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  1. If you are relying on campgrounds then you have found what the current situation is. We travel frequently. I spent 100 nights out last year and less than a week of that was in a campground. I am not against campgrounds but for the most part they have nothing to offer us. Setting up to boondock, even if only for a day or two will really open up your options.
  2. Nwcid


    What model of tire?
  3. Nwcid


    I am sorry I did not specifically say, but I am replacing drives not steer. In reality the drives are in good shape and would probably easily last me 5+ years if I was not worried about the traction issues. I could go to the next town, but that is 2 hours away and I do not think I can find a significant savings. The R-D1 set is $2800 installed with them giving me some credit for the used tires. Is there something that is better, that is still under $3500 installed for 8?
  4. Nwcid


    We only have 2 local shops that do big tires and this is my first HDT. A local place I have used several times, but something is always wrong when I get my cars back. Never anything major but I am over it. The other option is Les Schwabs which overall has good service. I use to use them back in the day, but the price went up and service went down many years ago so I stopped using them. Overall I know they still do a good job and they have a lot of shops in the PNW if I have any problems. With this said they offer 2 brands of tires that are in my price range and style. Fi
  5. Well if you are worried about warranties following manufacture recommendations could play a big role. There has been lots of changes in many things over they years. Somethings may still work as well as in the past, some do not. To each their own 🙂. I try and stay up with the current recommendations on a wide variety of topics.
  6. I do not recall the last time I changed oil at 3000 mile intervals. I am sure some manufacture still does, but it has been a long time since I have seen that recommendation. What does your owners manual state? I do not have a link because I found this on another forum on a web search: FORD's 2014 F-Series Super Duty Class A Motorhome and Commercial Chassis Owner's Manual (PAGE 125):Every 7,500 miles or 6 months change oil and filter (Page 127...If towing a trailer(car) every 5,000 or 6 months)Every 15,000 miles or 12 months inspect the transmission fluid, consult dealer for requi
  7. This interest me because I still have to work. We spend most of the summer out because my wife is a teacher. Last year we had to travel and camp along cell service routes. I am in the PNW and there are still a lot of areas without cell service. We mostly boondock so we had a compromise a few times last year due to lack of cell service. If I was not working, as much as I like the internet, I could do without.
  8. I did schedule an appointment but I had to cancel it. In the past month I have been driving it on a lot of local trips. This includes lots of parking and turning on and off. I have not had this happen to me again.
  9. There is no such thing as an anti-theft device. There are only devices that deter or slow down an item being stolen. There are lots of products that hook to ball, goose, or 5th wheel hitches that would slow down a determined thief or deter a "target of opportunity"
  10. Unlike the poster who has never used a free spot, we rarely use campground. Even if they are low to no cost, they do not have anything to offer us. Also there are typically no campgrounds where we want to stay. We have used State land, Forest Service, BLM, Walmart, Other "box" stores, Rest areas, Large pull offs on roadways (seldom and only as last option), Army Corp, Local parks, Other businesses with large parking lots, Moochdocked at friends or friends of friends. I am sure there are more that I have forgotten to list. We have only been doing this for about 5 years, bu
  11. But does it really? Yes the up front cost is more but the life time cost is same or less. I just got my first HDT this year so I am still learning. What I have found so far is that everything on the HDT cost 2-4 times as much but lasts 4-8 times longer. Factory oil change in Volvo is just over 2x as much as my 1 ton, but the frequency is 4x as long. On my dually I end up doing tires every other year at ~$1500 so over 10 years that is $7500. Even buying the most expensive HDT tires are going to run under $6000 and will likely last that same 10 years. I know the recent set
  12. My brake sticking only happened in freezing weather and usually when it had been wet. My understanding is this is a semi common problem. I do not think I have any leaks. I have never timed it or check my pressure levels while sitting. Even after sitting for a few hours there is usually enough pressure in the system my "alarm" does not go off when starting the truck. How long should the truck hold pressure? I thought about the suspension also because I can get it to "roll" if dumping or inflating. My suspension stays inflated (or mostly) even after sitting for long periods.
  13. Here is the instruction manual which includes installation with proper wire sizing, https://www.magnum-dimensions.com/product-inverter/2000w-12vdc-pure-sine-inverter-charger-0
  14. Would not release all of the time or just in freezing weather? All it takes to release it is a simple tap with a hammer on the edge of the drum. I just did 3000 miles with no releasing trouble.
  15. Yes this will be hard to duplicate. Yes I have ABS. In theory they can start by checking the braking system and making sure everything is adjusted correctly. This truck does have "self adjusting" brakes, but still. While the weather was still below freezing I had my drivers, front drive brake routinely be frozen after sitting and I would have to tap on it to release.
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