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  1. Sculptor


    Air conditioning system, it’s not the same level of importance as all the advice so far, but it was beyond my skill level. I would guess $1100-$1600 range at the dealer, with no big parts replaced.
  2. Christmas morning dreaming. Just saw your build, beautiful job!
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. The underlying theme of the answers is keep it simple. I get that. 🙂
  4. Hi folks, we have a wired camera system from RVS. Currently we have 2 cameras with room to add more. I have removed the camera from the high mounted position on the back of the cab. I want to mount in front of the hitch. Many of you have done this also. I am sure I will have to fab some kind of a frame or base. I might be able to mount directly to the ET hitch. I would be interested to see photos by those who have done this if you don’t mind taking the time to post them. Thanks in advance.
  5. Congratulations on that big milestone. You got this. Merry Christmas!
  6. Congratulations! Sounds like you did well!
  7. We did much the same, projects large and small were as weather permitted. I think the dealer I bought from was prepared to fix anything I found wrong. I missed several things that they might have fixed (But I will never know) such as a cab mount that was broken and a power steering hose that was leaking. If yours is a fleet truck, why not ask them?
  8. I was where you are, just a few years ago. Excellent question AND you are asking the right people here. I second the oil and dyno. I would not have thought of the passenger air ride seat. Expanding on that, ANYTHING that can make the passenger seat better! We have yet to find a good answer for the so called cup holder in the center. More power outlets for the passenger. Make sure the door controls work. The window switches have a tendency to go bad. Same with the dash HVAC controls. Small stuff but frustrating if they are broken and you didn’t notice.
  9. We need a policy also, following, and thanks.
  10. Just a small FYI, they took the pins out of my wrist yesterday. I will presumably be able endorsing checks again very soon. 😉 I am moved by the concern and helpful friends here. Thank you so much! I was able to visit another RV repair in Lebanon, TN. We got a nice little tour and detailed description of how our slide floor would be repaired. We have not scheduled yet, but will probably go with this place. Lebanon RV Repair in Lebanon, TN. Anyone have any recommendations for, or against? Thanks in advance.
  11. I grew up with a shepherd with that coloring. Beautiful.
  12. Thank you Ben! Stay away from the I840 around Nashville!!! If there is any justice, those responsible for that road will have fleas and worse for generations. 🤬🤬🤬
  13. Thanks! Since you all have been so kind, I will update with some good news for a change, the new doc appointment went well yesterday. We liked the office and the location works well for us since it’s in Smyrna near the son and DIL. The high elbow cast came off! Now about 3 weeks in a wrist brace then the pins come out. We are at Texas T campground this week, maybe next, depends. Cornersville, TN.
  14. That seems to be the case with ours also. One very thin fragile bead of caulk on top of the plastic angle. Ends barely inside the flap seal.
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