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  1. I grew up in northern WI, rural setting. Had years of practice driving on packed snow/ice. I spent a year in Texas in the 70's. Remember watching cars sliding through a stop light as I was eating at a Denny's. The locals thought once they got going their problems were over. Then I spent 15 years in AR. Snow was a problem for the locals, but nothing like the ice storms that we had. The past 15 years have been in the Seattle area. For a city close to the mountains and snow, you would think these locals would have an idea how to handle it - they don't. One night coming home from work, I h
  2. That setup is not OK. The front axel is unloaded, the rear overloaded
  3. the Class A I was considering has a side radiator, but having no experience with them, I still suspect they are problematic considering how I would use them. The Newmar linked above meets my chassis requirements, but having looked at them, the Renegade Classic, and the equivalent Showhauler, I feel the later two are a better value. Especially since one of my criteria is a length of < 40 feet
  4. I am currently wrestling with this question. I currently have a 2007 Dynamax built on a Freightliner chassis. Built out for boondocking with solar and lithium batteries. We spend most of our time boondocking down forest service and BLM gravel roads. I would like larger holding tanks, so am looking at either a slightly larger Super C or a Tiffin Allegro Bus 37. I like the bus but a rear engine and radiator may not deal well with a 50 mile gravel/dust road For Super C, would only consider a Renegade or Showhauler. Both are very well built. For chassis, the minimum would be the M112 (
  5. http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp If he/she is any good, I wouldn't expect same day service. He/she will be busy
  6. I have my TST set up to monitor the 6 coach tires + the 4 toad tires
  7. I have no experience with the exact Dynaquest but do have a 2007 Dynaquest 34XL. The pre Forest River Dynamaxs were well built units. I suspect the the Dynamax would have greater carrying capacity than the Sprinter. I do also have a Sprinter cargo van, and really like it. If I were buying a Sprinter based unit that has been converted to camper/RV, I would have it weighed before writing a check. Many are at or above the GVWR before loading your stuff in
  8. By all accounts New Horizon is a reputable company that stands behind their units. If it has been factory reconditioned, I am not sure that the exact year makes a difference.
  9. Thanks folks Kind of the way I was thinking. There are times that the increased interior room of a Claas A over a Super C would be nice, but not for what we do most of the time
  10. We currently have a 35' Super C, and are considering a change. Either go slightly larger to a 38' Super C with either a DD13 or DD16 engine, or a 37/38' Class A DP with a Cummins L9. We spend most of our time in CO, MT, UT, ID, WA, and OR boondocking. We have a Jeep for our TOAD, and like going off the beaten path. Many of the roads we take with our rig are dirt/gravel. How much of an impact would this have on a Class A with a side facing radiator. I worry about plugging the radiator. How much ground clearance does a Class A DP have? I really like our rig, but considering our o
  11. Barb beat me to it! I was going to bring up Super Cs. They have as much or more carrying capacity as a class A. Can sleep 6 (not ours). My budget was similar to yours, which will place you in the used market. Look at Renegade and pre 2010 Dynamax.
  12. I had switched to LEDs a couple of years ago, but was not happy with level of illumination. I talked to the folks at Cabin bright, followed Joe's recommendation, and now happy https://www.cabinbright.com/
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