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  1. There is a piece of equipment called the Automated Safety Hitch that does just what you describe. However, as mentioned, you would be over the legal length in many states and that bus won't have the power to pull a fifth wheel of any size up any kind of a grade. Rob
  2. In 1969 my grandparents lived in a small house up Cedar Creek Canyon just outside Ruidoso, NM. My parents, sisters and I were visiting them that summer along with an old friend of theirs, Felicitas Duarte. Felicitas happened to be the secretary to our senior senator who, a few years later, would become a member of the Senate Watergate Committee. Several of us were sitting at a picnic table on the breezeway between the house and guest house after supper while my younger sisters made s'mores on the coals left on the grille. My grandparents had been telling Felicitas about the problems they'
  3. We have also used an external hard drive on a Wally for over 5-1/2 years and 40K miles without any issues at all. I hadn't thought about unplugging the receiver since our entertainment center is also on the inverter... thanks, Ken! Rob
  4. Try a campground locator like RVParky and then your carrier's coverage map. The close you are to a town and not up in the mountains, the better your chances are. We have Verizon and their map/locator is here (you can enter the specific address of the park you're considering): Verizon coverage map/locator. Rob
  5. My main concern with on-site service would be whether or not they could balance the tires at your site. Like Tim/Tahoe Shark, I can lift the whole rig with the hydraulics and remove the wheels (with good jack stands and blocking, of course). I have also pulled in the slides, hitched up, and pulled the rig to a tire shop before. We are never set up so permanently that it takes me more than 30 minutes to pull everything in and put it on the truck (leaving the sewer hose, etc., at the site for the time being). Rob
  6. Partially true, Kirk. USAA was never an "Army association." It was always in the private sector and not associated with the Federal government. Charles Schwab Corporation acquired USAA's investment and brokerage accounts in 2019, but the insurance business and Federal savings bank still operate independently. Rob
  7. How are you covering the contents of your RV, then? Rob
  8. If you had a parent who served, you qualify. My response, however, was not to push you toward USAA, but to explain how our insurance was structured. You might check with your current insurance carrier to see if 1) you might be covered already and 2) if you could add that coverage to your current policy. Rob
  9. We have two Ekornes Stressless recliners where our sleeper sofa used to be. They were designed by a chiropractor and are the only chairs my back can tolerate. Rob
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