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Love the times when your kids make you proud


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My son Curtis works the back parts counter and is training to be a service writer for inland Kenworth in El Cajon California.

Friday night at 9 o'clock (closing Time) he got a call from a tow truck driver that he was bringing a 2016 w900 in with a step deck trailer full of very high $$$ drilling equipment. Was there any way he could stick around for them to be able to get the truck inside the gates for the weekend.


My son who already had plans with some friends for friday night said sure no problem I'll be here waiting for you. Tow truck driver finally showed up just before midnight. The driver of the broken KW was making his first trip to the West Coast from Pennsylvania. And really didn't know what to do or where to stay for the weekend.

So my son called the local Motel 6 down the street set him up with a room. Gathered up the drivers personal belongings put them in his personal pickup truck and gave him a ride to the motel stopping for food along the way.

Finally got done around 1 AM getting the driver settled in at the hotel knowing that his truck was safe and sound along with the load at the dealership.

My son Curtis never had to do any of this. He easily could've told the tow truck driver they were closed and take it to their tow yard or figure it out but he didn't. He stayed and made sure the driver was taken care of.


Working at Kenworth truck dealership is not my sons lifelong goal. But he's making me very proud going above and beyond doing his job and helping others.


One proud dad Charlie

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Don't mind at all. Last week he turned 24

thats Awesome.


my son is 24 as well. taught well growing up , most respected kid you ever met. awesome grades. well behaved.

never got in trouble.


he went to college and its been downhill from the day i dropped him off at college and still is....


i truely hope where he works rewards him for doing the right thing. i truely believe if employers did right by there employees we would

have a better workforce.

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Congratulations on raising a responsible son! A shame that there aren't more young people like him. I believe that what goes around, comes around. Sometime when your son is not expecting it, he'll be the beneficiary of another's thoughtful act.

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Thanks everybody for the kind comments.

Believe me there have been a lot of ups and downs through the years and I have a lot of gray hair. Working for a truck dealership was not his ultimate goal.

His true passion is to someday be a helicopter pilot or deputy sheriff. Spent five years from the age 15 to 20 working with our local fire department in an explorer program. There's more I could say but I'd be bragging at that point and that's not the reason that I posted this at all.


If you guys are ever in San Diego County and need service or parts give Curtis a call at inland Kenworth.

If you want to know the secret scuba diving spots or free diving spots in San Diego he's the boy to talk with.

Any Of you fixed wing or helicopter pilots come into San Diego there's an airfield in El Cajon He would love to go to for a ride.

Thanks again Charlie

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Outstanding service and outstanding work ethnic. This is what separates poor business from good business. And another thing that is great, he took the bull by the horns and said "this is what I'm going to do"! And I'm sure the work ethnic came from the BRONCOHAULER family.

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Congratulations. It sure feels good when your kids make you proud. You must have done most things right, or if you're like me, have a great wife.

Thank you for the kind comments and yes I have a fantastic wife who not only helped me raise three great kids and two grandchildren so far.

But like a lot of wives on this forum trusted and believed in me when I told her I was going to buy an HDT from my company to pull our 5th wheel.


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So refreshing to read and thanks for sharing. It's the parents that lay the foundation you should be equally as proud of yourselves for the ethics you helped instill in him along the way. If everyone was just as conscious of helping their fellow man when in need, can you imagine what a wonderful world we'd all live in?


Congratulations, and at least you've still got your hair albeit grey. :) :) :)

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