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  1. Second Chance

    Bronco Sport

    Per Car & Driver: "A 181-hp, turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder is the base engine, but a 245-hp turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder is also available. Both pair with an eight-speed automatic transmission, but the more powerful engine brings steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters and upgraded cooling components." Rob
  2. From a law firm that does accident cases: "As long as dash cam footage is relevant to the case, recordings are almost always admissible in court. ... While most dash cams only record visuals, a few record audio, which is typically not admissible in court, as it is difficult to obtain the advance consent of those the audio is recording." Rob
  3. Kirk, I have respected your views and input for a long time, but I think there is a little miscommunication or misunderstanding going on here... folks aren't talking about a $200 - $350 GoPro. They're talking about things like the Rexing dash cams that can be had for $50 - $100. I am aware of a number of cases where dashcam evidence has made the difference in a court case or insurance settlement. As I mentioned above, I REALLY which I had been running one when someone pulled a stunt, ran into me, then lied to the cops (after switching seats with his passenger because there was a problem w
  4. I had the same thing happen to me - on a two-lane state road in east central Texas. A compact car full of young people passed me (I was doing to 55 MPH speed limit) across a double yellow line with oncoming traffic, pulled in too close, and slammed on the brakes to make a right-hand turn. The right front of my truck missed the left rear of their car by inches since I couldn't pull into the oncoming lane because of traffic. Had there been a collision, my dashcam would have been my only defense had they decided to lie to the sheriff and say that I was tailgating. I had a similar incident ten yea
  5. Once again, I wish we had a "Like" function on this forum... Thanks for saying it for the rest of us, everyone. Rob
  6. X2 on this... or a rock poking through the bottom. I find that the holders also help the stinky slinky drain since most of them are slanted from the rig end to the sewer end. Rob
  7. Others have already responded to your points - which are wrong... but in addition, vaccines aren't, and never have been, a "cure." The purpose of a vaccine is to condition your immune system so that it is capable of mounting a response to an invading virus. The vaccine would not increase your chances of dying - it would increase your chances of living. Rob
  8. We don't have a Momentum, but we're in our second Grand Design fifth wheel. Our first 4-1/2 years full-time were in a Reflection 337RLS. It came off the line in 2015 a few months before auto-leveling became standard on the Reflections, but it served us very well. When we made the decision to stay on the road as long as possible, we upgraded to a Solitude 310GK-R (construction similar to a Momentum but without a garage) with solar, dual pane windows, residential fridge, slide toppers, and everything we thought we'd need as we get older (especially the auto-leveling and slide toppers!). We are e
  9. You could start by checking out these businesses: PPL Motorhomes RecPro As Shorty suggested, if you're wanting to go with a residential fridge (rather than an RV absorption fridge), check out the big box stores for counter-depth refrigerators that will fit in the space you have. Rob
  10. I wish we had a "Like" button on this forum... Thank you. Rob
  11. It's not actually the oldest road in the US (Oldest Roads). The article says, "The Yellowstone Trail was the first transcontinental automobile highway in the United States through the northern tier of states from Washington through Massachusetts." Interesting info, though. Rob
  12. We've stayed there and Connie said exactly what I would have said... so I'll just quote her. The "corral" setup is rather odd - I had to use extensions on all of the utilities (the hookups are on the other side of the fencing between the rows). Also can't speak to the boondocking area. Rob
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