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  1. That was a very pleasant video to watch, even though I have no interest in HDT's nor tire changing.
  2. The older "For Sale" posts are useful to me. What's so hard about looking at the date?
  3. Those "older" messages are useful to me. I vote to please keep them.
  4. Why? I guess you'll have to think outside your Teton box to come up with that answer. Not all RV's have heated space where a battery can be placed, unless you want to be stepping over your batteries while cooking dinner or using the toilet, etc. Just suffice to say that there are applications where such a heated battery serves a purpose. If you have no need for one, that's great. Everyone doesn't share your circumstances.
  5. The battery is not limited to RV usage. Also, many rv's have battery compartments which are not in climate controlled areas. Why move the battery inside when there is already a compartment built and designed for batteries?
  6. Thanks to both of you. This is exactly why I don't have the service. It's not worth $20 and I don't care to jump through hoops otherwise.
  7. I get the $5 month offers continuously. I would pay that. However, in the fine print it says that you have to use your credit card and that after one year it goes to like $20+ a month. The only way to end service is by calling them. Two questions. How do you continue to receive it at the promotion price? How much grief do they give you when you call to cancel service? Thanks.
  8. I did two firmware updates on my WifiRanger in the past. Both times, the unit locked up and was useless. Both times I had to send it in and let them fix it. I quit doing firmware updates on that device. I've since moved on to better quality equipment and do regular updates without issue.
  9. You may be totally right. Just curious, though. How do you know this? You're a retired forester. Tesla has some of the brightest young engineering minds in the world working on this. They think otherwise. I guess only time will tell.
  10. Looks to be about 21 years and some months old.
  11. This may or may not be true, depending on the State where the notary is located. https://www.nationalnotary.org/notary-bulletin/blog/2015/12/three-ways-notaries-properly-identify-signers
  12. I'm a Musk and Starlink fan, hopefully it will fulfill my needs someday soon. However, I don't totally agree with a couple of comments in the first article. Yes, Starlink will be available to most places on the planet. No, it will not be available to everyone. By Starlink's own estimates, it will not have enough bandwidth to furnish broadband to highly populated areas. As long as those who have little alternative (rural) are using it, there will be enough to go around, but it will not be sufficient to replace urban alternatives. I also don't think that an investment of $500 plus $100 per month qualifies as "low cost", compared to cable or dsl. It is competitive with cellular and satellite service, however. Also, Starlink requires line of sight.
  13. I tuned in to 1580 AM and it's just static, I guess that's a good sign. 🙂
  14. Sounds about right. https://snapzu.com/geoleo/how-much-room-the-entire-world-population-would-take-up-if-standing-side-by-side
  15. I drove through a herd of bison in Yellowstone a few years ago on a motorcycle. I was sure hoping that the cars ahead would keep moving, but they didn't. It was a humbling experience.
  16. My anecdotal story. When they replaced my roof, they hung both a/c units on a ceiling beam with a hook. Both were like that for three days, basically with the front up and rear down. They re-installed them and I was using both within a couple of hours after install. They're still working fine years later.
  17. Ungava by R. M. Ballantyne https://www.amazon.com/Ungava-Ballantyne-Fiction-Classics-Adventure/dp/160664324X
  18. Yes, he reminded me of me. Just last year, I went through two large filing cabinets full of paperwork from the 80's and 90's when I was dealing in computer hardware, most of it on haggle.com and eBay. I still have all my paycheck stubs from 1970-now and income tax files from the 60's.
  19. On the flip side of this issue is the person who moves but doesn't update his new address to all his business associates. I regularly get mail for the former occupants of my house who haven't lived here in three years. I get mail from their doctors, banks, insurance agents, trade union, etc. Of course, it's illegal for me to just trash these items, so I'm burdened with writing something on each item and putting it back in the mail. There should be a way to block mail for a certain party, just like for forwarding mail. 🙂
  20. My first IBM clone had no hard drive, just two floppies. I was so happy to get a hard drive later. I think it was 20 MB, not GB. I've slept since then though.
  21. There used to be a 2 tb size limit. Don't know if that still exists or not. However, I've heard of people using larger and the Wally just recognizing 2 tb. When you activated it for DVR capabilities, they didn't tell you a limit? The Wally should format it on it's own. What do you mean by the wifi connection to the TV? You can't connect the Wally to the TV by wifi, if that's what you're asking. The wifi on the Wally is so the Wally can connect to the DISH mothership and authorize pay per view and such as that. It also allows you to use some of the streaming services on the Wally, if you are subscribed to them.
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