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  1. In the Colorado high country it was 27 this AM. About time to head lower.
  2. A lot of people have gooseneck balls on a HDT. I had one on our first HDT. The structure to mount it needs to be custom made. I have a bumper pull hitch on our current HDT and it is also custom made. A good welding shop should be able to make and install the hitches. I prefer an air hitch and there are goose neck balls available for some air hitches. How all of this would fit with your trailer hitch will need to be figured out for height and so on. I don't know the particulars of the air bag on your hitch so I can't comment on that or know if it is good enough that an air hitch isn't needed or how it might react to an air hitch.
  3. We have been getting by with a 2,000 watt inverter and we can usually run a mini split and air fryer or the microwave with it unless the mini split is heating. If it is pretty cool inside and we turn on the mini split to heat it can draw 1,200 watts. It is getting pretty cool here in the Colorado high country at night. A week ago we had a rare early season snow.
  4. Millions of people disagree with you and my wife and I are among them. We have an employer provided Medicare Advantage Program from my DW's former employer. We have a choice between a Medicare Supplement or this Advantage Plan and we have had both. The Advantage Plan is best for us. My DW's former employer picks up the entire tab for either one. These employer Advantage Plans are different than generally available but still offer some perks like eye glasses and hearing aids. It would be disappointing if we had to go back to the supplement and more costly.
  5. Our diesel farm equipment would sit idle for months. We kept the tank full but didn't use additives. Usually this equipment would start and run just fine.
  6. This box rental we were seeking is because the Postal Service took away our neighborhood box that we had used for years. They decided that since there wasn't a permanent home there we were not entitled to a box. We had owned the property for years and wintered there in our RV. The USPS took the box and reassigned it to another but didn't bother to tell us. Our first indication is when we went to the box to check on mail that had been forwarded there. It took them 2 weeks to figure out what happened. In the mean time our mail was lost in the system. They then said we will need a PO box but we needed a local bill before we could rent. We ended up going to the power company to obtain a bill from the prior year. Finally they accepted it and rented the box. The local Post Office personnel have told us they shouldn't have taken the box and said we should apply for a neighborhood box. After what we went through I just keep paying for the box we have. We don't want to go through that again. Hopefully they don't just take the box we pay for. We were able to track down most of our lost mail but not all. That is another story.
  7. In Fort Mohave, AZ we had to show an electric or water bill to prove we were staying in the area before they would rent us a PO box. They specifically said we had to prove we were staying there before we could rent a box and a camp ground receipt would not be accepted.
  8. Thanks. One time the AC and heat in our car smelled like dog food. A strong smell and the blower was not putting out much volume. Turns out we kept dog food out in our garage for our dog and the mice carried a pound or 2 into the system just on top of the cabin filter. What a suprise when I pulled that filter and all that dog food fell on the floor.
  9. Barbaraok spent the entire first paragraph of their post defending current restrictions as if that is the only way. My point is we need to look beyond the current way which is at best unfair to many. As I said construction continues on nearly uninterrupted but others face a demise that could be worse than the disease.
  10. As long as we are not willing to look outside the box your response will leave these people out. One of the ways that I have talked about before is the use of N95 masks where he could work without so much risk. For some reason construction is and was essential. We have a building project going on and I have found most contractors are very busy. Most booked out several weeks or more. I guess construction workers are immune? The restrictions need to be looked at to find a way to help where possible. NOT necessarily removed completely. A few changes, with a little thought could be heaven sent to some. In care centers where many or often most are on Medicaid how about a glass divided room for visitors. Our government has spent trillions for some things but they have left to many out. This isn't something most on this forum will personally encounter in fact for most us it is inconvenient but not life threatening. For some they may never recover. As long as you and others see the current restrictions as the only way then...
  11. This virus and the lock down has disrupted so many lives but there are clearly winners and losers. I talked with one gentleman that said my choice would be to work and maintain my livelihood with the possibility I MIGHT even die or for sure loose my business, and home. His family would be homeless. Another case is a cousin of mine who had a stroke and brain bleed. He was around 50. He is now in a care home but it feels like prison to him. Under Colorado restrictions he has not been allowed a visitor since March and often locked in his room. He was a respected and successful attorney and still has much of his brain functions. He has said he would rather take the chance of covid than live like this but he might get to see his wife for the first time in months this week. All of the restrictions have left some, such as these people and even to some extent Glenn in a bad place. I believe it is past time to review the restrictions to find a way to help those that have taken a bigger hit than most. In some cases the restrictions are clearly worse than the disease.
  12. In town at retailers not at the campsite is what I was posting about. Here at our campsite our closest neighbor is about 1 mile away. We are in the middle of 140 acres.
  13. In the small town near where we are camped only maybe 50% of the people wear masks despite an order from the governor that masks are required. Only a few of the retailers are wearing masks. The virus from China has not been much of a problem here so I guess they don't see it as a big concern. In fact the entire county has recorded only 1 death from it. We have purchased a supply of N95 and quality KN95 masks for the very few times we venture out and try to keep our distance. Yesterday I needed an item in town and there were maybe 10 customers plus the staff in the store. Only one other person had a mask on.
  14. Randyretired

    HDT add ons

    We boondock for extended times so I changed the black tank in the Teton to a 70 gallon tank. That with the 100 gallon waste tank on the HDT we can stay a long time. The Teton has two 45 gallon grey tanks. It also has a 70 gallon fresh tank plus the 100 gallon tank on the HDT and we occasionally carry a 50 gallon barrel.
  15. Some policies have restrictions such as problems left unattended for weeks are not covered. We shopped until the policy seemed to not have that type of language. We also asked our insurance broker to double check if we were covered for extended absence. Low a behold about 5 years ago a water line froze while we were away for an extended time. The damage was extensive and the insurance company covered nearly $300,000 in repairs. We have a different insurance company now because the first raised our rates by a factor of 4. This new company has a clause that we need to turn off the water when traveling. That is something we normally do but family was planning to stay there for awhile when we left 5 years ago. Then their plans changed. We stayed in our RV for nearly a year while they fixed our house.
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