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  1. This morning I was taking trash to the dumpster. My neighbor was talking to her cat. The cat sat there like she was listening. I went back to the RV. My Golden Retriever was on the patio so I took my coffee out there and told him about the neighbor talking to her cat. We both had a big laugh.
  2. State parks in North Texas may show full but there are open spots. It’s because of reduced capacity. Or reducing the number of visitors.
  3. Covid-19 will be with us until there is a vaccine. Correct?
  4. https://livebeautifullyphotography.pixieset.com/sheldenandaleciaswedding/
  5. Thanks! I’ve owned several tuxes through the years and enjoy dressing full formal when it’s appropriate. She just likes when I dress cowboy. My groomsmen we’re dressed the same.
  6. I’m on prescribed T therapy injections which is a schedule III drug because of sports abuse. That presents a lot of difficulties getting it refilled across state lines. It’s really a pain but you just adapt and overcome.
  7. There’s love to be found even as a full timer. Dating for two years was interesting, fun and sometimes like visiting the dentist. Also being an Escapee member was very helpful in having/sharing a story about a lifestyle by choice. Plus on a first date it was always entertaining when you mentioned you were an escapee. We got married back in June but I’m just now getting around to posting.
  8. The AC units were made to operate based on a certain air flow. Generally you trade filtration level for volume of air unless it was made for higher levels of filtration. If air quality is an issue then I’d recommend getting a stand alone air filtration unit. Let the AC operate according to its design. But each time I clean the AC filter I kind of frown a little in the design. However you just have to remember these were made with vacations in mind, not to live inside.
  9. There's a variety of solutions with a google and YouTube search on "dometic refrigerator beeping". A lot of them seem to focus on the door alarm and light.
  10. I enjoy Facebook and have about 500 friends and relatives. It’s easy to control what content you see or just remove someone if they post stuff often you don’t like. The content I see are family pics, activities, cooking, travel adventures of friends, funny generally clean jokes, war history etc. You can control your content.
  11. Thanks Bill. I was traveling on business last week and didn’t have much of a chance to check what was up. Now I need to figure out a solution for data using my Netgear Nighthawk. Certainly seems to be getting more complicated. The industry is like going backward instead of forward.
  12. Anyone else getting cancellation notices? I got an email about cancelling my automatic billing. Nothing else.
  13. They have been IDed https://www.unionleader.com/news/crime/nh-couple-s-murder-texas-authorities-id-man-woman-sought/article_3d9978d4-0d53-51e4-9f15-ce23146066ac.html
  14. I'll be in freezing temps again this winter in North Texas. Last year I just followed common winterizing using the on-board pump and RV antifreeze but only ran it through the outside faucet on both the hot and cold side. Then I just flushed the rest of the system with fresh water. Plenty of antifreeze seemed to be in the outside faucet assembly when I went to use it this spring. The antifreeze didn't siphon back in either. I can access the outside faucet from underneath the bathroom sink stand. There are no separate shutoff valves but I guess I could add some. However I generally try to avoid gimping with something that's working well and not leaking. Just wondering what others have done with outside RV faucets? Thanks!
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