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  1. That setup is not OK. The front axel is unloaded, the rear overloaded
  2. Ray that is a monster
  3. the Class A I was considering has a side radiator, but having no experience with them, I still suspect they are problematic considering how I would use them. The Newmar linked above meets my chassis requirements, but having looked at them, the Renegade Classic, and the equivalent Showhauler, I feel the later two are a better value. Especially since one of my criteria is a length of < 40 feet
  4. I am currently wrestling with this question. I currently have a 2007 Dynamax built on a Freightliner chassis. Built out for boondocking with solar and lithium batteries. We spend most of our time boondocking down forest service and BLM gravel roads. I would like larger holding tanks, so am looking at either a slightly larger Super C or a Tiffin Allegro Bus 37. I like the bus but a rear engine and radiator may not deal well with a 50 mile gravel/dust road For Super C, would only consider a Renegade or Showhauler. Both are very well built. For chassis, the minimum would be the M112 (NOT 106) Freightliner. Allows placement of a larger engine
  5. http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp If he/she is any good, I wouldn't expect same day service. He/she will be busy
  6. I have my TST set up to monitor the 6 coach tires + the 4 toad tires
  7. I have no experience with the exact Dynaquest but do have a 2007 Dynaquest 34XL. The pre Forest River Dynamaxs were well built units. I suspect the the Dynamax would have greater carrying capacity than the Sprinter. I do also have a Sprinter cargo van, and really like it. If I were buying a Sprinter based unit that has been converted to camper/RV, I would have it weighed before writing a check. Many are at or above the GVWR before loading your stuff in
  8. By all accounts New Horizon is a reputable company that stands behind their units. If it has been factory reconditioned, I am not sure that the exact year makes a difference.
  9. Thanks folks Kind of the way I was thinking. There are times that the increased interior room of a Claas A over a Super C would be nice, but not for what we do most of the time
  10. We currently have a 35' Super C, and are considering a change. Either go slightly larger to a 38' Super C with either a DD13 or DD16 engine, or a 37/38' Class A DP with a Cummins L9. We spend most of our time in CO, MT, UT, ID, WA, and OR boondocking. We have a Jeep for our TOAD, and like going off the beaten path. Many of the roads we take with our rig are dirt/gravel. How much of an impact would this have on a Class A with a side facing radiator. I worry about plugging the radiator. How much ground clearance does a Class A DP have? I really like our rig, but considering our options. Any input would be appreciated
  11. Barb beat me to it! I was going to bring up Super Cs. They have as much or more carrying capacity as a class A. Can sleep 6 (not ours). My budget was similar to yours, which will place you in the used market. Look at Renegade and pre 2010 Dynamax.
  12. I had switched to LEDs a couple of years ago, but was not happy with level of illumination. I talked to the folks at Cabin bright, followed Joe's recommendation, and now happy https://www.cabinbright.com/
  13. I will be already contacted Coach-Net
  14. I really do not care who GS contracts out the service to. It was GS who got my money. If they subcontract out actual service, they have a responsibility to make sure the service is provided In the past I provided services to several hospitals. Some of the work was very subspecialized, and not economically reasonable to fill that small niche, but the hospital needed the service, and it fell under the umbrella of what I was generally providing. I found an entity to fill that niche, the customers/hospitals were happy. They knew I was subcontracting out the work, but also knew that ultimately it was my responsibility to provide a quality product. They knew that I was the contact person. I expect the same from GS. I gave them money for the service and I expect them to provide a service that satisfies my needs.
  15. Currently sitting off an exit of I-82, south of Yakima, with a tire issue. I called GS RS assist, and listened to their Musak for 15 minutes when I hung up. My wife called and listened to the Musak for 1 hr and 29 min. Meanwhile I called Les Schwab, and got help through them directly. I will be sending the bill to GS I need recommendations for a replacement service
  16. Changing RVs. Someone is going to get a good unit. We have taken very good care of the rig, and I like it, but I want more room and HP.
  17. I hope not, as I am putting mine on the market in a week or two
  18. I am on my first trip after installing the Reach with the trucker antenna. Getting signal in places I did not last year.
  19. I am on FirstNet. $45/mos, unlimited. It is an AT&T plan for first responders - police, firemen, ER personnel.
  20. a few days ago I was asked for my full address, instead of just a zip. Hopeful
  21. wiping soap on your glasses, then wipe off without rinsing. Did this for 30+ years in the OR There are all kinds of magical solutions to do this, but soap is readily available and cheap
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