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  1. Glenn my observations agree with John T. Small differences multiply over time especially in lithium batteries where there are small differences in voltage for various SOC. In your case it seems you have ample battery so maybe a loss of capacity isn't a problem and different wiring may suffice.
  2. That list includes Utah and Colorado. I stopped awhile back and asked them. They said please do NOT stop. We can see that it is Mom and Pop pulling their RV and we are not interested. We have enough with the commercial vehicles. I have blown past a number of weigh stations and never been bothered. One time in Colorado they had a roadside weigh station and a sign all trucks must stop. As I blew by an officer came running out. As soon as he made out the 5er he just waved and headed back to his post. Some places may require us to stop but unless it is obvious I don't stop.
  3. I find it interesting that some are suggesting vaccinated people wear masks to protect themselves. However, they do not recommend what type of mask. We were told to wear masks to protect others because many masks only provide marginal protection to the person wearing them. It would seem the type of mask would be important.
  4. Colorado maybe a perfect example of how different parts of the country are in different weather patterns. The East slope is nearly drought free while on the other side of the continental divide, the West slope is in a mega drought.
  5. ×2. Forwarding mail by USPS can be problematic. We have had mail left in our box long after it was forwarded and had mail forwarded after we stopped it. Additionally some mail is marked not to be forwarded. Our bank statements had that so all of the statements were returned. Then the bank threatened to lock the account. We moved nearly everything online to lessen the problem. Still we have had numerous problems and some very late mail. Like a jury notice received a week after the trial.
  6. A lot of new vehicles prices are creeping up because of chip shortages. I read an article yesterday that said some Jeeps purchased a year ago are bringing more than the original cost because new ones are unavailable. Inflation is certainly hitting the building industry hard. I priced 4" PVC pipe 6 months ago at $11.68. A couple of months ago the price was $18. Now the price is $21. Lumber is crazy expensive.
  7. I think this has come down to what each of US believe RVing is. Some define it as seeing the country. That certainly is one use. We have had a RV for many years to let us stay where we are working or playing. I never felt the need to define it as "seeing the country". That is just one of many uses in my opinion. The cost of living is a personal thing and varies widely among RVers and others. There isn't rule that I know of that says RVers have to spend x amount and some surveys on this forum show a wide diffence of monthly budgets. Finally what defines fulltiming? Please don't start on that as it also means different things to different people.
  8. Barb using as an example the friend who was RVing on SS. He was a veteran, so he mainly relied on that for healthcare. He followed the weather. He spent summers boondocking in the mountains in Colorado, Utah and sometimes Wyoming. Fall and spring he was often boondocking at Lake Powell and winter at the long term areas in AZ. He had an older 5er and truck but did most of the repairs himself. If needed he would swing by our place or his sister's while he fixed stuff. He often said his only other option would be to sit in a small apartment all day. We originally met him at Lake Powell and looked forward to seeing him there year after year. We fished with him, enjoyed campfires and exchanged books with him.. We met some other "full timers" there that had limited expenditures that followed a similar lifestyle. This may not be my or your style but I call it RVing. Do you call it something different?
  9. Barb Your expenses and mine are probably quite different. I rarely stay in an RV park and my medical expenses are practically $0 thanks to my DW. Some don't even have insurance. Most of the people I RV with use their RV to do specific activities such as what some call snowbirds or fishing. RV costs vary significantly with the type of RV and its intended use. Living costs are also variable. We had a neighbor that had a ranch and was a long time resident. I can't remember all of the times someone would tell me how sorry they felt for him because of the frugal way he lived. It was just his living style. I can't tell you his total worth but I am sure several million would not do justice to it. You seem to enjoy your RV and living arrangement I am happy for you but that isn't my arrangement. As I pointed out some live in RV's because of their work. Some prefer fine dining and so forth. Some like Kirk seem quite handy and probably pay very little for repairs. When some one says can I live in an RV for $2,000 a month my initial reaction is they are conscious of money and maybe willing to do what it takes to live on that amount or less. Judging by the few I know that have done it they can be happy with their living arrangement.
  10. I feel you are off base by saying a minimum budget can't be considered RVing. To me every time I see a question like "how much does it cost to fulltime in an RV?" I see how much does it cost to live? One doesn't need to look far to find an RV that costs more than many of us would be willing or maybe able to pay for. Is that RVing? Can they be fulltime? It is clear that some have their view of RVing and that is what it costs. I think many of us on this forum are RVers and if we could agree on what constitutes fulltime some would fit in that category. Living expenses are an entirely different matter.
  11. My post was to highlight that RV living doesn't have to be limited to traveling the country staying in RV parks. There are some on this forum that use an RV to live in while working. I guess by your definition that isn't RVing either. We are living in our RV while I build a house and follow the weather. We are no longer traveling the country so are we not considered RVers? RV's to me are just a place to stay while living in some fashion. To facilitate whatever it is you are doing. Like many I have owned RV's for more than 50 years but mainly used them to facilitate what I wanted to do. I started with fishing and hunting. Now it is way to follow the weather and build our house along with some leisure activities. As for budgets it is easy to find budgets all over the map. Lifestyle is not determined by living in an RV.
  12. A number of years ago we met a gentleman that fulltimed in a tent. He carried a stove, heater, TV and a recliner. He found areas that had activities he enjoyed like soft ball in AZ and camping areas that were tent friendly. He followed the weather. People that really want to RV er camp fulltime can do it on a budget if they are creative. He said he loved it and my guess is he spent less than $2,000. We also met another gentleman that full timed on SS and a modest saving account. He said he could rent an apartment and watch TV all day or boondock and follow the weather. These guys maybe didn't fulltime RV the way many of us do but both seemed happy. There are different ways to RV.
  13. I mounted a Trailer Saver hitch before Henry started selling his hitches. It was used and I have had to do some things to keep it going including a new hitch head. I added the 3rd bag.. To increase the weight on the rear axles I mounted it on 1/2" plate. Our Teton is heavy on the hitch, about 6,000 pounds+. It rides pretty good about like Glenn described his hitch. I do think Henry's is a better design but the cost to change is not worth it to me.
  14. In the county I live in the majority have not been vaccinated. Even though the number of covid cases are relatively high they can't entice people to get vaccinated. This county finally reached 40% yet there are places where even less have been vaccinated. Herd immunity is going to be a long time out and variants will continue to evolve as there are numerous pockets where covid is well and strong.
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