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  1. Hi, Ros Smith, Director of Crafts I am looking for more craft instructor for Escapade in July of this year. Contact me at clotheshound@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. Wyoming Crafts at Escapade Nine teachers are sharing their substantial talents with us. Brian reveals his Painting classes. Lynn’s demonstrates a Diamond Painting class, with another class to be announced. Ellen shares how to make Canvas Boxes for your rig. Darlene provides the Stitch and Bitch gatherings. Nancy develops a Christmas sign, another class will be announced. Janeen offers the Beginning Knitting class. Joni makes available a Mixed Media T-Shirt class, and a Cutter class. Mary supplies a crocheted beaded necklace and bracelet class. Ros instructs a Fancy Fold Card class and one to make Gift Card Holders.
  3. We are in Huntington, WV. Our plan is to take about 4 weeks to get there. We will be there early. My staff job is with parking and Ros coordinates the crafts.
  4. Brian, you can contact Ros Smith, clotheshound@yahoo.com, about crafts at Escapade.
  5. Thanks. Since the batteries were the original stock batteries, I thought weak batteries were a possibility.
  6. Our motorhome is a 2014 THour Miramar. On our last trip, I noticed voltage drop whenever the motorhome was not connected to shore power or running off the generator, including when the rig was running. I have checked the circuit breakers and fuses. Any ideas?
  7. This summer at Escapadee in VT, it was mentioned that TN might become available as a domicile option for rver's. Has any progress been made with TN?
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