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  1. Nice job so far. Much better than my attempt. Window wells were a good choice.
  2. I wanted to save what I already had fabbed, so there were plenty of lap joint welds. This made it quite a bit stronger.
  3. I used the step fairing bracket as my guide for steel brackets. (Your top photo on left) They needed more width and thickness, and further outboard. My first version was 1 x 1 angle probably 1/4” thickness, across the drive tire width. These broke from metal stress where they welded to a thicker piece. I kept the 1 x 1 but brought some 2” angle out halfway to the end. That seemed to fix the stress cracks.
  4. I have not tried trees, but I had some huge planks (4000-5000 lbs) so wrapped in chains with binders for the slack. The rear air suspension lifted each plank With no problem. In your case you could increase traction by this method also.
  5. Wholeheartedly agree here. This might require some knowledge of proper behavior, Henry.
  6. Hi Ken, I filled out the online form for a new drivers license. As you said TN requires two proofs of residency. Our son lives here so “fudging” 2 receipts might be possible but might bite me later for example, at tax time. Scratching my head for now. I went back over this topic for some inspiration.
  7. We recently became fulltimers, and are becoming familiar with the PMB address also. I have tried both “pmb” and “#”, the implied apartment number seems to work best. I am kicking in my 2¢ to say it still works.
  8. Thanks everyone who answered, and don’t stop adding. 😀 I have been catching up with reading responses, and my heart is warmed by your responses. Thanks very much. ALL of your advice above is valuable and could possibly apply to us this year. We are in a life changing transition! At this time, we think staying for short stays, and moving every so often, will suit us this year. The nice part of the whole thing is we can change our minds with the weather, as they say. (Budget aside) I hope as we move forward, we will learn about new situations such as volunteering locations. This will open up more options for us.
  9. Funny we just sold a 40 gallon tank we never used. 🙂
  10. This is one I have not considered. I think it could work out, but it brings me back to the “where”.
  11. I lived in central Florida for a few weeks, on my way to Miami in 75. I’m familiar with love bugs. What a mess. At least they don’t bite.
  12. Thanks Linda, Your first line sums it up very well. The retirement dream for many is have a house or two in your favorite location. Neither of us have a clue where that is, so weather is a starting point for us. Relatives particularly kids are second. Maybe backward, but they both are living in places with cold winters or hot summers. OT: I managed to bring the desktop into the RV for now. Time will tell if it’s going to fill the gap until I get a laptop. 🤓 Slide repair has risen to the top of the list as of now.
  13. An abandoned missile silo, the west is full of them. 😁
  14. Thanks Gypsies, that link looks like many morning coffees. 🙂
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