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  1. If you plan to be in the Mesa Verde NP area this campground could be of interest. Here is a drive through video. https://youtu.be/Ni1I3Oq_La8
  2. Here is a tour of the Mountain Views at Rivers Edge RV Resort is Creede Colorado. We have stayed here a few times and always enjoyed it so we thought you might like to see a little drive through. https://youtu.be/sOh7S4olHiI
  3. We stayed in the Pagosa Springs Colorado area and drove down to Chama NM and took a train ride that you might be interested in if you are ever in the area. We enjoyed it. Here is a link to a video we took. https://youtu.be/ra9D0p3CmVI
  4. We did a driving tour of the Acorns Resort campground and thought you might want to have a look in case you find yourself in the area. It's a nice clean place near water. https://youtu.be/LrzMal85Iac
  5. I did a little driving tour of High Plains Campground and thought you might like to have a look in case you find yourself in the area. https://youtu.be/KxC-tlKsEq8
  6. https://youtu.be/0hvcJtVmNw4 We took a short hike at the Piedra River Trail and thought you might want to check it out.
  7. One of our favorite hiking trails near Pagosa Springs Colorado. We had a bad dog experience this time but still love the trail. https://youtu.be/OYb9WFDq07w
  8. We stayed at Acorns RV Park just outside of Junction City Kansas and shot a little video in case anyone is interested. Here is a link to it. https://youtu.be/LrzMal85Iac
  9. We have and will be again this winter stayed at Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort. But thats not o your list I guess. We have only driven through a few of the ones you listed,,,,, still going to Palm Creek.
  10. You are probably right, it could ne iffy for sure. Was hoping to get in before the big crowds and I guess there could be prices to pay for that.
  11. Thank you very much for taking the time to make that reply, I will certainly be referring to this numerous times.
  12. This may be crazy but we plan to hit Michigan next summer for a whirlwind and then drop down to Ann Arbor to do the Henry Ford Museum, then down to Flushing Ohio to check out the Underground Railroad, then up to check out Niagara Falls before heading towards the Banger and Trenton Maine area. Of course want to do the touristy stuff and see Arcadia before working our way out the bottom of Maine and heading to Florida.Is that all to crazy and ambitious? If not any suggestions for routes and big rig parks? We will be traveling with 1 other couple, they are in a 40' Class A and we are in a 43' 5th wheel (13'5" tall).This is a 2022 trip but want to start reserving soon and we would hope to be at the bottom of Michigan doing the Henry Ford Museum the end of May to avoid the kids being out of school.I can take it if you just say I'm a crazy fool LOL!!! That's just about the last area of the country we have not seen, Maine, Vermont and that area anyway. Timing would be at the bottom of Michigan beginning of May and our friends would like to be in NC mid August but everything is in sand.
  13. If you are ever in the KC area be sure to check out the Arrowhead Stadium, they give a great tour. Here is a short video we did on our tour. https://youtu.be/Qk7g7y5FDZs
  14. hdrider


    I'm sorry, I should have been more detailed. We are just looking for a spot to stop overnight and leave early the next morning but not a campground. A good wide chunk of dirt or pavement would work best. Thanks to those that have already replied.
  15. hdrider


    Any good spots to overnight in or near Alamogordo other than the Walmart? We will be headed through there in a week.
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