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  1. As a side note too, I just found out that if you take off too soon in your truck before it gets up to temp you will get an "Engine temp too low" error on the dash. Not too sure how these exhaust brakes work, but apparently they don't like cold engines. NOTE: I do pretty much always warm my truck up.
  2. Interested in doing it yourself? There are some YouTube videos that make replacing that seal look pretty easy. I haven't done it myself though...
  3. We have the same plan. We just got settled in at the Walmart. Tomorrow I plan to get my filthy truck washed and head to the RV park.
  4. chooseopen


    Welcome to the club. We are leaving Seattle tomorrow heading to our first WCR too. Looking forward to meeting you. -Jason
  5. chooseopen

    Air tank replace

    Replacement of my wet tank was my very first job on my Volvo. I bought new on the internet and saved about half. Also, I replaced most of my fittings while I was at it. The job itself was as simple as disconnecting the air lines, unbolting the tank and doing the reverse to reinstall.
  6. Sounds like an automobile alarm system adapted to protect the generator from theft. The shock sensor detects vibration and will trigger the audible alarm... Since it has remote start, perhaps they also rigged it up to start the generator, but it would probably only work with 100ft or so... Just like a remote start for your car...
  7. Surely they won't steal them with the slides out, right?? I used to put one of those pin locks on mine until I realized that the damn thing wouldn't fit in the travel lane with all the slides hanging out. I guess they could force the door open, clear all my crap from the slide paths, retract the slides...but hmmm...
  8. We went with a Progressive policy through Miller and they gave me the same warning but I read that darn contract 3 times and cant't find where it actually says it.
  9. I just did this repair on my 2007 D12! $140 for the whole assembly. Pricey but the new one is a better design. They have changed the locking mechanism and also the dipstick is now all metal.
  10. I researched this a bit before I replaced mine. I found that cracking is normal. At some point I found a technical bulletin from Goodyear that showed this "normal" cracking. It basically looks like dry rot on tires. I decided to change mine at the point that the "dry rot" cracks started to peel open into what I would call "splits". Flaps of rubber were actually starting to pull away from the surrounding rubber.
  11. Yeah it is. For me though I recently had a nightmare of a time replacing a front shock. Since I was doing the bag replacement at an RV park, I didnt want to get into that situation again!
  12. If it is any consolation the job is pretty simple. I recently replaced the bags on my singled truck in a couple hours. While I had the area torn apart I also cleaned up the frame and spray painted to tidy things up. The bags for my truck cost $115 each from class8truckparts.com Air up your truck (assuming your bags still hold air) Place jack stands under frame. Wait for the old bags to deflate. This didnt take too long with my old leaky bags. Once deflated you will be able to collapse the bag and pull it out. Use breaker bar to loosen the nut on the bottom of the bags. Use breaker bar to loosen the nut on the top of the bags. My new bags came with new brackets too. Unscrew the air supply fitting Put it all back together in reverse. NOTE: When I was all done, my bags would not inflate until I jacked the truck up and lowered it off the jack stands. There must be some sort of valve inside them that causes this to happen. Pics from my project: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GyOFbMmSP3yC0ctG2
  13. chooseopen

    Truck Repair

    Oh no! When it rains, it pours! Wishing you luck.
  14. chooseopen

    Truck Repair

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. You may have read the thread about my recent experience with a Volvo dealer shop with my fuel problem. It is definately a gamble! Last year I have a very similar issue with the coolant lines going to my sleeper. In my case it was the actually steel coolant lines had corroded and started spewing antifreeze. Luckily I was just outside my home town and was able to get it home to repair it myself. If you haven't already, submit this shop to the HHRV Resource Guide! http://hhrvresource.com/
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