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  1. I found the ones I used at a local recycle center. No longer in business. There was a repurpose center in Denver that had some also but I can't remember their name. Probably need to check recycle and repurpose aluminum centers. Hopefully there is one near you that has some.
  2. We built a houseboat and used those bleachers for the floor and the roof that was for walking on. Very strong, light weight and not terribly expensive. The ramps and support structure to carry our car are made from them and aluminum angle. With supports 12" on center you could support the world on it.
  3. If you can find some bleacher seats that have been junked they make a good strong and light floor. Usually pretty inexpensive.
  4. A volt meter reading the voltage at the battery and at the starter while cranking is another way to determine bad cables. If the cables are bad the high resistance will cause much lower voltage at the starter.
  5. 2001 volvo with ISX @500HP. I cheated and just bought 3 batteries instead of 4. It has worked well but it also has a solar panel to keep the batteries charged. When in the garage it has a trickle charger. If I used the inverter I would want 4 batteries.
  6. I live here in western CO and I think the alternate route is a nice drive but still mountains. Ouray is beautiful and very touristy. Enjoy
  7. If you are not comfortable with it the alternate route is a much less challenging drive. I have driven semi's over through Silverton and I don't consider it easy. It requires a lot of concentration to keep a big rig in your lane. The views are exceptional though so you may want to check it out without a trailer. There are very few guard rails which can also bother less experienced mountain drivers. If in doubt I would take the alternate route.
  8. Not all Medicare Advantage Plans are the same. Some plans are pretty basic but some provide very good coverage everywhere. Our employer provided Medicare Advantage Plan has a $10 copay for specialists but covers everything else 100% anywhere Medicare is accepted.
  9. One more note each of these surgeries was 10 years or more ago. I am scheduled for an MRI tomorrow for lower back pain. So we will see where that goes.
  10. The surgeries I have seen (small sample) included hardware but it was done in such a way that the neck was stabilized following surgery. Each of these had some range of motion reduced but that is all. No more pain or danger of more serious problems. One was a police officer and he was concerned about doing his job. He was worried about his shooting qualification. He recovered and could shoot or stand his ground without a problem. He wasn't restricted at all! Of the 3 people I know each has recovered and the only problem is some rather minor limited range of motion. The one woman was in t
  11. We had working dogs on the ranch and they stayed out. They had shelter and we fenced them mostly to keep the coyotes at bay. Bringing a dog from a warm house to work in the cold is very hard on a dog. They had access to the barn and garage but a proper insulated dog house is where they went when the weather was really bad. When the weather would start to warm we would often find them on the north side of something where there was still some snow to lay on. For our dogs heat was the weather that was tuff on them. Our dogs hated to come inside during the winter as it was to warm.
  12. Eternabond is a tape that is permanent. Seals and lasts longer than dicor.
  13. I know of 3 people that had that surgery and didn't need to wear a neck brace. So maybe you will be spared. All needed pain meds for about a week after. One had bone spurs so bad she couldn't walk or even feel much below her ribs. They used cadaver bone to rebuild c4-c6. A PT had her walking the day after surgery. She used pillows to keep her head elevated some in bed for a few days. There are stairs to get into their home and she must have been able to make that when she came home. Best wishes and a speedy recovery
  14. We have had cats and still have one. This little kitten just showed up one day. Our house is in the middle of 35 acres and the neighbors all have acreage so it was odd. I gave her some milk and food and left her out. That night as we were getting ready for bed she would stretch up on the patio door and slide down wanting in. I put her in the laundry room for the night. The next day I had to move the dryer to get her out. A couple more days of that and now she owns the house but lets us stay. She is also comfortable in the RV.
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