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  1. You have our prayers and thoughts for Jim's speedy recovery.
  2. I've lived in the DFW area for a long time as well. I'm always surprised at the lifted/modified 4WDs buzzing along in the fast lane. Sometimes you see them up ahead unintentionally off-roading into the ditch, median or worse.
  3. I would also recommend a weight distribution system like the Equalizer. Make sure you have trailer brakes and they are properly set up with your truck. I tow a NASH24M with a 2018 Toyota Tundra Limited 4WD. Mostly travel around Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. I summer in Wisconsin. A 3/4 ton would be better for sure but it works ok for now. That's all I have. In terms of tow vehicles, I've seen some crazy stuff the past COVID months with newbies. Sales person probably said yes it will tow just fine.
  4. Yes and the nice lady Escapees suggested I contact the post office. I did put in an online request with USPS as described earlier a few days ago. The wonderful thing is my mail pouch arrived today. The delay didn't cause me issues. I'm just happy to get it finally and that it wasn't lost. The tracking steps jumped from acceptance pending to delivered. I'd also figured out how to have it send me updates on the package via text. That was a joyous text message "delivered". Holidays, covid, the human factor. I'm just thankful it arrived.
  5. Had my new mail pouch sent out yesterday and it's already showing in route on the tracking. My package sent by Escapees on December 23rd is still showing: December 23, 2020 at 4:37 pm, Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending, LIVINGSTON, TX 77351 Anyone else with similar issues? Not at all blaming Escapees. That package sadly has some important documents.
  6. My Escapees mail pouch was accepted by USPS on December 23 according to tracking. No updates since. Thanks for the info on Finding My Mail. I submitted a help request to USPS. Information here is helpful in knowing it's not just my package.
  7. Thanks all. I've submitted the serial number to a local Dexter dealer. They are checking on price and lead time.
  8. I’m going to need a new rear axle due to damage to the spindle caused by a bearing failure. It is a Dexter axle. None of the measurements for the spring center distance seem to measure the same as axles that can be ordered. Is this pretty common for travel trailers? Maybe some customization is needed? What is y’all’s experience? I was kind of hoping to replace it myself but may end up having it done. The place where we store our TT seems to do good work. it’s going to need new hub and brakes for one side so it’s good to just replace it all in that case.
  9. Wow -101°F. That's not going to be easy to distribute.
  10. This morning I was taking trash to the dumpster. My neighbor was talking to her cat. The cat sat there like she was listening. I went back to the RV. My Golden Retriever was on the patio so I took my coffee out there and told him about the neighbor talking to her cat. We both had a big laugh.
  11. State parks in North Texas may show full but there are open spots. It’s because of reduced capacity. Or reducing the number of visitors.
  12. Covid-19 will be with us until there is a vaccine. Correct?
  13. https://livebeautifullyphotography.pixieset.com/sheldenandaleciaswedding/
  14. Thanks! I’ve owned several tuxes through the years and enjoy dressing full formal when it’s appropriate. She just likes when I dress cowboy. My groomsmen we’re dressed the same.
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