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  1. How come when I'm using my AT&T hotspot to stream DirectTV Streaming it is constantly buffering. Yet when watching YouTube or Peacock or HuLu or any other streaming service it never buffers? I'm using ROKU streamers in my RV with a AT&T or T-Mobile or Verizon HotSpot. Happens on either of them, all with excellent connections.NEVER! Sometime the DirectTV will be playing for ten to fifteen minutes and then buffer, come back on for a few minutes and then go out again with the message that "Something went wrong, try again later!"....This has never ever happened with other streaming services. Interestingly, and not to be political, but it happens way more often while watching Fox News. I watch Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, and FN buffers much more often.
  2. I ordered four Goodyear Endurance tires from Discount Tire. Two days later I was informed that they could not fulfill my order as the GY Endurance were out of stock and did I want to look at substitutions. I requested a full refund. And hour later I received an email that they found a set of Endurance for me if I still wanted them to ship to me.......I told them to "Ship Them".......Havent heard anything since. We shall see!
  3. I'm planning a big trip in a couple months. I use Goodyear Endurance 205/75R15 tires on my 7000pound travel trailer (15" wheels). Can't find these replacements or even the 225 size anywhere. Don't want China tires Thinking about going LT Michelin truck tires. Comments? Advise?
  4. I'm parked at a friends house in Montana for a few days. I couldn't get my hot water heater to heat the water to the usual blistering degrees. I'd run the hot water to drain the tank down with fresh water entering and it wouldn't start. I checked voltages, connections, gas supply....everything was fine. Then I went into the bathroom and tuned on the COLD water and the water was very hot. Turns out the dark green, 100' hose from my friends house, laying in the hot sun, was heating the supply water to the hot water heater to just above the turn on thermostat setting. I was so relieved as I have 2600 miles to go to get home! This morning, upon turning on the hot water heater that wonderful, familiar "click" and "flame roar" was so welcomed! Hope this helps others that might find a similar situation.
  5. Well, five stops in Sioux Falls SD and no parts available at any RV place. There was a facility most RV shops use, but closed until Monday....A few miles out of town I remember passing a farm place with lots of utility trailers out front. We drove over and BINGO! They had a spring....and they let me use any tools I needed to install it! A fantastic ex-marine helped after his shift was up at noon. We had to force money on him as a tip. He wouldn't take it. I told him to donate it or take his wife out to dinner and my grandson forced it into his hand. Wonderful people out here in the west! On to My Rushmore!
  6. I'm 2215 miles from home (Massachusetts), between Sioux Fall and Mitchel South Dakota and my trailer broke a leaf spring. It broke right at the shackle so I'm able to jury rig it to get me to a repair facility or a parts supplier. Dual Axle, 3000# axle, 19' toy hauler....Forest River , Grey Wolf 19RR Can anyone recommend a trailer supply near Sioux Falls or Mitchel SD that would be open on Saturday? Thanks!
  7. My 15yo Grand-Son and I are leaving on a three week cross country epic trip. We have CB and GMRS/FRS radios in the truck. He wants to place a sign on the back of the trailer telling folks we are monitoring certain channels. Are there any channels that RVs use for this type of thing?
  8. Branson MO? Not quite East Coast.....Been there a few times for business. Great town....A must see!
  9. My wife and I simply need to get the heck out of the house. We want to hook up the travel trailer and head south from Massachusetts. No real destination. North and South Carolina, Georgia and Northern Florida are on the list. Any idea on the possibility of finding camping spots along the way. We don't want to be tied down to reservations. What is the situation with rest stop overnights. Are Cracker Barrel and Walmart still allowing overnighting? Anything else we should be concerned with? Thanks in advance!
  10. I stayed in Q for a couple weeks two years ago. Loved it! The sky at night, the wildlife, ATV riding......Isolation...Just can't be beat! Will be going back this year for a few weeks.
  11. Im so glad I jumped into this whole streaming thing years ago. I travel around the country from Jan to May and have never experienced not being able to stream video. Even on BLM land in the middle of nowhere. AT&T TV with 150+/- channels @ $60mo, T-Mobile hotspot in a Unite Explore, with unthrottled, unlimited for AT&T TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc $36.16mo, AT&T Mobley Sim in a Unite Explore with unthrottled, unlimited for AT&T TV $23.49 Verizon Grandfathered unlimited plan on phone $55mo Total = $174.65 My AT&T and T-Mobile hotspots ALWAYS go way over the allotted, unthrottled data amounts and I've never seen throttling. Maybe I'm just lucky or all this throttle stuff is just boilerplating for the cell provider.
  12. EASILY the best streaming deal on planet earth! For $23.49 a month, all in!!! I go over 200Gb monthly with no issues. I have had the SIM in a Unite Explore for years. No issues.
  13. I needed a utility trailer and what better time to build one that during isolation......Here is an article I published to my web page with lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy it. http://rvbprecision.com/rv-projects/tent-trailer-to-utility-trailer-a-covid-project.html
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