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  1. X2 Back in the day used to run 5400+miles a week sleeper team
  2. Dave All I can do is wish you well at this time.(no truck) Thoughts and prayers are for you. Am sure we will see that Petercar in "Q" one day again
  3. Rick best wishes to your bride While you gambled on the crops she was there for ya` Steve and Gail are GREAT people. I found out in 2011 at the rally how much they care and how dedicated they are. An experience I will forever remember, Thanks
  4. And you can bet ol` JW knew what the h**l he was doing. Miss his wit and talent
  5. Pete I remember those projects. Cherish them. Pics look great. Keep on Keepin on
  6. Barb X2 and BEST for Dave with the heat.
  7. Could not agree more Regardless of the anti-gunners
  8. Cory Glad your back on the forum Good to see you are on the right track with your maintenance
  9. Sorry, do not have an answer but Google show quite a bit about the Flexible`s
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