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More RV questions........... How many?

Kirk W

How many RV's have you owned?   

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  1. 1. How many different RV's have you owned in total?

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This is triggered by the other poll that I put up. It has made me wonder just how many as that seems to very quite widely. I plan to follow this with another that asks the number of years or RV experience, since the blamed thing won't allow more than one question in the poll....


It might be interesting to add a comment about how many years you have owned each of the RVs you have had. We only owned our first one(very old) for two seasons, but the second popup(new) we kept and used a great deal for. 8 years, The travel trailer we got next(used) we kept for 6 years, followed by our first motorhome(used) which we owned for 9 years. Our last motorhome was bought new and kept 14 years and the current travel trailer we have now owned for 2 1/2 years(new).


So let's try this again to see if it might be more enlightening. :)

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Good morning, Kirk.


The first one, class C, was well used prior to my purchase; and continued to be well used for several years thereafter. A tree fell on it during a Texas hurricane...


The second, also a class C, had many, many miles on it when purchased. Over a period of three years we full-timed in it, and increased the mileage dramatically. We still own it, but it's being used by one of our daughters as her home whilst at University.


We, on the other hand, have been living in luxury in a wonderful pre-owned NuWa fiver for almost a year!





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I will participate but mine is boring.

First Tent Trailer (new) 8 months. Second class C MH (used) 1 year. Third Allegro Class A (used) 1.5 years. Fouth TT (new) 5 years. Last 5th Wheel (new) 1 year. Had these 5 RV's over 25 years but only owned them about 9 years.

The 5th wheel we will have for many years. Our rule is to try to go out 3 nights at a time. It having to be in storage makes it a long process to get out and go so we make it worth it. The MH's were definitely more convenient for getting on the road.



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First one was quick, because we HAD to have shelter. Second was fairly easy to find and fit our needs well. Third and current, best fit we've had, not really looking to upgrade. If we should happen to move to having a home and a recreational rv, I think we'll explore a much smaller unit for that. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. :)

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Wow! That made me total up the number of "RV's" we have owned. 11 total to date. Only two purchased new. A Jayco pop top and a slide on camper.


1. Home made wooden slide on camper. Kept it 2 years
2. Starcraft Pop Top. Kept it 7 years
3. Jayco Pop Top. Kept it 23 years. Purchased new
4. Pop Top slide on camper. Kept it 6 years
5. 2nd Pop Top slide on camper. Kept it 4 years. Purchased new.
6. 28' Sunnybrook TT, stolen 2-3 weeks after we bought it. Never got to use it.
7. 33' Sunnybrook TT. Kept it 4 years
8. 33.5' Hitchhiker 5th wheel. Kept it 1 year
9. 40' Phaeton Diesel Pusher. Kept it 3.5 years
10. 26' Born Free Class C. Kept it 4 years
11. 29' Winnebago Class A. To date we have owned it for about 10 months.

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First was a used 1975 TEC popup which we had for about a year & a half. Traded it in on a new1977 Travel Mate 13' travel trailer. A year later we traded that one in on a new 1978 Coachmen 20' travel trailer. Sold that one after 2 years & bought a new 1980 Coleman popup. Sold that a year later & bought a used 1978 Coachmen 25' which we kept for the next 23 years, when I retired & traded it in on a new 2003 Excel 33' fifth wheel & began our full timing experience. Had an accident in 2006 which totaled the Excel. Replaced it with a 2007 Excel 33' fiver which we sold in July of 2014 due to health reasons.

We are now in a condo in Cary, NC "in training" at Duke for a possible lung transplant.


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Starcfraft pop up

Prowler TT

Coachman Catalina TT

Champion Class A

Pace Arrow class A

Minnie Winnie class C

Avion 5th wheel

Silver Streak Vintage TT

Avion silver Vintage TT

Cameo 5er

Cameo 5er

HitchHiker Champagne 5er


That's 12 to find the right one.

