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    I never understood why they call things like this "generator", the do not generate anything. They are really nothing more than an inverter. Uses battery packs to produce 120v power.
  2. Solar will never pay for itself in an RV. If you want solar it is because you do not like the sound of running generators. Even the super quiet ones. I could easily buy at least 1500 gallons of fuel for what I paid for my batteries/solar. That is at least 2500 hours of generator run time. Still, to me, it is worth it for the quiet and convenience. Part of the large cost comes in battery type. You can get FLA cheapest. For about 40% more you can get AGM, and for 100-150% more you can get lithium. In my current set up using FLA it would cost $900, AGM (what I have) $1300 and in li
  3. I think it depends on your goals. If you want to get into HAM it is a great hobby. If you are looking for a way to communicate when you need help, or in an emergency this may be an option for you https://www.findmespot.com/en-us/products-services/spot-x#service-plans I know a few friends that have this type of device (I believe it is this brand) that have use it all over with good success. I know one of them took it to AK on a hunting trip and it would send his wife pre-sent messages that included their GPS location. Now there was a teenager with a new GF on that trip so they
  4. Nwcid

    1/2 vs 3/4 impact guns

    For now I am on hold with this one. I think it is more a want than a need. At the moment that ~$500 can be better spent on getting the HDT setup.
  5. If you are really looking at 5th wheels that require a F550 you really should check out the HDT section of this website. An HDT will often be less expensive upfront, give longer life and increased safety.
  6. Well "way better" is a subject term. What are you trying to accomplish and how much do you want to spend to get there? Do you already have a charger/charging system that is compatible with Lithium? Big generalization here, but this is the reason to choose different types of batteries. FLA batteries: Low cost/AHAGM batteries: Provide smiler ratings as FLA but no maintenance and reduced corrosion from no/very minimal off gassing. Cost 1.5-2x of FLA but 1/3-1/2 the cost of lithium.Lithium batteries: Large output and large reserve as you can use 80-100% of rated AH vs ~50% on FLA or AGM
  7. Obviously ATT and Verizon are going to have the largest coverage areas, especially if you start heading away from populated areas. I know some of the other companies have really improved their coverage area, but are still far behind. The next problem you run into is that often in low population/remote areas there is often only one provider. Depend on how critical or how much you want to pay for your needs having both a Verizon and ATT account would be best. I had Verizon for well over a decade and had been happy with it, even though it did not work at my house. Their pri
  8. Sounds awesome. I am hoping to have some more pics soon. Right now it is basically a stock truck so not much to show. I am picking up a Knaack 90 tool box tomorrow that will be mounted behind the cab, on the deck. Then the plan is to mount the the RZR "smart car" style next, then that 6 foot gap and I am currently budgeting 4' for space for the trailer to turn. I tried to upload a photo 3 different ways with no luck.
  9. I already have a long wheelbase @ 265" with a 15' deck so I am not considering extending. This easily allowed me to have an APU and waste tank on opposite sides between the fuel tanks and front tandem axle. If the truck did not have an APU I would have likely just hung a 60 gallon tank in that location and called it good. Even with a large tool box and my SxS on the deck, I still have at least 6' of free space. That is why I was planning on using this space. It is an inexpensive way to test. As for filling, it depends on the trip and the need. If we are semi-mock-docking like
  10. I have no room for under tanks, everything has to go on top. I have an APU on the passenger side between my fuel tank and axle and a 60 gallon wast tank in the same location on the drivers side.
  11. Nwcid

    Onboard air

    Well the only time the supply valve would be on is if I am stationary and using air. So 99% of the time the valve will be off, and 100% of the time I am driving.
  12. Ok. I looked at a wide variety of tanks. One option was to find one that mounted under where I plan on putting my tool box and do similar to what you are discussing. That can be done as a future upgrade if we use it enough. By the time I get tanks and have fab work done I will easily be over $500 and likely close to $1000. Not money well spent until I know we will use it often. I assume you were discussing how you secure your fixed tanks. Any comment about securing the bladder?
  13. I have one also for work around the farm at low speeds. I know my HDT is heavy, but 150-200 gallons sloshing while on non-HWY roads at speed is a fair amount of force.
  14. Where did you secure it under your trucks? I have looked at some options but I do not have a good location for an underbody tank without a major bed raising. I am not opposed to using a pump. I am just trying alternate options. My wife accuses me of buying too much crap and then not needing it...... She might be right...... Try before I buy. I have a reasonably compact 1" gas powered pump that will be easy to store on the truck. My plan is to use this pump for washing, it is not a potable pump. I did look at the bladder you linked. It is one I considered, the only issue I h
  15. I have thought about the "baffling" issue and at the moment I do not have a good solution other than run full or empty. For the tank this year, it will be secured with ratchet straps. I know this is not the best long term solution, but this is also my "test" year for how much we will use it.
  16. Nwcid

