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  1. An introverted person who is also lonely unless in the company of others. I need to think about that one for a while. It seems a recipe for unhappiness.
  2. It seems that the OP has a lot of enthusiasm and strong interests in seeing some of the beauty of the world. I certainly would not venture a guess about traveling alone. Many people do it. As to being too old, I should not be an issue as long as you have the ability to drive safely for at least moderate amounts of time. To make RV life a lot easier I would recommend looking at a small RV. My wife and I did it in a truck camper. Others, especially singles, drop down to a conversion van level. Smaller makes driving, parking and finding camping sites easier. At a minimum I would want
  3. I have used both a Garmin and the nav system built into my 2018 Ram. I don't care for either one, but the Ram has the edge because it does well with weather, road and traffic issues. My cellphone Google maps and related search functions do much better and are always up to date. With Verizon, I very rarely lose my cellphone connection while on any major roadway and any lapse in service is usually very brief.
  4. I have no knowledge of USAA, but I can echo some of the above warnings. You need to be extremely careful when buying insurance as a full timer. When I went full time I stopped at an independent agent whose major business was like mine, referral from the next door mailing service for full timers in Sioux Falls, SD. A couple of years later we had cameras and other gear stolen from a rental car. At that point we found (1) we had no coverage and even extremely limited coverage if our stuff had been stolen out of the RV and (2) the specialized independent insurance agent had no idea what he was
  5. I cannot understand what "preapproved" means regarding a mortgage. Getting preapproved has never been difficult. We have used real estate agents who want to know that we are preapproved. I guess that means we are serious and able to buy. Sadly I have found that being "preapproved" is not at all the same as being approved. We have bought two houses years apart when we were initially preapproved. The actual approval process took 3-4 months and involved all sorts of documentation and hoops to jump through.
  6. Due to Covid, there is a shortage of both new and used RVs. You might want to wait a bit. In any case, definitely buy used. RVs depreciate rapidly. A lot of people also buy them and then realize that they don't really like camping that much. Kids grow up rapidly and many teenagers do not want to go family camping. I also recommend you look at trailers. They are typically much less expensive. Be aware that RVs are typically of abysmal quality. You can almost count on initial repairs and defects for a new unit. For a used RV, I highly recommend you find a reputable 3rd party to ins
  7. The diesel is pumped from bottom of the tank. That is where all the sediment settles. Perhaps you would get less sediment if you pumped when a tanker was emptying and stirring the sediment.
  8. The manufacturers do publish the dry weight, GVRW and load weight. I just checked a popular manufacturer. Their 25' trailer designed for 4 adults had a load rating of about 2000#. As usual, that was based on dry weight. So with fresh water and propane, the load capacity would be about 1500#. In addition a great many common accessories were not included so a microwave, solar panel, a/c unit, awnings and perhaps a generator could easily remove another 500#, dropping the available load to 1000#. That 1000# and more would vanish due to tools, lawn chairs, a stocked refrigerator, dry/canned
  9. I have seen RVs with bent axles because the axle rating was only about 1500# over the base RV weight. It is easy to exceed that and in addition RVs can take a real beating because of the poor suspensions. A decent RV should have a suspension that will easily carry the weight and lots of gear, water, solar panels, generators, etc. Wheels and tires need to be able to carry the load continuously including at highway speeds on a hot day. It is hard to believe but many 5th wheels and trailers do not have shocks. The trailer itself and everything inside takes a beating on even normal paved roa
  10. Over the years I have cut back more and more on the stuff I once saw as essential. For example my tools are now down to what fits in a small canvas tool bag. Even so I do have one heavy cumbersome "essential" that might seem odd. I have a 100' HD 12 gauge extension cord. I have only used it a few times but it has been worth lugging around. I have used when parked in a driveway at a relative's house. I even used it at Badlands NP. The day temps were over 100 degrees. I did not have a reservation and the campground was full but the host was able to give me an overflow spot over 50 feet f
  11. I see a lot of 5th wheels and trailers were it seems the truck is adequate to carry the load, but the power is minimal. Climbing a steep grade can be difficult and slow. Another big issue seems to be overloading the trailer itself. When I looked many years ago, a large number of trailers were so cheaply built that the suspension, tires and wheels could not carry a reasonable load. Truck campers are a whole different issue and being undertrucked due to weight is common. My camper is a good example. The sticker showed a wet weight (drinking water plus propane) of about 2400#. Unfort
  12. I wonder if the 5 panel members who refused to support the emergency release of the Pfizer vaccine will personally delay immunization. I suspect that is the case because, based on their expertise in the field, they weighed the risks of additional deaths versus the need for more studies. At this point I doubt it makes much difference. Surveys have shown a lot of concern about Covid vaccines. There is a concerted effort to counter that and that effort will not be based on facts or education. The strategy is to harness the power of group psych (aka herd mentality) to create a sense of popula
  13. If the conclusions were so clear and the need is so high, why do you suppose 5 experts on the panel would not approve the Pfizer vaccine even for emergency use?
  14. The Brits jumped ahead but the FDA was not at all "slow to react". Several panel members wanted additional studies that would have taken several months. Emergency authorization or not, if any serious issues emerge, faith in vaccines will be shattered. There are already way too many antiVAXers. There have also been a lot of assumptions involved. The big one is the length of time immunity might last. That would make sense, except the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based on new mRNA technology and are unlike other vaccines in use. If these vaccines fail to protect for many months or
  15. That is a poor excuse. The FDA has 15000 employees, huge numbers of contract employees and a multi billion dollar budget. They have virtually unlimited power in demanding documentation of claims, proof of safety and efficacy and the ability to impose substantial fines and send company execs to jail. Instead they rarely, rarely act. Five people working out of a garage could do better than the FDA for regulation of supplements and OTC drugs.
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