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  1. Nwcid

    Looking at local truck

    This is a private seller, not a salesman. The truck is "local" but still about 2hr away from me. I will ask for a door sticker pic when I contact him about a time to actually go see it. Probably a week or two. I will be bringing a tape for sure. I will contact that inspection company, they did not list WA as one of their states though. It won't let me add the pic. Here is the ad, https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1253446241675425
  2. Nwcid

    Looking at local truck

    From what I have read it seems like a good combo. I am either or on the APU for now. If it functions, I think it will be handy to have, but I do not think I would add one. Yes, the ad is a lot of fluff, probably cut and paste from somewhere else. I am just trying to get as much info as possible before I go look.
  3. Nwcid

    Looking at local truck

    I did ask about that in another post. I know that is a little longer (about 3'), then most, but I think that will be ok. It should still turn at least as good as my dually and I have a little more room on the truck for other items. Right away I would like to add additional fresh and waste tanks. At some point I would likely mount a 10k or 12.5k generator right behind the cab. Are there other things I need to consider?
  4. Nwcid

    Looking at local truck

    I know I am never getting amazing milage, if I could get 10 it would be great. Fully loaded I am getting 8.6 with my 1 ton. I know there are a ton of other advantages which is why I am looking into HDT. My 1 ton with 65k is on it's 3rd set of tires, needs front brakes again, and the times I do need to make full days towing it is very tiring.
  5. Nwcid

    Looking at local truck

    The seller says he bought it from a company that closed down and has no records, probably a red flag. I looked at the link you sent and they do no do my area. I will look for a local mobile inspector. What is a rough price range I should expect to pay for this service? I am a little concerned as it seems to be about 20% cheaper then comparable trucks that I see online.
  6. Nwcid

    Looking at local truck

    I know I have a couple of similar threads floating around but I have more specific questions at this time. Right now I am pulling a 17k, 38' toy hauler. I would like to be able to add a deck to load my UTV crossways like a smart car. I am looking to get the better fuel mileage vs more power as any HDT will be better than my 1 ton. In the future I will be looking at a larger 45' trailer. I found this truck locally and I hope to go look at it next week. It looks like it is fairly high geared so should this get reasonable milage? For this model and year are there specific problems I need to be on the look out for? I know a DOT inspection is not a full mechanical inspection, but would the information from that inspection be worth the fee? 2014 VOLVO VNL 630 Conventional, 418,264 Miles, Volvo D13 Engine, 450 H.P., Engine Brake, Volvo I-Shift AT2612D Transmission, 40,000 Lb. Rear Ends, 2.47 Ratio, Air Ride Suspension, Extended Frame, Hydraulic Power Steering, Air Conditioned, Dual Aluminum Fuel Tanks, Single Chrome Stack, Exterior Visor, Side Fairings, Cab Extenders, Quarter Fenders, AM/FM Radio, Compact Disc Player, Tilt And Telescoping Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, Power Windows, Auxiliary Power Unit, Air Slide 5th, 265 Inch Wheel Base, 22.5 Low Profile Tires, Aluminum Disc Wheels. APU system ComfortPro.
  7. To each their own and whatever works for you. At one point I bought a set of the cheap magnetic balls, for lining up together. I think I used them 2x and they have been riding in the toolbox since. About half the time my wife helps me back, but I am not sure it is any easier than doing it myself. When by myself I just line up with the trailer and back up. Once my hitch is into the bed I stop, get out and look at my hitch position, I then make the minor adjustment I need to be right on and back the rest of the way up.
  8. Been using it in small engines for quite some time now and have been very happy with it. First real use was on an Onan 5500 that was gummed up from sitting. Had a shop clean up the cab (on the road) but still ran a little rough. Ran a heavy dose of Seafoam in it an after a couple of hours ran as smooth as ever. I keep it in any tank of fuel that will sit. I have some small engines that only get used a few times a year after sitting most of the year. They fire up on the 2-3rd pull every time.
  9. Nwcid

    Volvo questions

    When I say 2 different versions, this is what I am talking about with the "not flat" roof. When I say 2 different versions, this is what I am talking about with the "not flat" roof. The RZR is 107", but I plan on cross loading it. I know there has to be a "regulation" for everything but it is only 2.5" per side over width and still well inside the mirror width. With less than 2' of difference in height between the 730 and 780 I don't think the limitations of the 730 are worth that little of a height difference. I will look at that link tomorrow. It looks like I need to do some more research on gearing vs transmission. For gearing I have been seeing anything under 3.xx is best.
  10. Nwcid

