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  1. How many miles and time? Looks almost new/low hours, but a cheaper off the shelf conventional judging by the lack of contamination and lower TBN?
  2. When the weather is good, I ride a motorcycle to work. This week it's raining and my Jeep has the top off, so I'm driving my Cummins Ram which I hate. I leave the Jeep at the shop in case I need to run for some bigger parts or I now have a trailer that tows behind any of the three dual sport bikes. The Smart would give me instant A/C/heat on the short commute and we also have solar at the house which was sized before we were energy efficient, so we have excess energy that I could put to work.....That said, it would never pay for itself before the battery failed. We had considered exploring more urban locations, so charging stations would be plentiful and I could charge at the RV park for free at night so long as nobody noticed?
  3. Yes, may not work for everyone, but my commute is 2.4 miles each way. For touring the country like many of you do, It would not work
  4. Came across this ad on another forum and thought I'd p[ass it along. Price by KBB is a little on the high side, but it does only have 65 miles on it. If I had the space, I'd consider it as it would make a cool daily commuter for me! https://advrider.com/f/threads/price-drop-7000-2015-smart-car-100-electric-less-than-50-miles.1426507/
  5. Wouldn't be the first time I have been blamed for a lighter wallet! Just wait till you get to use it boondocking noise and trouble free.
  6. Chad and I were talking about how nice your system came out at dinner last night. Just looked over you photo album....Clean install! Now we wont know when you are awake in the morning without genny run time!
  7. This whole thing was blown way out and the guy who owns that repeater is a bit on the eccentric side. While I'd like to see it stay up for my own use as I camp in that area a lot, dude needs to play by the rules. Last I heard they were working on an agreement. Funny how people go nuts and make everything worse than it really is....... Just read the repeater in the within Whiskeytown NP will be staying up and running.
  8. We boondock 95%+ of the time and don't worry about what we can't control. Obviously if an area looks sketch, we'll continue on to another location. In my mind..... which seems to be backward to most here, I don't park where others are around. More people and close proximity to a city brings more opportunity to a thief or wrong doer. Being parked out in the desert where is quiet and no lights is most peaceful. Other than our trip to Canukisan a few years back, we're always heavily armed and prepared for things that could pop up. All the facts aren't out on this incident, but there had to be a reason these poor folks were targeted. Lets be sure to look uninviting so the bad guys move on.....If we all look like this they will never pick one of us out?
  9. How bout them Dodgers? They going to make the super bowl this year? Oh look, squirrel!🤣
  10. Very nice home build! Good luck with the sale.
  11. Yes, we were stuck with one choice........overpriced Goodyear$
  12. Or.........Sailun S637 16" as a super reliable step in between 17.5s.
  13. I own a Dezl 760 that I have never been all that impressed with. I have been moving away from standard gps units in favor of android tablets for navigation unless I need a water/dust proof solution.
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