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  1. That’s very interesting, since we will be in Pocatello in a few days. Good to know about that grade in advance!
  2. I hope to get up there today before it gets too hot, and take a close look. Thanks guys for your experience.
  3. Hello, I’m looking for a good reference in central Montana. In April this year, we had one AC blower professionally replaced. The service company owner said he happened to have one in stock and he came right to our campsite and installed it. Early this morning it started making a strange grinding noise so my wife shut it off. It has been cool at night but we leave it on and let the thermostat do it’s job. It has been very hot in the upper west mountain time zone, so I might need yet another unit to replace this one. If, that’s IF, I have to replace it, can anyone suggest a reputable place to buy from in Montana near Bozeman or Billings? We are looking for the purchase receipt this morning. Perhaps there will be a warranty.
  4. Two days ago I had the chance to chat with the service manager at the dealership. He said the 210 running temp is absolutely normal. This confirms many comments above. He further said the viscous clutch has a special oil that, when the engine hits a certain temperature it becomes hard, no longer viscous. That’s a detail I didn’t know. He seemed unsure but guessed the temp would be 225 or so. His description matched comments above, I should be able to feel the fan kick on, and will notice a decrease in speed/power. This info is old news to most of you, but I, for one, learned some stuff. Thanks guys.
  5. There is a switch up high on the brake pedal. It has a feeler to sense the motion of the brake pedal.
  6. For full transparency; When I took a quick look at the radiator “stack”, I could not see how to lean far enough in to see the bolts. Yesterday I got the low pressure hose out and found that it’s easy if you try. Stepping inside the front (quarter) bumper made all the difference. A SHOUT out to Rick and others for your helpful comments. I didn’t actually unbolt anything, DW and I proceeded to scrub the outer grill screen. The AC condenser was quite clean actually. I hit it with simple green and a long handled brush vertically. A light dirt film came off, but almost zero bugs or clogging.
  7. Turns out it’s a viscous type of fan. Never have noticed it kick on or off.
  8. That would make sense. Thinking not like a trucker, but more like a car owner, I have noticed it up near 210 maybe twice on a good pull up a hill or the other day in hot temps. My reaction was to turn off the cruise and downshift to put the rpms up to 1800. So it’s never really got as hot as the comments here say. I guess that’s good. Like was mentioned also, as twitchy as these trucks can be, no lights came on. Really appreciate your help, thanks.
  9. Repeating I don’t understand much of the above, but your logic seems excellent, and I think you might be onto something with your connector theory. Probably not related, but I have also read of the main battery shutoff switch corroding and causing hard-to-trace errors.
  10. Sorry to read all this. It sounds like you are making progress, that’s good. Wish I understood it all. I bought NOX sensors on eBay a few years ago, and they haven’t given me any trouble so they were good quality. I know everything has changed since last year, but maybe?
  11. I will have to take a closer look at mine today before it heats up outside. All I know is the fan is always spinning when the engine is running.
  12. Thanks Moresmoke, I appreciate the info. I thought at the time it might be ok, since there were no lights. But just in case I wanted to ask “all y’all”.
  13. The thought just occurred to me the noise I always assumed was the turbo kicking in, might have been the fan? The turbo gauge is usually toward the low side at slow speed, maybe 60 with normal acceleration. it’s loud enough to hear but would make no difference to the conversation. No I don’t have a manual switch. I’ve never had the truck up near the 210 f mark, until yesterday that is. I have read others talk about this but I’ve never noticed the sound of it. You guys are being very helpful and thanks. side note, just did a short grocery run, the temp stayed at 180 and never fluctuated. But that was bobtail. And it’s down about 90 f today. Elevation in Rapid City is 3000+ if that matters.
  14. No I have never checked the oil temp. The level is solid, never loses any oil. Now that the tank was replaced never seems to lose coolant either. I’m probably thinking like a car owner, anywhere near 212f is very bad.
  15. I had the expansion tank replaced a month or so ago at a dealer. I know they left the “low coolant” codes there for the next service guy. So they told me. Otherwise I’m pretty sure no codes or bubbles in the system. I have been advised to get a code reader but I’ve been buying tires. 😁
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