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I voted 2 before reading all the posts and could actually go to 3, from what I read. I pulled a trailer behind a motorcycle from Iowa to Idaho and back camping in a tent stored in the trailer for most of the trip, so that may have counted. Move me up to 3.




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Years Owned -------------------- Description -----------------------------------

2-years: 1969? Appleby "bare bones" tent trailer. Just a box on wheels with fold-out plywood wings and a big tent!

7-years: 1972? Six-Pac slide in truck camper. Built-in ice-box cooler, hand-operted water pump.

5-years: 1976 Dodge chassis 26-foot Class C motorhome. 440 engine

7-years: 2004 Lance 815 slide-in truck camper. Real refrigerator, electric water pump, wet bath.

4-years and counting: 2001 Komfort 22FS fifth wheel travel trailer with sofa slide. Nice!

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Several of these were/are owned simultaneously so the years add up funny.


1 Home built 10-foot slide-in camper. Not built by me. Owned it 10 years with many, many camping trips skiing in the mtns. Sold it with the 1956 International pickup that carried it.

2. Dodge high-top camper van (Class B) with a 318 engine. Named "Van de Camp". Got 7 mpg no matter what I did. Owned it 7 years... 4 of those in Mexico. Kids rode in the upper berth while traveling; we slept up there when stopped.

3. Winnebago LeSharo diesel owned 3 years. Actually a gr/eat vehicle for a family of 4. Passenger seats separated enough so no "she touched me" issues. But built on a crappy chassis. Innovative bathroom design. We called it the "roach coach-mobile" because we could load up 8 people and still park at the local Mexican burrito place in Oakland, CA.

4. 8' slide-in pickup camper. Owned 5 years. Not enough room for a growing family of four; especially when faced with 3 or 4 rainy days!

5 29' Alpenlite 5th wheel with one slide. Owned 8 years.

6. 8' Alaskan pop up camper. Bought for $50 10 years ago. Still own it but it's falling apart. A veteran of many desert expeditions. Wife hated it. I loved it because with the top down I could just jump in and nap and no one would harass me for illegal parking.

7. 21' Streamline classic travel trailer (5 years and counting). This makes a terrific fly fishing and kayaking adventure vehicle if it's just me even if it's just one day. Great for after lunch naps, showers, personal bathroom, etc.

8. 1993 36' Foretravel DP bought in 2011 and still have it.,


This list does not include 4 sailboats that I could (and did) sleep in: 1 35' sloop; 1 32' cutter; 1 26' trailerable sloop (Dawson); 1 15' West Wight Potter. Still have the last 2


Also does not include the relative high top canopy on the 1994 Dodge diesel pickup that has a mattress inside but is no place for sleeping unless you're ten. Or a dog.



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We're still on our 1st one. Purchased our 1996 Carriage new in 1996 and are still living in it fulltime. We start our 20th year of fulltiming the end of this month. We had added/upgraded things we wanted over the years and had her stripped and did a full body paint job with painted graphics in 2010. Did some color changes inside with upholstery and a different color carpet and countertop so we're good to go for many more years. Hugs, Di

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Interesting spread here and surprising to me, it is pretty evenly spread. Here is our track...


1. older, well used popup, Bethany T-P topper for 2 years

2. bought new Starcraft popup, sleeps 8, refrigerator and stove, no a/c, kept 9 years

3. used Mallard, 26' travel trailer, our first self contained. Kept it for 6 years

4. used Allegro, 25' class A. Kept it for 8 years.

5. new Cruise Master, 36', with Ford chassis, no slides class A. Owned 14 years, just under 12 our fulltime home.

6. new 2012 KZ Sportsman, 19' with no slides travel trailer. Still own and travel in this one.

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Fifth Wheel and F350 from 1999 to 2001 from new, and able to use the truck as dual purpose for hubby's construction business. In 2001 bought brand new gas engine 37ft MH, which still have. Hubby pushing for a new Entegra or Tiffin, so eventually might get to No 3, but so far from starting in 1999 till now only 2.

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