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  1. And you can bet ol` JW knew what the h**l he was doing. Miss his wit and talent
  2. Pete I remember those projects. Cherish them. Pics look great. Keep on Keepin on
  3. Barb X2 and BEST for Dave with the heat.
  4. Could not agree more Regardless of the anti-gunners
  5. Cory Glad your back on the forum Good to see you are on the right track with your maintenance
  6. Sorry, do not have an answer but Google show quite a bit about the Flexible`s
  7. Hey! traveler , where ya` working now?
  8. cactus

    Big 5er

    The "Q" for us as its close enough to visit Kali Family and Eastern friends in Mesa -Phoenix Lungs seem to work better than SLC. No new Pepper bottles but always on the lookout. Best wishes
  9. cactus

    Big 5er

    Good to hear you are well and busy P.S. Thanks for taking the time to say hello in Hutch.
  10. cactus

    Big 5er

    What happened to Phil ? Where ya` at?
  11. cactus

    To get a newer truck?

    podwerkz Yep that saying is time eternal and proven many times over
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