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  1. So idk what your switch connections look like. IF you have loose wires, maybe you can use them. You said you can’t find any connection points, so there are no wires in the vicinity of the aux switches, or no loose unused connections anywhere behind the dash? I found one or 2 of these were live when the key is on. One was connected to The 12 volt outlet, one was live, one was dead. I took a photo of these connectors but it was two or three years ago. I wanted to find a matching connector for some reason. Might have been because some are live and usable.
  2. Chief, have you reached any conclusions yet about your current needs vs. your equipment choices? I have recently taken an interest, but only to add capacity to run a CPAP while boondocking.
  3. So are you home now? You were on the road recently. I can’t even keep track of where WE are sometimes. 😁
  4. Hi Rick, we stayed at Follow the River. Nice place! After the Ark Encounter we were on the fence about staying longer. After some discussion we decided not to visit the Creation museum. Also after studying the river route I followed the Garmin route to I-71 - I-75 and we topped off fuel at the TA before I-275. We then looped west and north to try highway 127. 35 mph city stop and go 2 lanes and a few stares. Lol. That lasted until I could get over to I-75 again. I would have liked to see the scenic river drive and your farm. For future reference is the river road big rig friendly?
  5. We have been on a journey from wintering in Falfurrias, Texas. San Antonio, Cottonwood AL, Smyrna TN, Florence IN. We arrived in Greenville OH last night. The Garst Museum is first on the list. We might just get to the Air Force museum in Dayton. Very few campgrounds there and either very expensive or bad reviews. We will be in Laingsburg, Michigan next week for a wedding.
  6. This page has a list of member names and photos. The word member probably means member of Escapees. Click on each name and there will be a photo of the rig. It might just take awhile. http://www.hhrvresource.com/lookup-table.html
  7. I bought mine at a truck stop parts and service counter, which happened to have them on the floor.
  8. We ended up pulling the rig into the tire shop driveway. They were on it right away, but even with mom and junior working together, it took a couple of hours. I preferred to spend money with a small independent place that appreciated the business, and I was rewarded. The service was excellent, and I'm sure the tires are excellent too. We got Hercules brand at Vista Tires in Falfurrias, TX.
  9. Sorry to hear about your challenges lately. I can relate to some of those. I hope you’re mending well.
  10. I can’t help with the HDT friendly part, but we aren’t far from there, and can highly recommend a visit to the Texas Aquarium and the USS Lexington. We just went to the Lexington on Tuesday. Thanks Jay.
  11. Sculptor

    My Bed design

    How much do you charge? 😂 Just kidding, but wow what a nice job you have done!
  12. I had to do that. Funny thing, the right side was very stubborn and came off in small chunks, but the left side was not frozen and came off as designed. The right side lower bolt was the problem bolt on mine.
  13. Thanks Cory, we got lucky. For some reason the striping was done at the factory we think. I can’t see a fleet owner striping one truck in the fleet. We like it too. The dark navy (instead of black) has grown on me.
  14. Yesterday I got an Iowa 80 email with all their colorful buffing products for sale. If I were a conspiracy theory person I might think the internet was listening to our conversation. 😀
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