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  1. hdrider


    I'm sorry, I should have been more detailed. We are just looking for a spot to stop overnight and leave early the next morning but not a campground. A good wide chunk of dirt or pavement would work best. Thanks to those that have already replied.
  2. hdrider


    Any good spots to overnight in or near Alamogordo other than the Walmart? We will be headed through there in a week.
  3. Here is a link to a little look into our visit to Bryce Canyon National Park. We hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/u9Q84nsn9ks
  4. We drove down to just outside of Tucson Arizona to hike the Brown Mountain Trail in case you are to take a look. Here is a link. https://youtu.be/eUWMaEA5x_w
  5. I wanted to share a link to a visit we did to the Petrified Forest National Park just outside of Holbrook Arizona. This is actually part 1 of two because we spent 2 days touring that area. Hope you enjoy and here is the link. https://wp.me/p2Dund-57x
  6. Here is a link to a great hike just outside of Pagosa Springs Colorado, probably our second favorite hike in the area. https://youtu.be/yesoTqP85bA
  7. Here is a link to a great trail outside of Pagosa Springs Colorado that is one you shouldn't miss if in the area. https://youtu.be/i8L8NRF968I
  8. For US I look at it this way. Been fulltime on the road 8 years and have been in a good routine winter wise the last 5 so I will just use those last 5 years campground fees which add up and then average out to $10,049 per year (which in my mind is already to dang much but we do stay in the nicest in the areas we visit it seems so it is what it is). It so happens that we stay at a winter spot for 5 months which is what you say you would probably stay and so would we most likely. So, if we used the $475 per month you mentioned x 12 months = $5700 then add the $837 per month on average f
  9. Here is a link to a couple out in the middle of nothing spots a person could probably miss if just traveling through Kansas. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4Py
  10. Here is a link to a little tour we took of the Seely Mansion in Abilene Kansas. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4Oo
  11. We would like to share a link to our update on a visit we took to the Prairie Museum in Colby Kansas. A little gem that probably gets missed a lot while traveling through that area I'm sure. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4Rr
  12. Here is a link to a couple visits we had to the Mesa Verde National Park. https://wp.me/p2Dund-51V
  13. Here is a link to a nice day trip we took from Cortez to Telluride Colorado. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4Z5
  14. Here is a link to a visit to the Hovenweep National Monument located not far from Cortez Colorado. https://wp.me/p2Dund-52X
  15. I guess you will need to describe luxury to me. If it means countertops of YOUR choice, Hardwood floors, picking out your own fixtures as far as plumbing and lighting that YOU like, altering the floorplan to YOUR liking, doing a paint colors that YOU want, add in appliances that YOU want there are only a couple options.
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