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  1. We've had a couple of instances reported on one of the other forums I belong to. Rob
  2. I've replaced one of those regulators twice in the last six years. One was probably a diaphragm failure, the other the gauge failed. The company sent me a new gauge and then the regulator stopped working altogether about nine months later. The third one is still in use and working OK. It's mounted inside a heated utility bay on our fiver so we don't have to worry about freezing. For the OP: they are SO much more than surge protectors - they are electrical management systems (EMS). One of their most important duties is to protect your motor-driven appliances (think ACs, residential refrigerators, etc.) and sensitive electronics from low-voltage situations - a common occurrence in many campgrounds. Permanently installed "hard-wired" EMSs are convenient and greatly reduce the risk of theft. Rob Rob
  3. While nice for a teardrop, I'm with Kirk on this. As full-timers, I can't imagine living full-time in that kind of space. When the weather is nice, all the world is your porch; when it's blistering hot, freezing cold, pouring down rain, etc., that little trailer is going to get incredibly claustrophobic. Other considerations are storage space (you have to carry everything you need with you) and the wet bath. A wet bath means that the entire bathroom is your shower... nothing on the counter that can't get wet and you have to dry it down each time to prevent mold and mildew. Rob
  4. The "Yes" and "No" are appearing just below our Escapees member numbers. This is where the lifetime membership information used to display... perhaps they just forgot to label it. Rob
  5. I'm also with Dutch. I've used the TireMinder A1A for about six years now monitoring 10 tires. I called Minder Research yesterday and had a conversation about upgrading just the monitor to get more bells and whistles. TheA1AS would run me $300+ ($349 I think he said... but I quit listening at that point). I scroll through and check everything before each departure but, while on the road, I never look at the monitor unless an alarm goes off. Too much stuff to pay attention to while driving. I'm "newly happy" with my original A1A monitor. Rob
  6. It depends on which data plan you get. Streaming TV and movies takes a lot of data (about 2GB/hour for HD). Doing all the other internet stuff doesn't use nearly as much. The device will work fine. We have a Verizon JePack 8800L with an unlimited data plan. It has been our only internet connection for the TV, two laptops, a wireless printer, two Kindles, two iPads, two Echo devices, and the phones when they're on WiFi. Rob
  7. Tu esposa tiene razón. My wife is natively bilingual (born in Argentina, raised in Costa Rica, lived in Spain for 10 years as an adult and another 7 back in CR). She has masters degrees in education and Spanish and also studied at the University of Madrid. OK - credentials out of the way. She says that the Spanish King Ferdinand theory is widespread but it's urban legend. A more academic explanation is this: Castilian Spanish of the Middle Ages had originally two distinct sounds for what we now think of as the "lisp": the cedilla, and the z as in "dezir". The cedilla made a "ts" sound and the "z" a "dz" sound. Both in time were simplified into the "lisp", or what Spaniards call the "ceceo." Interestingly, with her gift and ear for languages, she picked up the "lisp" while living in Spain. When she moved back to CR, her friends there told her to drop it (in no uncertain terms). To many Spanish speakers in the new world, the "lisp" reeks of colonialism. Rob
  8. This link says the tractor "overturned." The damage could very well be from that and not from hitting something. Rob
  9. VZW lenient? Not a chance. We had a 30GB plan for a long time, though, and could do anything except stream without coming close to using all of our data. (We now have a grandfathered truly unlimited plan on an 8800 Jet Pack.) Rob
  10. ... and 600kbps will barely load email. What's your monthly data allowance? VZW has recently come out with some new plans and you might be able to get a lot more data now (though I'm sure you'll pay for it!). Rob
  11. In addition to reading the article in the link Kirk provided, you can read the Escapees Florida domicile guide here: Escapees - Florida Rob
  12. We've been on the list for membership at Evergreen Coho for a couple of years. Spent the summer of 2019 up there and loved it. When we get to the point we don't feel like traveling 100% of the time, we'll do summers at Coho and winters in southern NM (I have family there). We'll fly east to see the grandkids when they don't come out our way. Rob
  13. We're in our second Grand Design fifth wheel (full-timers) and have been happy with both of them. The issue I see for the OP is the combination of "bunkhouse" and "2500 diesel." Our 36' Reflection fifth wheel - a "mid-profile" conventional floorplan - put a little over 3,000 lbs. on the pin. GD's lighter Reflection 150 Series doesn't come in a bunkhouse and the smallest/lightest (regular) Reflection bunkhouse, the 31MB, will put about 2,700 lbs. on the pin when loaded. If their Ram 2500 diesel has that kind of payload (hitch, passengers, etc., included), I would recommend looking at the 31MB. Rob
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