    Onboard air

    It is a 2014 and it has a lot of other features, so I assume it does. Where would I find that specific information? It is not on the door sticker.
  17. Nwcid

    Onboard air

    My truck also has/had (unbolted it last night) sliding air hitch. The line going to the hitch is a very small one. I did not look to see where it initially hooks into the the air system yet to see if there is a bigger fitting. I am not sure what the hose size is, I keep seeing 1/4" listed, however it is much smaller than the 1/4" hoses I use with my compressor, I would guess it is 1/8". It does not appear to have much volume. Next time I start the truck up, I will push the trailer brake knob in. The line that puts out air will be the one I put the fitting on. The one that does not
  18. Nwcid

    Onboard air

    Again I have no plans to running air tools, I will not even have any with me. I just referenced this because that is what I was asking about before. My only planed use is airing up tires, blowing out filters, cleaning dust out of the UTV, etc. General maintenance stuff where I do not have to pack a separate compressor. I had originally thought about using the glad hands but I have no other use for the lines so I am just taking them off. I just assumed pluming into the ports would be easiest. I have no problem pushing the trailer brake button to put air to the hose. Am I understandi
  19. Nwcid

    Onboard air

    I know I touched on this topic a while back but now I have some specific questions since I have a truck. According to my analog gauges I have 120 PSI when my tanks are full. In my previous post I was asking about running air tools, which is no long a goal for me. This will be used for airing up tires, blowing out filters, cleaning dust out of the UTV, etc. 1. Where is the best place to access the air system for this use? I have the 2 air lines coming out next to the trailer plug. I am planning on removing the airlines, plugging one outlet and putting a standard air hose fitti
  20. There is a lot to unpack here and a lot more questions that need answered. Since you are looking at both a trailer and a TV (tow vehicle) you are off to a good start. In general 5th wheels will have more space for the same overall hitched length as a TT (tow trailer). They will also typically pull nicer. Something thing that may be a down side for you is that you lose a lot of bed space. Also they typically have a higher price. In general TT are also nice, but again for the same length as a 5th have less living space. You do gain your bed back. Before you get into
  21. Kind of, but not really the example I meant. I am currently looking for a tool box for the HDT. CL - "job box", first 120 results (page 1) nothing that even has to do with that. Lot of pick up ads, 3 for tuck tool boxes which semi close, handful of adds for pole barns or Christmas ornaments????? FB market - First page (about 120 results also). Still no "Job Box" but there are Knacck, Rigid, Greenline etc, some tool boxes, truck tool boxes, and most of the results have something to do with the type of item I am looking for. Yes there are 20% of the results that do not relat
  22. I have had good luck selling and buying on Facebook Market place. It is easy to search local. I use to use CL a lot but over the past year or two I get very few results when searching for stuff. Also the "local" one for me is the nearest big city a couple hours away.
  23. It will only be flowing when transferring or filling. Of course lots of movement going down the road. It will sit, likely for a week or so while we use onboard water. Once the RV tank gets low then do a transfer. Since we will typically out all summer, it will be warm to hot. A few times last year we found extreme mud or extreme dust. It would have been nice to be able to clean, from a maintenance standpoint, the machine well under those conditions. It was not worth the waste of our water though. We also did not have a reasonable air compressor for cleaning filters and such.
  24. I had considered that also. My though on a cover is that at least I can uncover it and see the condition of the tank/water easier. Not sure if that is something that tends considering though.
  25. The tank will be clean, and sanitized as needed. The same way I would do an RV tank. This tank will not just "sit" for months. If we are going to an area where we need the extra capacity I will fill it. It will be filled form the same source we fill our RV tanks. I will cover it with a black cover when stationary.
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