and interesting). Thank you all. I hope that when and if I need further input advice it will be on a different topic. Stay well everyone.
  10. PROBLEM SOLVED...I THINK I took the vent off the kitchen line to see if was working. I sucked in and blew out and it seemed to work. I put the vent back on the pipe and for some reason, while doing the dishes, I discovered that the sinks (double bowl) backed up. Hmmm. I took that vent off and the water evacuated immediately. I left the vent off, ran a short cycle of the washer and no gurgle. Hmmm, could that mean that there isn't enough air in the line to push the vent-flap up to allow enough air to get into the pipe, those creating the gurgle. Not sure if I have that right, but
  11. no, that should be fun getting at. Hmmm, BTW when we take a shower (which is adjacent to the washer) it sometimes precipitates a gurgle Thanks (I think)
  12. My ABS is in a fixed pipe almost next to the pipe and there is no leak, darn. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. we have replaced the valve and have no visible leak or water. The curiosity is that the gurgling happens when the shower in the mater bath and the washing machine is discharging, so it does not happen when water is running out of the sinks in the kitchen. Are you saying that "air leak" is in the vicinity of the sink plumping? Suffice to say that the water coming from the bath, dishwasher and washing machine all use the same line. Interesting theory, how does one run that to ground? If there air admittance valve were not functioning it would impact the water leaving the sinks
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