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Update on Storm!

Ran n Jo

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Hello All! As many of you know, we will be getting our truck soon. We just got news that our truck, Storm, is ready and will be delivered in the next few weeks. Thanks so much to those of you in the HDT community who were such a big help especially Jim, Jack, and most importantly, Gregg!





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Storm is one sweet truck! It really shows you what can be done if you find the RIGHT truck and really make an effort to "do it right".

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Ran n Jo, that is one SWEET looking truck.

I couldn't help but notice the clear faced LED tail lights. They are bright and look great but the one thing that clear lenses do not have built in is the red reflector that all vehicles are required to have on each side. You might wanna look into that.


Hope to see Storm in person someday. Safe Travels.

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Very nice. I like the bike racks in the drom.

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I really like the bike racks in the drom. That's the aspect that'll become my biggest challenge "when" it's time to get an HDT: hauling our tandem bicycle. I'm still struggling to figure out how to carry it somehow, preferably enclosed. If I do it standing up in a drom, I have to do an 8' tall drom, and have to find a way to climb up another 2' or so to be able to deposit/extract the forks from a fork mount. If I want to do it horizontal, I have to make the drom run the entire width of the cab, so filling the fuel tanks becomes a concern, as does bed space, as I'm hoping to load a standard vehicle (VW Jetta, or perhaps Mercedes E-class) from the rear if the fifth wheel will be empty. Ugh.

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Peety, I would re-think the loading of something like a Jetta on your truck. The reason is because both my kids have older (2006) Jettas and I have a 2012 Jetta Sportwagon and all three are 15' long. By the time you get the hitch mounted you are going to have one loooooong truck. I thought about doing that and decided that I don't want a truck that long.

It'd always be an either-or situation: carry a car, or pull a trailer. I'll reconfirm overhang laws when the time comes, but I'm only concerned with enough bed length to get the nose of the car and four wheels/tires onto the bed and strapped down; if some junk in the trunk hangs out the back, so be it. I also plan to remain tandem, and will likely keep the commercial hitch (held in a level position when parking a car on top).

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Very Slick Looking Ride! Love that Bumper...

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