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  1. "They" as in the manufacturer. I used Gorilla glue and electrical tape...we'll see.
  2. Have a 2016 Thor Tuscany and the screen on the lower portion of the door is starting to pull away from the frame. Unlike most screens I have seen there does not seem to be any ability to pull the gasket out, cut a new piece of material and put in a new gasket. Has anyone seen this condition or do you have that kind of screen door? If so, how did you repair/replace the screen? Thanks.
  3. John and lenp, you two are so far over my head. I am printing out your replies (thank you). I am thinking about buying the following battery. What are your thoughts? https://www.batteriesplus.com/productdetails/battery/rv/dual-purpose-(starting_cycling)/12/sli34agm
  4. Hello all, So I bought the Schumacher SC 1300 "Automatic Battery Charger" After about about 5 hours "green light" which according to the manual means " The battery is fully charged and the charger is in maintenance mode." GREAT, I thought. So 24 hours later I thought I would check on my new toy. Something told me that "red light flashing" probably wasn't a good thing, as opposed to a "green light." According to Schumacher a red light flashing means - "The connections are reversed, or the batter is bad." So I will I unplugged the device, plugged it back in and got a solid red lig
  5. so I have an outlet, near my batteries (in my coach) I presume I can plug it in to that which is plugged into shore power? Right?
  6. Thanks, great idea. So when parked do you just run he wire down the side of the rig and into that battery compartment? Do you hide the wire, or doesn't it really matter - just a matter of aesthetics. I presume AMAZON is the best place to buy?
  7. Will be parking and living in one place for a few months. Learned my lesson recently. I arrived in RV resort on January 1st and never started the coach for six weeks. Surprise. The battery was dead. A simply boost worked, but lesson learned. I contacted Freightliner and they recommended a trickler charger. There are several on the market and all essentially do the same thing. Some connected to the house batteries, some do not. Would love recommendations, ideas. Thanks.
  8. we pulled the trigger and bought a lot here in Indio, CA where it was 81 today. The resort has an 18-hole golf course, 4 swimming pools, pickleball, etc. which helps explains (justify) the HOA. We are staying outside the resort at the moment currently paying $2,100/month...so the $5,700 annual HOA gets gobbled up if we simply rent monthly at a typical resort here in the desert. We plan to use it 5 months out of the year. Thanks.
  9. Good morning and thanks. I have family in Houghton. Hope you are somewhere warm this winter. The URL for this resort is www.oriindio.com. There are four swimming pools, a major clubhouse, a golf course and other amenities that (in part) explain the HOA. Thanks.
  10. We have been FT (on the road) for the past 16 months. We are currently in Palm Desert, CA and are leaning toward the purchase of an RV lot at Outdoor Resorts Indio. The price is reasonable (its all relative). Prices range at the community between $35k-450K. The HOA is $475/month and if we did it we would probably be on the road 7 months and here for 5 months. We are curious about anyone else who has purchased an RV lot and if so. If not, why not. Thanks.
  11. Thanks, great idea and perhaps we will put aside the fact that we are Red Sox fans but spring training is always a good get. Hmmm! wonder if fans will be allowed. Sedona might also be a great idea. We flew in our kids for Thanksgiving in November of 2019. Great ideas. Thanks.
  12. no you are not missing anything. Bullhead City, Vegas...just want to go somewhere and was hoping for some ideas.
  13. We will be leaving the Palm Desert, CA are on the 15 of March. We plan to in the Grand Canyon are on May 1st. We are looking for advice as to where to go between Palm Desert and the canyon. Would love suggestions about where to go "between here and there." Thanks. Tim and Peggy
  14. Thanks. I did all of the "plumbing fixes" but snaking ain't that easy with PVC and, as I said, worth the money (in my opinion) to get things cleaned out.
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