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  1. Nwcid

    Tail light upgrades

    I will not be changing the front turns so hopefully that will help. I will know for sure on Friday when the deck is done and I install the lights......
  2. It depends on where I am camped what lights we use. Typically we do leave the porch light on. We also do not typically camp where our lights would even be seen by anyone else.....
  3. I have very limited experience with this topic but I the D13 engine mated to a non-overdrive iShift (2.47 rear). I have only put about 1000 miles on it so far with no towing yet. The skip shift feature is awesome. It shifts as well as my 2016 Chevy dually. While it is not as "fast" as my Chevy, it will get right up to speed if I want it to. My dad who has been driving manual trucks all of his life came down to inspect the truck when I bought it. He was very impressed with how it worked also.
  4. I have seen very few reports of any "reactions" outside of a sore arm from the first dose. It is the second dose where most people are having reactions. I deal with this as part of my job. I also out of the people I personally know about 50% had minimal to no symptoms on the second dose and the other 50% had moderate to severe reactions.
  5. Nwcid

    Tail light upgrades

    The fab shop is making all of deck and bumper parts. They cut the "standard" 6" oval holes that use rubber grommets to keep the lights in. One set of my lights showed up so they used that as a template. I ended up going to 2 of the 6" oval lights with the sequential arrows on each side of the bumper and a single centered LED tail light. The 4 amber lights will also be turn signals. Yesterday I pulled the rear lighting wiring off of the truck (single plug) and then spliced in all of the new wires. Mid week the deck should be done and I will be able to connect all the lig
  6. Nwcid

    Balancing tires

    I know the reasons for monitors, but it is not something in budget right now or high on my list.
  7. Nwcid

    Balancing tires

    I do not want to hijack this thread but I have a question inline with it. I am still getting my truck serviced and ready for an upcoming trip. The dealer replaced my font shocks, they appeared original and had 400k on them. The truck rode very soft and felt "loose" Now with the new shocks and about 250 miles total on them I feel like I have more front end vibration that changes with speed so I am assuming it is balance issue. The steer tires are in good shape. I am going to have them balanced and rotated next week. The tire shop recommend beads vs weights. Should I
  8. Nwcid

    Tail light upgrades

    I plan on pulling power for all of the lights from the existing single, non-LED left and right turn/brake lights. This way I only have to run a pair of wires (on and turn) from the rear of the truck going forward.
  9. Nwcid

    Tail light upgrades

    My new deck is being built and I am moving to all LED lights and have several questions. My truck is a 2014 VNL 630, with a 265" wheel base. The deck is 8' x 15'. 1. I have read that switching to LED lights can make the ECU think bulbs are "out" due to a different resistance. I did a search for this and can not find where I read that. Does anyone know if this is an issue? 2. Grounding. Chassis vs wired. For the new lights I have to add to the deck, it appears the light pig tails are set up for chassis ground. I am debating if I should just include a ground wire in the
  10. Nwcid

    ECM changes

    Thank you for that info. In my truck I can start in 1st with the manual mode or lock into the current gear. That is what works in my driveway. It is not practical for the "off-road". I keep looking at used shifters but they have migrated up to ~$400, of course then the dealer programing. Under $500 would be much easier to pay than $600-$800. Not sure there is enough value at that price for me.
  11. Nwcid

    ECM changes

    My truck was limited at 70. I do not know what it will do now. I will test it out on the highway on my way home Monday. I have the 12 speed Ishift so I do not know how that will effect anything. Moresmoke did you add the premium shifter or did it come on the truck? I am looking at adding it to mine. I do not think I really need it for most of my driving but we do some "off road", Forest Service/BLM/etc stuff where I think manually shifting would be real nice. How often and how do you use yours?
  12. Nwcid

    ECM changes

    That makes sense. Again I have intentions of doing 80, 90 or even faster. I would like to be able to actually pass though. I don't want to take 10 miles to pass another truck that is going 1-2 MPH slower than I want to go. Or needing/wanting to pass in a passing zone on a 2 lane and running out of top end. Of course they do not get up to speed like my last bike that would do 70 - 140 mph in under 5 seconds.
  13. Nwcid

    ECM changes

    Thank you for the lengthy reply. I talked to the dealer previously and I just dropped off the truck last night. At no time did they say anything about not being able to take the speed limiter off. While they did not outright say it, I got the impression they do it frequently. I guess I will find out tomorrow......
  14. Nwcid

    Onboard air

    Yes, true, but this is for occasional use. Even if I went from flat to full on the truck tires, the time difference in filling is less than 1 minute. On the 12 lbs in the UTV tires we are talking seconds. Also the CFM of the 1/4 air hose is just under the rating on my compressor, the CFM on 3/8 is almost 2x the rating on the compressor.
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