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  1. Changing RVs. Someone is going to get a good unit. We have taken very good care of the rig, and I like it, but I want more room and HP.
  2. I hope not, as I am putting mine on the market in a week or two
  3. I am on my first trip after installing the Reach with the trucker antenna. Getting signal in places I did not last year.
  4. I am on FirstNet. $45/mos, unlimited. It is an AT&T plan for first responders - police, firemen, ER personnel.
  5. a few days ago I was asked for my full address, instead of just a zip. Hopeful
  6. wiping soap on your glasses, then wipe off without rinsing. Did this for 30+ years in the OR There are all kinds of magical solutions to do this, but soap is readily available and cheap
  7. Joel I am having issues with tethering my Samsung phone to a Spruce. Given the less than stellar service I have recently gotten from the company, I haven't bothered to call.
  8. Staying home for the summer. Would like to go to Moab in the fall. I will see how things are going then.
  9. can't leave what you never joined in the first place
  10. These actually work Used one when I had 335D - a BMW
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