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  1. http:// Not the best but not terrible either. I got carried away with the clearance to the tires.
  2. 4 State, Iowa 80, I think even northern tool? I choked on the shipping, so I spent way too much time making my own.
  3. Tip the mirror out at the bottom, lift/tap up a short distance, (Think it click releases) then tip out at the top, slide up. Then you decide which screws will remove the housing etc, if needed. The video is the same one I used.
  4. Hi Phil, a few posts above, I posted a link I found about the Texas licensing requirements for an HDT motorhome. My assumption is, the couple who wrote the article were misinformed about the need for the testing and licensing they did. Is that too simple of an assumption? And thanks also for your expertise in these matters. Quoted: the bottom line is that you must have a CDL-B type of driver’s license to (A) drive non-commercial, personally owned vehicles like a motorhome, (B) if that vehicle exceeds 26,000 pounds GVW, or (C) has air brakes. We met all three criteria. http://www.aboutrving.com/rv-topics/moving-to-texas-and-passing-the-motorhome-driving-exam/
  5. Thank you very much for looking this up for me Ken! I can see that domicile could be done easily enough with an actual address. We might have an option that would work better than a PO Box.
  6. Congratulations on your deal! Hope you close soon and no issues!
  7. Thanks Geo, I found this play by play first hand account this morning. In theory it sounds straightforward. The glitches are to be expected most anywhere I suppose. Texas Driving Exam Another question I have is about a TN mailing address. Carl or anyone else have experience with mailing? It appears that, if we choose TN, we will need a mailing service based in TN so escapees is not possible at this time. I read somewhere that a TN mailing company folded and headaches followed for all. I didn’t look for details.
  8. Thanks Scott. I browsed there a bit this morning for the first time. Lots of info and well organized I might add. we will be beginning full time soon, and it’s been reassuring to see your budget and others here, approximate what I expect to encounter. I think the big difference for us will be the beginning part. I envision more travel expenses the first year or 2. We will want to dive in at first and then cut back over time. I’m mostly referring to travel expenses, fuel, new restaurants, different camp locations more often...
  9. Thanks Kirk, I have seen your links sent to many of us and I have read many escapees documents related to this decision. Thank you for always being there to help. I am in a comparison mode, but making a decision that will affect us for years has made me overthink, and has resulted in plain old indecision. I like the health care stories I am hearing about Florida, but I have not much interest in Florida otherwise. Tennessee has many of the things I like with the exception of horrible sales taxes. We will be traveling so maybe not too much impact. For other reasons, TX and SD are in between. It must help me to write it down, this is the first time I realized Tennessee is potentially at the top. 🙂
  10. The Art Deco cases ARE very cool. I guess you would need liquid cooling to compensate for the solid wood case. I was a wood model maker for 15 years so I can relate to the skills it would take to create a “statement” like you propose. 🙂 I couldn’t fit my band saw or my Kennedy rolling tool box Into the full time style so I had to sell them.
  11. Thanks RV, for sharing the in depth research. It seems you would not recommend a Dell for any reason. HP would be your choice. I looked at the link and am surprised by the price, for what you get. It seems quite affordable. Do you think the 1 gh cpu speed is a typo? I will need to run a large screen for a work monitor from a laptop. On my current tower I use a 4K screen and a 4K capable Nvidia card. It works well except for the tower size. Any recommendations for an HP with 4K Nvidia graphics?
  12. The front shocks were one of my first DIY jobs. I removed the bumper cap extensions and turned the wheels all the way out. This gave me plenty of room. On the right front lower, I tried a breaker bar and a pipe, but couldn’t get it loose. Not sure if I didn’t have the lift strength? I tried whittling away the shock with a low duty plasma cutter, slow work. Then I tried a sawzall with a hard all metal blade. It dulls on the shock pole but cuts everything else. I got it out in little pieces and it was slow. More blaster or liquid wrench and soak time might have helped. The casting on the inboard side where the nut is designed, is cup shaped, and I believe it collects the saltwater from the road. I found out afterward the casting is shaped to accept the factory nut. I could not figure out why I could not get a wrench on it. Time = a weekend. Left side = 10 minutes. 😁
  13. Mine is not commercial. We have the choice of Private Truck or House car. Mine is House Car, which means converted, to motorhome. (So they told me) I had it inspected by the state and they were very interested to see how easy it would be to put it back into service as a commercial truck once I drove away. I had no fifth wheel hitch at the time only a “bumper pull “ receiver . I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who have added to my knowledge on this post. Very helpful!
  14. This site is a great place for information mixed with opinions. This is a good thing. I highly recommend the search, even though the results can be overwhelming. These folks began with older model Volvo’s but you have probably figured out Jack has been repurposing Volvo’s and continues to do so http://www.jackdanmayer.com/ The history and learning of 2 well known HDT owners http://www.dmbruss.com/index.html Also ^^^ I see a lot of chatter on a Facebook group called Volvo Truck Masters. Not so much on choosing a used truck there. Maybe another group?
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