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  1. This is a used 2016 Montana 3950BR with 30lb propane tanks on each side, internal compartments. Only the side with the valve to switch between tanks gets flow. Both tanks have plenty of propane. I've actually swapped tanks with the same result. Tank valves are open. Works with the tank on this side and selector valve switched to this side. Turns green as expected. The other side gets no flow at all when switched and it goes red. I also noticed a green regulator on that side as well. Is it supposed to have a regulator on that side? Maybe bad regulator? Thanks for any help?
  2. There’s a very small jet that can get clogged by bad fuel. You can buy a special jet wire kit to unclog or just get a new jet. I ended up just getting a new jet for a couple of bucks. Afterwards I managed fuel storage better, I no longer have it but it still runs great for the current owner.
  3. I recently did with Alliant.
  4. Use food based grease if needed. I’ve worked in the process industries most of my life, including municipal water treatment where they use huge pumps, and safe but industrial grade lubricant. The water does not arrive at the spigot by magic. There’s an old saying in water treatment, “dilution is the solution”.
  5. I’ve had Covid. Back in December around the holidays. And for me it was not a big deal thankfully. Maybe an immune system from 40 years of extensive world travel helped. Who knows. But being a person with a science background it was a bit weird how it seemed to be looking for a weakness, sort of moving throughout the body. Sadly it has killed people I’ve known personally and via the internet. I’m sympathetic to everyone and families affected. I will be vaccinated when possible. But personally I don’t really care anymore. I will keep taking steps to avoid spreading it to anyone. It’s still a developing situation with medical research regarding how and when it spreads as well as effectiveness of the vaccine. If it comes at me again I’ll beat it back. Hope all of friends on here and elsewhere stay safe and healthy.
  6. It’s called a bunkhouse but just has a small sleeper couch. But definitely usually there’s something under there.
  7. FYI got pre-approved from Alliant for the amount I wanted using my Escapees address. Now we have a short list to make a move on in the next 45 days. It’s comforting to know we are in control of financing. Of course we might consider what the dealer has to offer. The benefit is we have eliminated that leverage by the dealer. We are looking at several full-time grade 2016-2018 used 5ers with a bunkhouse I can convert to an office.
  8. If you are on that T-Mobile plan, it would have been better to get the associated M2000 mifi to take advantage of the T-Mobile bands and 5G. 5G is really nice.
  9. So it seems like members have successfully many times used the Escapees address for financing an RV?
  10. We never did any paperwork with this dealership. It was just general discussion. I love and respect Escapees. I believe in my address. It’s a good legit address.
  11. We visited a dealership today looking for a new quality 5er we have shortlisted. I inquired about interest rates and also mentioned my Escapees address. Oh no you can’t use that, not suitable for banking, etc etc. All of my banking, investments, and everything else is ok with that address. He was familiar with the Rainbow Drive address. I believe that may be true for the common finance companies they use. With any major purchase I make sure to research it thoroughly. I’ve been following this forum for many years. It seems better to arrange my own financing through like Bank of the West or Alliant Credit Union? I’ve got an 800 credit score and could put plenty down like 20%. Plus I have verifiable income. Just looking for a reality check. Thanks!
  12. The Nighthawk will work with T-mobile just fine but not all bands nor 5G. That is a great plan from T-mobile. I have it and the M2000. In the advanced configuration for the Nighthawk you have to enter the appropriate APN profile. ATT definitely supports the Netgear Nighthaw M1 or MR1100. I've been using it just fine on the ATT network so have many others. https://www.att.com/device-support/index/Netgear/NetgearMR1100/ Maybe the one the OP bought is isn't unlocked or is set up for another network? OP do you know how to get into the device using a laptop?
  13. It’s not blocked. You just have to know how to adjust the carrier settings and also pick the right data plan. I suggest going here: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com
  14. Barb, What do you think about just less human interaction after the holiday spike?
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