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BEWARE of dr. pepper, and those who drink it............

mr. cob

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His story sounds like hogwash to me. He doesn't think to brake and pull off of the road? Going over a curb wasn't a heads up it might be a good idea to put on the brakes? Down an embankment... through a pole... 23 cars (which should have been plenty to slow his rig)... he had to have been riding the gas to make it nearly 2 football field lengths through multiple obstacles like that.

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26 years ago when I still pulled double bottom dumps. I was sitting in a left turn lane the first vehicle in line. I luckily was empty and had my foot very lightly on the brake when BAM.


I guy in a small pickup swerved into my lane and ran into the rear of my trailer. You stinger on the trailer used for pushing us out if we got stuck went over his hood and into the windshield.

He hit the passenger side trailer duels so hard it tore the axle out of the trailer and pushed me 10 feet into the intersection.

After they cut him out of the truck they asked him what happened and he said he SNEEZEDcausing them to swerve into my lane.

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With that much damage and no evidence of brake application you could apply a little investigative analysis to combine the drivers statement and offer that there is a high likelihood that the driver was dreaming of his favorite carbonated beverage, only to be awaken from horribly loud noises of a horrific crash. Shortly after arriving at the scene of the crash, the driver came to the realization that the misfortunate driver of the vehicle, was him . That brought severe coughing and other unpleasant and uncontrollabl body functions .

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oh, now them there's fighting words :ph34r:

Now I know how you got the second part of your name....anybody that don't like Dr. Pepper must be part nuts :)

Howdy Phil,


I was wondering how long it would take to smoke you out on this topic, I am NOT part "nuts" but will plead guilty to being "semi- sane". :lol:



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I actually am at my sisters just near where this happened. Having seen the aftermath a few days later and knowing the area its more like he clipped the pole and tree before hitting the cars. Its all pretty close together. Now if his story is true I don't know. However as a nurse I can tell you that choking on liquid can be very traumatic when it happens and I once had a a sneezing incident and nearly lost control of my car. Just saying

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On the sneezing note we had a driver at my old company that had a sneezing attack while driving with a set of doubles and was so bad the 2nd trailer started whipping and smacked a police car on the shoulder, guess it was so bad he never got over as he should have but that was the story he stuck with.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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