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Replacement ceiling lights


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LED lights have several advantages over florescent. They use somewhat less power, the life span is much longer(assuming they are equal in quality) and they provide more light. But they also cost a bit more. 

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We just had a ceiling replaced (leak) and I have maybe 6 small-tube 12VDC florescents if you want something like that.  We went with 5" LED downlights, updated the coach & look great. I think they only cost me $7 each.


If that doesn't come up, seller was "rvoutlet" on Ebay. 

You'd have to see the movie to understand..........

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   So with thinking of the rope lights. What level of energy would work best for in the living area of a fifthwheel. I would like to install them in the original light fixtures I have put a few led lights in the bedroom and bath years ago. Forgot what they were but they are not strong enough for the living area.


  Thanks in advance,    Vern

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2 hours ago, We'reOnward said:

You have a camper van?

Did have. I spent parts of three winters living in it. I loved it! But I didn't love traveling without Dave so I sold the van and rejoined him in Minnesota full time. Wish I had kept the van for short trips, though. A few days away from home would feel really good right now.


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I replaced my fluorescent lights close to 10 years ago.  LEDs are substantially more efficient.   LEDs offer more choices and the quality of light will be better.  In the old days we were used to yellowish lighting from tungsten bulbs.  Now we can chose yellow LEDs in the 3500 kelvin range or more natural light in the 5000 K range.  I use 5000K LEDs and now that I am used to them I would never want to do back to what I now consider sickly yellow lighting.  

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  Ok I need some thoughts or info on this subject of 12vdc led lights.



  so I tried a test light and it looks good. Just one string. So I decided to try 5 for a test. But using hard wire is a pain. I cannot find any double or single strand wire that is flexible in my collection of stuff. 

So  a trip to town is needed. It is sunny now and rain at noon.


  Would phone wire work. The wire run is only at most 5”. Then they will be tied together and connected to the regular 12vdc wire.


  Thanks,    Vern in a T-shirt 

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