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  1. Here is a link to a visit to the Hovenweep National Monument located not far from Cortez Colorado. https://wp.me/p2Dund-52X
  2. I guess you will need to describe luxury to me. If it means countertops of YOUR choice, Hardwood floors, picking out your own fixtures as far as plumbing and lighting that YOU like, altering the floorplan to YOUR liking, doing a paint colors that YOU want, add in appliances that YOU want there are only a couple options.
  3. Here is a link to our visit to the Canyon of the Ancients outside of Cortez Colorado. https://wp.me/p2Dund-53G
  4. Here is a link to a hike we did outside of Cortez Colorado that we just happened across and it was a great unexpected find. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4Xn
  5. Here is a link to that blog post. https://wp.me/p2Dund-4RQ
  6. Off topic but I have to ask, are all of the vendors there this year with the COVID thing going on? We were curious is some didn't set up this year.
  7. There is a dark side to everything, 8 years fulltime now and the dog poop issue has never and will never go away. When we had a dog with us Diane would pick p after others pets whenever needed, I was more of a "bring it to their attention" type myself if I saw it.
  8. Even though a person would have to be pretty reckless to get caught with personal use quantities of edibles we decided that using CBD was a better bet for us. Been doing the CBD oil thing the last 3 years I guess and even though net getting the high if thats what you are after we are getting the benefit's health wise we feel for our particular needs.
  9. Interesting video. We personally have not work camped yet BUT will probably at some point,,, NO BATHROOMS LOL!!!
  10. You need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours in a 12 month period to even start getting monetized. I have watched a bunch of information video's on doing this, lots of into out there and I in fact started a channel but man to really do it I think would be a long road unless you really have a god camera presence and character "which I don't". Creating good eye catching thumb nails, coming up with good topics, making a schedule to upload quality video's (unless you put one out on a regular basis it will never get off the ground" taking the time to take the footage and to
  11. We flush, always have and always will. We happen to use Costco TP but any septic safe will work fine.
  12. 2020 New Horizons Majestic M40RL3S. Full body paint with slide out end designs, Slide Toppers, Triple axel 8K MorRyde I/S suspension axles with electric/ Kodiak Hydraulic disk brakes and serviceable bearings. Goodyear G114 H rated tires, 2 – 40 lb. LP Tanks w/ Built in Gauges and Auto Switch-Over, 6500W LP Onan Generator with Auto Gen Start, 1300 Watt Solar System (Incl. Magnum PT100 Controller), 4 6 volt AGM batteries, MSH-3012 Hybrid Inverter w/Remote Mon & Battery Monitor, Energy Management Sys (Progressive HW50C) w/Remote Panel, Whole Coach Water Filtration System, plumbed in whole hou
  13. We changed our plans due to COVID and cancelled all of our reservations so we had to wing it this summer. even though we were told by more than 1 campground that it has been crazy busy we still never had any issues finding a campground but we do plan at least a week in advance.
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