    Volvo questions

    I am just beginning my search for an HDT and still trying to learn a lot. Initially I will be continuing to use my 38' Fuzion Toy hauler, but at some point we will be getting a different RV and I am leaning toward a home build out of a semi trailer. I will likely be staying doubled because of this. With the current RV I will likely build a deck for cross loading my RZR. It is also likely that I will add a 10kw or 12.5kw generator to the truck along with additional water/waste tank. Of course we don't buy trucks based on looks, but is is a factor. While I would love to have a VNL 780 I do not know that we need that much sleeper height which has lead me to look at the VNL 730. The 730 seems to come in 2 versions, one with a "flat" roof and one with an "sloped" roof. Can anyone tell me what the height difference is between these 3 versions, or a resource where I can find it? Obviously while hooked up the height does not matter, but if we need to "run to town" I feel like the lower roof would be better. Also for RV use would there be a noticeable difference in fuel milage if I were to get a larger trailer? Second question is about gearing. Is there a noticeable difference in fuel milage between 2.xx and 3.xx gearing? For example I saw one I liked with 2.47 gearing. It would really be nice to get 10mpg average. Also if I was go to go a bigger trailer, even one that would weigh less then 1/2 of a commercially loaded one, would the gearing be a big deal?
  11. My comment had nothing to do with full timing, spending money on things you enjoy, or the cost of RVing/HDT's. Many people scoff at the what I paid for batteries/solar/inverter but it allows us to travel the way we want to. All I said is for the price I would hope they are nice.
  12. Close. You can not take possession of a handgun or NFA items anywhere other than your state of residence. You can purchase it out of state, in person or otherwise, and have it shipped to an FFL in your state for transfer. You can take possession of any long gun in any state, as long as it is legal in your state of residence, and it is done at an FFL. In the above cases "possession" from the standpoint of purchasing. Borrowing or using is legal. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/may-licensee-sell-firearm-nonlicensee-who-resident-another-state https://www.atf.gov/questions-and-answers/qa/how-may-unlicensed-person-receive-firearm-their-state-they-purchased-out https://www.atf.gov/questions-and-answers/qa/may-unlicensed-person-acquire-firearm-under-gca-any-state https://www.atf.gov/firearms/qa/what-constitutes-residency-state Here is all of the links, https://www.atf.gov/qa-category/unlicensed-persons
  13. I think what you will find for most is that in general the MDT's do not have much more pulling power over a LDT. What they do have more of is suspension, braking, drive train and weight. Also from what I have read, the ride is not much different between an LDT and MDT. It also seems that the MDT's have about 2-3x the life expectancy of a LDT. Even used MDT's come with a premium price tag. With HDT you get huge power, huge drive train, huge stopping power, large fuel tanks, air ride suspension/cab/seat, and lots of extra weight capacity. You have a vehicle that is made to easily last 4x that of your LDT and 2x that of an MDT. All of this for often half or less price than a similar MDT.
  14. With prices starting at $65/night I would hope they are nice.
  15. We are in NE WA and have had no problems here. Keep in mind that all NPS stuff is/was closed. We primarily boondock. In June was did Banks Lake for 4 nights and it was empty until July 3 and got over filled so we left and headed for Mattawa. At that location over the 4th there was only one other camp site and it was a long way from us. Then we went to the Blue Mtn outside of La Grand, again no problem finding an opening with no neighbors. Off to Pine, ID. There were a lot more people in that area, but it is a huge recreation area. Even then we were easily able to find a spot distanced from neighbors. This was followed by a Challis, ID we stayed 3 nights in a private campground because that is where our friends were staying. This was on a weekend and it was full, but also has hot springs. We decided to stay the rest of the week but due to temperatures and needing good cell service we found another park in town. They had lots of space with full hooks for $30/day, or about what it would have cost to run the generator for AC. Then we headed down to Arco, ID. Again no problem find a spot. I have spent 3 of the last 4 weeks in OR, and I did have lots of neighbors, but hey that is the life in fire camp.
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