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  1. The reversing valve is not economical to replace. However, there is a solenoid that operates the valve, and it can be replaced for about $35 IF YOU KNOW IT'S THERE. Even a RV repair shop didn't know about it, wanted me to buy a new unit. I don't think so. If a "moderator" approves this post, you'll see it. Apparently I am censored.
  2. And MUCH MORE IMPORTANT- does it smell like curry & have a hole in the floor?
  3. I just had mine done at Speedco in Toledo. For $302 incl grease the whole thing, I thought it was a good buy. And I usually did my own, but 12 gals x $18 = $216 . Don't know if they have a location near you, check truck stops for similar places.
  4. Before we use the rig first time, I use Raid Fumigator. I don't like the spray bombs shooting mist over everything. This stuff is a gas, add a little water and have a nice day in hell, bugs!
  5. Some CG's have a 10 year old limit on vehicles. If it looks newer or well maintained, you're probably OK. If it's showing it's age you may have a problem on arrival


    Well all I can say is the response by phone is the inverse of their system. I'm real pleased, worth the time on the phone. One comment- if you have disc brakes, be SURE to let the pressure off the emergency tank when you unhook. Bad juju..............
  7. "You can have it good, fast and cheap- but only 2 of the 3" My personal feeling is buy the biggest truck you can talk your spouse into, worked for me!
  8. You better read that policy again. Most policies say they will pay the LESSER of the declared value OR the ACV
  9. Yeah well, once upon a time when I was driving commercial- I went like hell to get to my stop on time in Hackensack NJ. Got there, no address. UUF DA! BOL said Hackettstown........... MapQuest THAT screw up. Went right past it on I80.


    A lot of these motors operate on resistance. When it hits the end of travel, resistance goes up & motor shuts off. Yours may be getting weak, some of these type can be adjusted similar to a garage door stop.
  11. A KW studio sleeper will have the sofa you are looking for.
  12. ......and if you do, be sure to blow the surface off REAL well, or you'll have rust freckles in that white paint from the steel wool.
  13. In the old days........ when you ordered a truck, you could choose any 2 of 3 ways for a warning, flag, buzzer or light but must have 2. I always picked flag and light.
  14. I have the AS & like it. Pin failed on mine too. I use a $4.95 horrible freight regulator and a gauge at the hitch, with a relief valve to drop it when unhooking. Similar to cab control but simpler.
  15. Or take pics as you go & know where stuff went
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