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  1. I haven't weighed the bed and I while I have an idea from pulling our dump trailer through scales of the weight of the truck it is only a guess. The bed deck is 1/4" steel. We carry a Subaru Crosstrek length wise and often load a small RZR crosswise under the car. The truck has a 100 gallon fresh tank and a 100 gallon waste tank. All of this along with the 5' frame extension and tool boxes put significant weight on the rear axles. Of course no where near GAWR. With the lockers we have been able to drive out of some pretty rough spots. A couple of years ago we were in the National Fores
  2. We boondock frequently and our HDT has 2 lockers. These work great for less than ideal conditions. I also added 5' to the frame and that along with a heavy bed adds weight to the rear axles. The tongue weight on our Teton is a little over 6,000 pounds so that also helps. I am believer in weight on the rear axles as it really helps traction and the ride. Super singles can hydroplane on wet roads so you need to be aware of that. I am sure you will enjoy your HDT. Happy travels.
  3. We bought a new Subaru Crosstrek this year and I briefly looked at the hybrid. The electric range is 17 miles. It is 40 miles to town for us so that would save maybe 1/2 gallon of fuel. The hybrid was around $6,000 more after the tax credit. We were looking for a car with good fuel economy that had off road capability but the hybrid didn't work for us. I like renewable energy and our new house will have PV and solar hotwater but it needs to be reasonably priced.
  4. That is how I carry a Subaru Crosstrek lengthwise. The ramp angle is carried all the way up. I load a RZR under the front of the car with the roll bar removed. It also has a 100 gallon fresh water tank and a 100 gallon waste tank under the ramp structure. The Volvo has a 42" cab that is low enough that the front bumper of the car is over the cab but the slope keeps the overall height a couple of inches less than 13'. It isn't a Smart but it works for us.
  5. There is more than just technology that is hindering clean energy. We were approached by a company inquiring about building a large solar array on some of our land. It turns out that finding land that is suitable and capable of meeting zoning and such is hard to find. The renewable energy company explained the NIMBY is a big hurdle and people don't want to look out and see wind generators and large solar arrays but this part of our land was naturally hidden by the terrain and yet was easily accessible and close to the city. However, the biggest hurdle they explained is the power grid. It
  6. The need for the valve in the first place is as Shawn stated. As Kirk said it also needs to seal to keep odors and gases from your RV. A faulty valve can certainly cause the problems you describe. I would replace it.
  7. Randyretired


    When I bought our truck it had about 500,000 miles, a little more than yours. I decided to change all of the fluids so I wouldn't have to worry about it. This gave us a baseline. Testing is a way I have seen some others go and it has merit. I am happy with the way we went and by doing it myself it wasn't terribly expensive but I don't remember the cost.
  8. In rural areas medical help is always a problem. We spent last summer where we were more than an hour from the nearest emergency room. Help of any kind is not fast. We are building there and will be moving there. It is part of living where we do. Some years ago we lived in a county that didn't have a doctor in it. The closest doctor was 60 miles away on mountain roads. Sometimes these roads are impassable. We understand the risk and it is worth it to us. We are staying home this year but we know medical help is not local when we are at "Q" and limited along the river.
  9. We have spent quite a bit of time along the Colorado River in AZ and have been in most of the hospitals at one time or another. It has been years but the emergency room in Parker was excellent for our non life threatening problem. The doctor was thorough and professional. Further North is the hospital in Lake Havasu. This hospital is clearly better prepared for such emergencies such as a heart attack. Our experiences there have also been positive. The last time Iooked this is a level 3 trauma center. Unfortunately we have been in the hospital in Fort Mohave and the hospital in Bull He
  10. In CO they are starting to vaccinate what they call 1B. This group includes first responders, some others and seniors 70+. The one county moving quickly (Summit) will only vaccinate full time residents. This is a county with a lot of 2nd homes but they are not included. Estimates are that more than 20,000 are excluded.
  11. Another way a CPA type of professional can be beneficial is if they can give advise on ways to structure activities for maximum tax benefits. That type of advise was most useful for us.
  12. I agree. When we had businesses and active agriculture we used a professional. These professionals saved us more than they cost. Now that we have a somewhat simpler tax story I use a computer program because I don't see how a professional could save enough to justify the costs.
  13. John, the new code covers all outlets up to 250 volts. Lighting and snow melt are the only exceptions. Also by wording it as outlets it is not reserved for just receptacles but all electric outside. We installed a 50 amp RV plug at our house and a couple of properties but in the future these will need to be GFCI. Which won't work for us. I am planning on wiring a new building we are planning and I have been studying the code so I can wire it. The codes are ever changing and 2020 is keeping that tradition.
  14. Hi John There is another change in the 2020 NEC that may complicate things for RVers who plug in there units at home. Virtually all outside or garage outlets need GFCI. The only exception I see are RV parks. Our mini split will trip a GFCI and the manufacturer doesn't recommend GFCI. In fact I don't see how one could install it even in their home. With the new codes nearly all circuits will require ark fault or (and) ground fault circuitry.
  15. does that five foot stretch help the ride much and did it cost alot to do it

    1. Randyretired


      The 5 foot frame extension was to facilitate carrying a Subaru length wise.  The HDT drives fine and is very comfortable.  I did the extension myself so the cost was minimal. I also built the bed all of that was 15 years ago.  

    2. unclebuck


      thanks for reply, getting ready to stretch my 2013 volvo 730 this winter. like you wanting to carry some thing longer. will be adding carrier bearing and drive shaft. was certified welder most of my life, may need help figuring drive shaft angles .do you know any body on forum with that experience

    3. Randyretired


      I just added to the frame and the tandem axles didn't move.  Depending on how long and how much weight you will be carrying it can result in a more maneuverable truck.  For setting drive shaft angles the one time I dealt with that I used a firm in town that specializes in drive train.  They built the drive shaft and helped me get the angles needed.  There have been some discussions on the forum about this and lengthening frames.  We could get some more input with a post on the forum.  If you want you could post on the HDT forum what you want to do and ask for input.  Some of the replies will need to be scrutinized but there are some pretty knowledgeable people that can be helpful.  Adding length without moving the axles can be a little complicated but it has worked well for me.  My 2001 Volvo has the short 42" sleeper and I carry the car at an angle such that the nose extends above the cab.  Iuse about 10' of ramp behind the truck and that angle continues all the way up.  I load a RZR with the roll bar removed crosswise under the front of the car.  I also have a 100 gallon fresh water tank and a 100 gallon waste water tank along with a generator and spare propane tank on the bed.

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