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New to the group and just started a build


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Hey people my name Roger from central Wisconsin and I just picked up my project 2005 Volvo 630 with 537k on it.

it is a 250" wheel base truck a little unusual. my plan is to be able to haul 2 Harleys behind the cab (I need 7' for the bikes and 55"for the camper) and then my 38" 5th wheel for now. We singled it short yesterday and it went pretty easy. My first question is singled short it is at 230" and I am thinking maybe I should go a little shorter because of turning radius. The good thing is I wont have to add to the frame in fact I will have to cut some off!.


Any thoughts?


I am sure there will be many more questions to come if you don't mind.

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Have you ran the numbers using the spread sheet on Jacks web site? You can estimate the weights on the steer axle and drive. Do this before you cut anything off.

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Don't cut anything. Ha. I did and had to add back on 3 yrs later when changed plan.


Also what Ron said on shaft yoke sizes. I built two nice drive shafts. Well only one would work, the second built. Hum.


Because the axle is so far back when you put the two Harley's on fwd of the axle it may put a bit more in the front axle when bobtail but should even out when trailer pin is loaded. Having the hitch at the very end will help off load the front axle. Might help decide on leaving the frame intact.


Try the test build like Rick said.


Enjoy the build.

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Thanks for the input and keep it coming! On the yokes I did measure them and checked with the dealer and there different by about 3mm or so. The truck came from Mississippi and i dont think it ever left as there is no rust on anything,the reason it was so long is it came from a company that had a crane on it but i can see any evidence of it (Powell Transportation) the bad part is the paint is shot from the sun and the interior needs some cosmetics.



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In addition to all the info here and other places, don't forget http://rvhaulers.ca/ for some great video tutorials.



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As suggested don't cut till you have to. Flip pics my neck is sore from looking upside :) down. Storage under the truck is a good thing. Draw it several times change it more and you will get there. Interior can always be fixed paint to match will take care of the looks. Like the song I did it my way. rather your way. Have fun.

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They display upside down for the rest of us, for some reason, just as they are in the thumbnails.



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They display upside down for the rest of us, for some reason, just as they are in the thumbnails.


Phil I think it is an Apple thing. They are right side up when I click on them with the ipad but stay upside down on my Windows machine.



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I'm not to far South either...just south of I80 near I39 in IL. I too encourage you to put the hitch back at the end of that nice looking long frame. I've run my truck both ways, hitch over the axle and air hitch at the tail...and the air hitch rides ever so much nicer and the trailer is so much easier to wiggle around with the hitch at the back.

No camper at present.

Way too many farm machines to maintain.

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Hi RickV - if you call a seasoned Volvo truck salesperson they should be able to confirm what you gain in turn radius per unit of wheelbase shortening ... if there is waffling around ask them to call the factory applications engineering and get the number... then take the truck out in the yard and carve a turn in both directions and measure the turn radius's z or the diameter of the circle. Then you can stand there and decide if $$ and hours of work spent = value for inches gained... vs loss of truck deck room behind the sleeper ...


The main drivelines are often heavier spec than the interaxle driveline between the drive axles should be why the yokes are different sizes.

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Don't cut off anything until you are absolutely certain of what you want to do. My hitch is all the way back on our 630 and nothing was cut off. I really like the extra storage behind the axle.



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