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Not safe to go to the bank now!

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Today we decided to go to get some stuff from our safety deposit box since we were in the area where we used to live.   We got out what we wanted and put it in a small backpack and put it in the back floorboard of the truck.  My wife said we needed to get some tomatoes and mushrooms from the market near where we were, so I pulled in and stayed in the truck with my pistol in the console.  While waiting a black dude broke out the passenger rear window and dove into the truck grabbing the backpack.  He knew where I had stored the bag.  I managed to grab a strap on the bag and hold on to it while screaming at the top of my lungs.  I could not reach the pistol with my left hand as I was leaning into the back seat.  His strap tore and he bailed out without the bag.  I got turned around and grabbed the pistol and got out of the truck, but he had bailed, and I could not see him. I called 911 and they sent a LEO.  While waiting, I kept the pistol in my pocket.  He did not get the bag and I called my insurance to get a new rear window.  

We drove through our old neighborhood and noticed a small black car that had come down a dead-end street and pulled into a circular drive and did not pull-out unit we went past him.  He had followed us from the bank, and I do not know if he knew I was still in the truck.   In any case he was looking for a quick score and the police call this "Jugging".  This was getting to be a problem in the precinct and my description fit the description of one they had be watching for.  The bank was looking at their security footing to see if there had been a vehicle following us out of the lot.  They were not very busy.

We were very lucky that I was not injured, and he did not get the backpack of valuables.

Be very careful when you are making any banking transactions and make sure you are not being followed.  If you think you are being followed, call 911 and drive to a public area or police station.  DO NOT go home.  I do not know if he would have followed us the 75 miles to the house.

So, for now, I am keeping the pistol within grabbing distance on the console when in the truck as well as in the house and will start carrying most of the time.  There are crooks everywhere looking for any opportunity.

Ya'll take care.



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RV, go ahead and use this minus my name.  This was in Cypress, TX, northwest Houston area.

The LEO that responded said this was happening more and more all over the country.  The crooks watch someone get money from an ATM or come out of the bank with a bundle.  Then they follow you home or the next place you stop and do a smash or snatch and grab.  Anytime you go to a bank or ATM, be very vigilant when you leave.  Do not go straight home or to a less populated area.  Drive and double back a few times to see if you are being followed.   This crook followed us for a good 20 minutes and 10 miles.  

He knew right where I placed the backpack behind the driver's seat.  All the stuff we picked up from our old back is now safely in a safe box at our new bank.  I wonder if he would have followed us the 100 miles to our new location.  Or would he attempt to get us off the road?

This still has me shook up and having trouble sleeping at night.

Be safe, be vigilant.



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